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Helpline no. 0129-4259000


National Seminar on Alternative Politics: Peace and Sustainability

Manav Rachna University (MRU) organized a National Seminar on Alternative Politics: Peace and Sustainability in collaboration with Institute of Peace Research and Action (IPRA). The day-long seminar on October 4, 2019 sponsored by ICSSR (Indian Council of Social Sciences Research) provided a platform to discuss and debate over the idea of Alternative politics, peace and its associated dimensions. A Centre of Peace and Sustainability was launched on the occasion by Prof. Ved Prakash, Former Chairman, UGC in the august presence of Dr. SusheelaBhan, Chairman-IPRA; Dr. Prashant Bhalla, President, Manav Rachna Educational Institutions (MREI); Dr.  Amit Bhalla, VP, MREI; Dr I K Bhat, VC, MRU; Dr Sanjay Srivastava, MD-MREI and other senior academicians as well as industry experts.

In her address Dr. SusheelaBhan stressed upon creating conditions in the society where peace can be promoted. She said: “We must create a third rung of leadership of youngsters and shape their mindsets to take on the difficult approach of peace while working for the greater good”.

While praising the vision of Dr. O P Bhalla, Prof. Ved Prakash said that education is the means to empowerment…Read More

Benefits of Kachnar Plant

Obesity: The decoction of the bark skin is beneficial in case of obesity.
Piles: It is extremely beneficial in treating of piles. Method: The flowers are dried and powdered, which are used in piles.
Wound healing: The decoction of the bark skin is beneficial for cleansing and healing up of wounds. It reduces the swelling as well.
Burning sensation: The decoction of bark skin when combined with cumin seeds and little camphor helps to relieve burning sensation of the body.
Diabetic wounds: When diabetic wound washes with the decoction of the plant, ensures its fast healing.
Swelling glands: The paste of Kachnar skin is applied on swollen glands in the neck (cervical adenitis). It helps to reduce the swellings.

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