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Placement Preparation

The faculty of Law, Manav Rachna University recognizes that just providing contemporary domain knowledge with innovative pedagogical techniques, aided by the state-of-the-art infrastructure and competent faculty members, may still not be sufficient to enable students to clear the final goal-post of placement and excel in the careers of their choice. Despite the regular internships, moot-court competitions, legal aid clinics, and adopting other modes of practical hands-on training, still students need that extra push to bridge the gap between education and professional competence sought by the industry.

Professional development of Law students at the Faculty of Law is not only an integral part of the course curriculum but also one of the top priorities, which is taken up systematically during the entire program duration, so as to ensure professional growth and improve the conversion rate during placement. Our efforts broadly fall under following four categories:

  1. Soft Skills Development: The program has structured modules to improve written and verbal communication skills, handling interviews, group discussion, resume writing, presentation skills,developing social media profiles, and managing portfolios, etc.
  2. Foreign language proficiency: Students are provided an option to choose and study one of the foreign languages, viz. French, German or Spanish Language, during their program.
  3. Logical Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude: To help develop this aptitude, which is one of the main components of many competitive exams, learning is imparted in a variety of areas like ratio and proportion, syllogism, coding and decoding, blood relations, profit and loss, percentages, work and wages, direction sense, and arithmetic reasoning, etc
  4. Mock Interviews: A mock interview mirrors an actual job interview. It gives the students an opportunity to learn and practice on what to say and how to behave during an interview and get selected. Whether it’s face-to-face, online, or through a webcam, a mock interview is useful in reviewing their answers to common interview questions and assessing other factors such as their outfit, etiquettes and body language.It helps students to identify their strengths and areas of opportunities and prepare a roadmap to demonstrate improvements well ahead of the final placement, and thereby enhances the self-confidence and performance during actual placement interviews.

Mock Interviews are taken up typically in two rounds, starting from the penultimate year of their program. While first round acts like a refresher program for many of the commonly required legal domains, the second round is broader, comprehensive and attuned to the career choices that students have in their mind.


The mock interviews purport to develop following four categories of skills:


Knowledge of legal principles, provisions, case laws, illustrations & examples and opinion of jurists or scholars


Coherence in expression, Logical and convincing Arguments, Command over language, listening before speaking


Body Language, maintaining eye contact, asking questions and seeking more feedback after responding to the given questions


Punctuality, Dressing and Appearance, etiquettes


The learning outcomes of the activity is to make students:

  • Understand the importance of placements.
  • Gain experience of interviewing.
  • Prepare for the subject-specific knowledge.
  • Identify and adopt the do’s and don’ts during interviews
  • Build confidence and master the art of inter-personal communication.
  • Understand the gap that currently exists between their current levels and desired levels of competence for recruitment purposes.
  • Prepare and monitor the strategies to achieve desired career objective.


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