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Faculty Achievements

Books, Articles and Book Chapters


  • AkanshaGhose, “Climatic analysis of waste management at household level” 9(1) Journal of Global Research & Analysis (2021).
  • AkanshaGhose, “Of Buildings and Bloody Legacies” Newspaper Article/Opinion in wire.in on 11/05/2021.
  • DrSomdutt Bhardwaj, “E-Commerce and Smart Contract: Contingencies under contract law and limitation of autonomous performance” 11(04) DogoRangsang Research Journal (April 2021).
  • DrSomdutt Bhardwaj, “E-Commerce and Smart Contract: Contingencies Under Contract Law And Limitation Of Autonomous Performance 10(04:2) DogoRangsang Research Journal (April 2021).
  • Dr SK Bose, “An insight into Free Speech, Dissent, right to protests, strikes and lockouts” 4(1) International Journal of Law Management & Humanities (2021).
  • Dr Seema Gupta, “Are we doing enough to protect ourselves digitally?- An empirical study” All India Reporter, Journal Section (2021).
  • Ajay Bhatia, “Role of Workplace Happiness in achieving Sustainable Academic Performance: A Study on Selected Private Universities in Delhi NCR” in World Review of Entrepreneurship Management and Sustainable Development (2021).
  • Ajay Bhatia, “Investigation of Quality of Work Life on Teachers’ Workplace Happiness during Challenging Times” 20(1) Empirical Economics Letters (May 2021).
  • DrSanya Yadav, “Bilateral Investment Treaties under International Investment Arbitration: A comparative study between India, United States and Australia” 8 (1) International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews PP 684- 694 (March 2021).
  • ChaitaliWadhwa and Pooja Trehan, “Complexities of the workplace for the LGBTQ + community” IV International Review of Human Rights Law (2021).
  • DrAshimaSaxena, “Does Aging impacts on Financial Behaviour and Investment Decisions” in Global Journal of enterprises Information System (December 2020).
  • Dr SK Bose, “Legal Research – An Inter – disciplinary Approach” 7 International Journal of Arts, Humanities and Management Studies (December 2020).
  • Ajay Bhatia, “Comprehensive Literature Review on workplace happiness linked to Employee Outcomes”, Test Engineering and management.(June 2020)
  • DrSomdutt Bhardwaj, “Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Act 2019 v/s Global Best Practices in Road Safety” 10(06:11) DogoRangsang Research Journal (June 2020).
  • DrVershaVahini, “Alternative Dispute Resolution in India: Emerging Perspectives” 10(06:11) DogoRangsang Research Journal (June 2020).
  • DrVershaVahini, “A Study of Legislative and Judicial Paradigm Swings” 10(07:11) DogoRangsang Research Journal (June 2020).
  • Ajay Bhatia,”Role of workplace happiness in achieving sustainable academic performance: A study on selected private universities in Delhi NCR”, World Review of Enterpreneurship, Management & Sustainable Development (May 2020).
  • Ajay Bhatia, “Measuring happiness of University Teachers during Challenging times”, International Journal of Advanced Science & Technology (May 2020).
  • Ajay Bhatia, “Relationship of Employee Advocacy and turnover intentions to Happiness of University Teachers in Delhi NCR”, International Journal of Indian Culture and Business Management, (May 2020).
  • Ajay Bhatia, “Determinants of College Teachers happiness – A comprehensive Review”, Journal of Critical Reviews (May 2020).
  • SakshiBahuguna, Covid 19 Position of Vulnerable Group in the Lockdown and the idea of welfare state”, Nepal Institute for international Cooperation and Engagement, (May 2020).
  • ChaitaliWadhwa, “Interface of Human Rights & Religion – A transformation from Vedic period to Modern Society”, Lex Humanitariae: Journal for a change, (May 2020).
  • DrAshimaSaxena, “Saving Preferences and Demographic variables of investors : A relationship study”, Global Journal of Enterprises Information System (March 2020).
  • Dr SK Bose,”Nationalism, Global Politics and International Relations”, International Journal of Arts, Humanities and Management Studies (March 2020).
  • DrAshimaSaxena, “Gender Differences in Financial Behaviour “, Studies in Indian Place Names Journal (March 2020).
  • DrSomdutt Bhardwaj “ Big Data and Network Effects of Facebook : Critical Analysis of Indian and German Competition Commission”, Test Engineering & Management Journal (Feb 2020).
  • DrAshimaSaxena ”Enviornmental Accounting Practices in India”, International Journal of Science and Research (Feb 2020).
  • DrVershaVahini (July 2019) “Triple Talak – Judgment, Legislation and Beyond” In book Dispelling Rhetorics: Law of Divorce and Gender inequality in Islam, Indian Law Institute, New Delhi, ISBN: 978-81-927926-7-5
  • DrVershaVahini (July-Dec 2019) “Privatization of Welfare State – Mandatory Corporate Philanthropy under Companies Act” Vivekananda Journal of Research Journal Vol. 8 Issue 2,ISSN: 2319-8702.
  • DrSomDutt, DivyaKathuria (Dec 2019) “The scope and ambit of amendment of the constitution: A comparative study of the constitutions of India, USA and Switzerland”, Think India Journal, Vol-22-Issue-14-December-2019, DOI: https://journals.eduindex.org/index.php/think-india/article/view/12789ISSN: 0374-8588.
  • DrSomdutt and Dr.ArchnaSehrawat (Dec 2019) “Competition advocacy: An Unused Tool in India”, Journal of The Gujarat Research Society, Volume 21 Issue 14, December 2019, DOI: http://www.gujaratresearchsociety.in/index.php/JGRS/issue/view/36ISSN: 0374-8588.
  • ShashikantYadav, MP Ram Mohan (August 2019)“Shale gas Exploration: Addressing Water Issues”, The Hindu Business Line, English Daily DOI: https://www.thehindubusinessline.com/opinion/columns/shale-gas-exploration-addressing-water-issues/article29086003.eceISSN: 0971-7528; OCLC Number: 456162874.
  • DrSanyaYadav ( September 2019), “Regulatory Framework of Bilateral Investment Treaties in India” International Journal Of Research And Analytical Reviews Journal DOI:http://ijrar.org/viewfull.php?p_id=IJRAR19K5437ISSN:2349-5138


  • Book Chapter by Dr. SK Bose, “Intersectionality of Literature, Law and Culture” in Global thoughts and opinions, INLR (March 2021).
  • DrVershaVahini, Text Book on Indian Competition Law (2020).
  • SakshiBahuguna, Book Chapter,“Politics of Development and Women : An analysis” (2020).
  • SakshiBahuguna, Book Chapter, “Bilateral Relations India – Vietnam ( A state of reluctance) (2020).

  • Research paper presented in International Conference - Title of Paper: Law and Society, Name of Author: Dr Somdutt Bhardwaj, New Delhi, 15 to 16 May 2021.
  • Research paper presented - Title of Paper: The underlying Impediments of Environment Impact, Name of the Author: Dr Sanya Yadav, Seminar: National Seminar, Venue of Conference: ICFAI University, Dehradun, 2nd and 3rd April 2021.
  • Research Paper presented in National Conference - Title of Paper: Critical Analysis of Draft Bill on Data Protection, 2018, Name of Author: Shivam Gaur, Seminar: Criminal Law Reforms in recent times Issues and Challenges, Venue of Conference: Baba Mast Nath University, March 2021.
  • Dr SK Bose, International Conference (Feb 2020) Presented paper on “Gender Justice, Feminism & Human Rights – A Farrago or Homogenity” at KR Mangalam University, Gurgaon.
  • Ms Priyanka Maderna, International Conference (Feb 2020) presented paper on “Spectrum of opportunities in 2020 – Legal and Management ERA” at KR Mangalam University, Gurgaon.
  • Dr SanyaYadav , National Seminar (Feb 2020) , presented paper on “The Disquieting realism of reproductive rights of women : An Indian Perspective” at UFYLC University of Rajathan, Jaipur.
  • SanyaYadav, International Conference (October 2019) Presented Paper on “Role of International Commercial Arbitration for the Settlement of International Investment Disputes” at Faculty of Law, University of Lucknow.
  • Sanya Yadav, International Conference (23-24 September, 2019) Presented Paper on “The Role of Sustainable Development in the development of International Investment Agreements in India” at Biyani Group of College, Jaipur, Rajasthan.
  • K. Bose, International Conference (9th-10thFebruary 2019) Presented Paper on “Ethics & Integrity in Management & Legal Practice” at KR Mangalam University, Gurgaon.

  • Dr SK Bose attended a two-day FDP on Effective Teaching - Learning in Higher Education from Jain (Deemed to be University) from 28 to 29 May 2021.
  • FDP attended by Dr Versha Vahini, Tarundedep Kaur, Akansha Ghose and Shobhit Mohan on IQAC workshop on Reflective Teaching on 22 May 2021.
  • Dr Sanya Yadav and Sakshi Bahuguna attended a five-day FDP on Overall Personal and Professional Development by Research Foundation of India, JHERF & Academic Research Guide Association in May 2021.
  • Dr Sanya Yadav attended five-day FDP on Implementation of OBE and Online Teaching by NITTTR, Chennai in May 2021.
  • Dr Sanya Yadav attended seven-day FDP on Human Rights in Contemporary India: Issues and Challenges, HPNLU Shimla in April 2021.
  • Dr Sanya Yadav participated in an online FDP on Gender Equity & Right for Women, February 2021.
  • Dr Somdutt Bhardwaj participated in a five-day Online FDP on AICTE training and learning (ATAL) conducted by Vellore Institute of Technology, January 2021.
  • Dr Seema Gupta, Dr SK Bose and Ms Sakshi Bahuguna attended a FDP for one week on Research Methodology, Data Analytical ICT Tools & Techniques from MRIIRS in December 2020.
  • Dr SK Bose attended a 3 days FDP on Designing Outcome based Education from MRU in December 2020.
  • Dr Versha Vahini and Dr Somdutt Bhardwaj attended a 3 days FDP on Outcome based Education in November 2020.
  • Dr Sanya Yadav attended a 5 days FDP in Climate Change and Enviornmental Legal Protection from Central University of Tamil Nadu, Department of law under UGC stride in September 2020.
  • Dr Sanya Yadav attended a 1 day FDP on IPR from IP Assisto in September 2020.
  • Dr Sanya Yadav attended an 8 days FDP on Law and the Vulnerable from Karnataka State Law University in August 2020.
  • Dr Somdutt Bhardwaj attended an 8 days FDP on Law and the Vulnerable from Karnataka State Law University in August 2020.
  • Dr Sanya Yadav attended a 6 days FDP on Thematic in Clinical Education and Research in HPNLU, Shimla in July 2020.
  • Dr Somdutt Bhardwaj, Dr Tarundeep Kaur, Dr Seema Gupta, Dr SK Bose, Dr Sanya Yadav attended a one week FDP on Legal Research and Pedagogy in Changing Times in June 2020.
  • Dr Sanya Yadav attended a 7 days FDP on Contemporary Changing Dimensions of law in India with reference to Covid – 19, at Amity University , Lucknow in June 2020.
  • Dr Somdutt Bhardwaj, Research oriented Project Work (NITTTR) Chandigarh at MRIIRS Faridabad (Feb 2020).
  • Dr Tarundeep Kaur, Research oriented Project Work (NITTTR) Chandigarh at MRIIRS Faridabad (Feb 2020).
  • Dr Sanya Yadav, Research oriented Project Work (NITTTR) Chandigarh at MRIIRS Faridabad (Feb 2020).

Faculties at law have undergone various online courses from online learning platforms like Coursera and also motivated students to do courses from mooc.

Mr Ajay Bhatia, Associate HOD and Assistant Professor was conferred the award of 101 Most fabulous Coaching Leaders in February 2020 by Worlds HRD Congress. He was awarded for his contributions in the field of coaching and for being a nurturer of talent. 


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