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Helpline no. 0129-4259000

Helpline no. 0129-4259000


Patient’s Testimonials

Preeti Sharma

 I joined the nutrition and diet clinic of department of Nutrition and Dietetics,  MRIIRS during lockdown and lost more than 16kgs. Diet plans are healthy and without starvation.

Ma’am is very cooperative and always motivates me to bring the best in myself. 
 Would strongly recommend for those, looking for a healthy lifestyle.
A big thanks to Dr. Mahak Sharma

Bhavya Nagpal (Delhi University)

Before the COVID 19, I started my journey with Dr Mahak Sharma, my weight was 73 kgs at that time. The good thing about working with Dr Mahak Sharma was that I was able to regularize my eating habits, come to know what and when to eat. I lose a lot of weight almost 6 kgs in 45 days irrespective of my restrictions and I tried to follow up all that I have learned during the lockdown also, although did not follow much in lockdown but tried to managed my weight. I was happy that even after leaving the diets my weight was the same. Now I started my journey again with Dr. Mahak Sharma after almost 1 year and I am very happy that it is working wonders for me again. I lost 3 kg in 15 days. One of the biggest challenges is that now I am not able to exercise regularly due to the covid situation. Through her guidance, I am taking the timely and right nutritional value for my body. I am glad to have been part of this journey.


Ms. Shaifali Mathur

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Mahak Bawa with the reference of my colleague Mr. V. V. Pathak. I contacted her for the nutrition and weight loss counseling.

Throughout my lifetime, I have been trying different ways to lose weight and had always failed. As I have been diagnosed with thyroid, I always thought that I can’t lose weight because of the same. After meeting Dr. Mahak I understood the significance of what we eat and how our body responds to what we eat.

She did not restrict my eating habits but introduced time management of having healthier things into my diet. She always encouraged me to include walk in the routine so that my body would respond more efficiently in achieving my goal.

As I got to know Dr. Mahak Bawa, I began to realize that, the depth of her knowledge about nutrition, diet, exercise, and disease prevention to name a few, is supreme.

I am pleased to say that I have lost 12 Kg of weight in 6 Months. Along with weight loss, I have also developed lifestyle changes that will benefit me for the rest of my life.

Examination and R&S

Komal Puri

I want to thank Dr. Mahak Sharma, Associate Professor at MRIIRS for the exceptional guidance and cure she gave me for my stomach inflammation and acidity.

I must say initially I was reluctant to take her advice thinking that my physician had already put me on two dozes of antacid and that will cure me.

But when endoscopy and biopsy did not diagnose any underlying issue, I took her advice seriously and followed her recommended diet plan. Within two weeks I could feel that I had fewer acid refluxes and less stomach pain.

She has helped me pave my road to recovery and now I do not take antacids anymore. I strongly recommend her for someone who is looking for professional advice on diet and health-related issues.

Thank You!


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