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Outbound Activities

Priyanka Walter (student of School of Law, Manav Rachna University) selected to attend LSE Summer School

Priyanka Walter 3rd year (7th Semester) student of B.A.LL.B (H.), School of Law, Manav Rachna University, was selected for Summer School at the London School of Economics and Political Science, London, the United Kingdom, for the course Introduction to International Human Rights: Theory, Law, and Practice . A semester’s worth of material was expertly condensed into the Course’s three weeks of instruction. The first week of the Course began with an introductory account of the general idea of human rights and the history of the concept from ancient Greek origins.

The second week of the Course included theories and challenges to human rights, the structure and standards that govern international human rights law, and an introduction to modern international law. In the third week, she looked at international and regional human rights systems, the diversity of legal instruments and standards that have been formed, as well as several critical topics in human rights. As part of the Course, she was exposed to several enduring human rights critiques and, through a series of case studies, examined the tensions that the practice of human rights today highlights.


Summer Internship at Asia University, Taichung, Taiwan

The students, Vansh Tara and Ravi Kumar (VII Semester, B.Tech. ECE, MRU), attended the summer programme ‘Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning’ from 15 to 30 July, 2019 at Asia University, Taichung, Taiwan. The students developed a project on Automated Object Inspection. It is a key technique used in the manufacture and test of electronic PCB’s. It enables fast, accurate inspection of electronic assemblies and PCB’s to ensure that the quality of the product leaving the production line is high and the items are built correctly and without manufacturing faults.


Akanksha Ahuja (B.Tech. CSE), Technical Student Internship @ CERN, Geneva, Switzerland (2018)

Akanksha Ahuja (CSE) has did her final year internship as a Technical Student (with a monthly stipend of 3283 CHF (~ 2,26,600 INR)) at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research), the world’s largest Nuclear and Particle Physics Laboratory, best known as operator of the Large Hadron Collider situated at Geneva, Switzerland. Founded in 1954, the CERN laboratory sits astride the Franco-Swiss border near Geneva. It is renowned for the discoveries that include ‘God Particle’ and many other Noble Prize-winning inventions.

Daksh Sharma (B.Tech. CSE),Summer Quarter@Stanford University, USA (June 2018)

Daksh Sharma, the student of B.Tech. CSE, Manav Rachna University, attended Summer Quarter at Stanford University, United States of America. Daksh opted for Three Courses under renowned professors at Stanford; namely, Machine Learning for Social Scientists – A Political Science + Computer Science course; Einstein and the Structure of Reality – a multi-disciplinary course which combines History, Physics and Maths; and Environmental Entrepreneurship course.

Chhavi Baliyan of B.Sc. (Hons.) Mathematics,International Internship@ theUniversity of Kelaniya, Colombo, Sri Lanka (June – July 2018)
Ms. Chhavi Baliyan of B.Sc. (Hons.) Mathematics attended the International Summer Internship programme ‘Be Sri Lankan’ (4weeks) at University of Kelaniya, Colombo, Sri Lanka. The Internship Programme was organized by AIESEC IIT Delhi, India. As a part of the programme, Ms. Chhavi attended conferences and discussion forum on Employment & History of Sri Lanka and conducted classes for English language for secondary students in rural areas and Mathematics for UG students at the University of Kelaniya. Ms. Chhavi has been awarded the Global Volunteer Leadership Development Experience and The AIESEC International Experience certificates for the project ‘Be Srilankan’.


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