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Helpline no. 0129-4259000


Vice Chancellor’s Message- MRU


Prof. (Dr.) Deependra Kumar Jha

B.E. in Electrical Engineering, M.Sc. in Power System Engineering (T.U.)

Ph.D. in Artificial Complex System Engineering (Hiroshima University)

Special Interests: Technology in Education, Multiagent based operation of smart grids, Power system planning and operation, renewable energy technology, power system reliability.

I’m honored to welcome you to Manav Rachna University (MRU) – an institution of higher learning focused on inclusive, innovative, and value-based education. At the heart of MRU, are our students – and the journey we take is to optimize your future – and in turn, positively impact communities.

The future of education is no longer a concept – the future is now. The speed of this transformation is led, in part, by the aftermath of the Coronavirus, and the shifting prospects of the industry. The overlap of industry and academia is increasingly monumental in shaping the perspective – more than knowledge, the cornerstone of education is skill-based.

Life-long learning is the new paradigm, and our focus at MRU is to facilitate this through collaboration.


While we can no longer predict, with any level of certainty, what will be ‘relevant’ in the future – we know for sure learning will not end when school does.


Education is increasingly interdisciplinary; it is a collaborative effort, even when in the classroom. With technology at the forefront, mode of teaching is changing, as well, to focus on self-paced programs that encourage the student to take ownership. This new chapter is student-centric – they’re at the heart of all innovation. Information is democratized, and learning is active.


MRU is driven forward by a synergy – by our learned faculty, hard-working staff, our ambitious partners and curious students. We are a cohesive unit driven by a single purpose – to become a preferred destination of higher education for students, scholars, and stakeholders.


MRU is ready to invite the future in; we facilitate projects that encourage interdisciplinary approaches – inspire curiosity and broaden perspectives. We offer our students exposure and expertise – thus enabling them to discover their niche. We are engaged in applied research. We create space for disruptive ideas. And we work with our students to design tailored educational plans in line with future employment needs that meet their individual goals.

At MRU, we’re not just creating professionals – but future leaders. We’re ready to grow with you.

Whether you’re a student, parent, or a curious onlooker, I invite you to visit our lush green campus – and witness the future of education driven by digital technologies and evolving attitudes. 

Prof. (Dr.) Deependra Kumar Jha
Manav Rachna University


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