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Helpline no. 0129-4259000

Helpline no. 0129-4259000


Department of Nutrition & Dietetics

About Department


The Department of Nutrition and Dietetics is committed to provide a central focus of research in nutrition science and also to enhance the quality of Nutrition through Integrated Teaching and Research.


  • To provide students with a scholastic programme that covers the breadth of knowledge in nutrition, provides opportunities for research, and offers practical experiences and training.
  • To integrate the biological, behavioral, socioeconomic and environmental factors related to food and nutrient intakes and needs across the lifespan.
  • To interpret and evaluate nutrition standards and analyze nutritional assessment data to make evidence-based decisions.
  • To strengthen linkage with international organizations, government agencies, extension location in the field of nutrition and health.
  • To use critical thinking skills to locate, interpret, and evaluate research findings and professional literature to explain implications and limitations.


Program Education Objectives:

PEO 1 Prepare qualified entry level professionals by providing expected domain knowledge.

PEO 2 Prepare a socially committed individual having high ethical values and empathy for the needs of society.

PEO 3 Graduates are trained to develop innovative ideas and teams work skills to accomplish a common goal.

PEO 4 Produce lifelong learner graduates to successfully meet the professional demands and challenges

About the Department

Nutrition and Dietetics department was established in the year 2006 under Faculty of FIT (Faridabad Institute of Technology) which was later merged under Faculty of Applied Sciences (Now,Faculty of Allied Health Sciences). It is an integrated and a professional program preparing students to work in various disciplines of Nutritional Sciences, explore how it affects the health of the individual and the nation and also to discover how diet can be used in the treatment of communicable and non-communicable disease. It is a health-related career which involves translating the sciences of nutrition and food to promote good health. It is a vital and growing profession with ample career opportunities. The internship/training program with various hospitals, food industries, research labs, sports organizations etc provide opportunities to practice and master the core competencies to place its students in covetable jobs. The Master’s program in this discipline, introduced in 2009 aims at developing research skills and abilities in nutritional issues of contemporary interest.

The highlights of this course at Faculty of Allied Health Sciences is focused on teaching, strong research and outreach in Clinical Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Food Science and Technology, and Public Health Nutrition. The Department offers a plethora of Academic and Co-curricular activities at various platforms be it a school, community or corporate like NTPC, ONGC, IBM that shapes students’ careers and make them distinct from others in their chosen field of specialization. The Programme has been designed to build and enhance skills of the students to meet industry requirements. The Department pays special attention to Industry-University Collaboration to leverage student’s placements, Joint R&D Projects with various National and International Organizations.




 Dr. Divya Sanghi 

(Professor  & Head of Department)

Experience: 12 Years

Qualifications: PhD (Nutrigenomics)  

Areas of Interest: Clinical Nutrition and Nutrigenomics

Welcome to the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences. Department of Nutrition and Dietetics offers B.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics, and M.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics, BSc (Hons.) Food Science and Technology with well-equipped labs and OPD.

This is the first institute in Delhi, NCR offering specializations in the PG Programme of Nutrition & Dietetics viz. Clinical Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Food Science and Technology and Public Health Nutrition, all of which have the vibrant scope in clinical as well as industrial setting. These programmes provide in-depth study and comprehensive practical as well as professional knowledge of immense value in view of global acceptance. The Faculty of Allied Health Sciences imparts practical based curriculum, backed by state-of-the-art laboratories, sound infrastructure as well as innovative and interesting learning procedures

During study at the department, the bachelor’s students are encouraged to get hands-on experience through internship projects with reputed organizations. In their curriculum, they carry capstone projects to supplement theoretical knowledge with practical experience. They are also involved in various CSR activities like health camps, nutritional awareness camps at community level, schools and industries.

The Department also keeps on organizing various events in association with reputed organizations besides professional association with Indian Dietetic Association (IDA), Nutrition Society of India (NSI). Students also get opportunity to carry various scientific projects in association with food and health Industries.

Department is also focusing on emerging areas of research in food and nutrition like nutrigenomics, functional foods, tele education for elderly people,  health benefits of millets.

On behalf of the department, I wish you a very educative journey of completing your education in our department.




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