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Latest Events


DANDIYA NIGHT organized by the Department of

Student Welfare on 21st October 2023.

The recent Dandiya Night event at our university was a resounding success, bringing together students, faculty, and staff in a celebration of culture and community. The event featured a range of traditional festivities, from the auspicious puja ceremony conducted by esteemed faculty members to the lively beats of the DJ and Dhol. Attendees embraced the spirit of the evening with enthusiasm, donning vibrant attire and engaging in spirited dance routines with dandiya sticks in hand. The event provided a platform for individuals from diverse backgrounds to come together and enjoy the rich tapestry of Indian culture. Laughter and joy filled the air as participants mingled and formed new connections, strengthening the sense of unity within our university community. As the event concluded, awards were presented to recognize outstanding performances and contributions, further cementing the sense of camaraderie and achievement. Overall, the Dandiya Night was a memorable and uplifting experience for all involved, highlighting the importance of cultural celebration and community engagement within our university.

YOUTH PARLIAMENT organized on 26th October 2023.

The Youth Parliament for Environmental Advocacy, served as a remarkable platform for young individuals to address critical environmental issues and propose actionable solutions. Organized with the aim of engaging youth in decision-making processes related to sustainability, the event witnessed enthusiastic participation from diverse backgrounds. Through parliamentary-style debates, workshops, and interactive sessions, attendees exchanged ideas, shared insights, and collaborated on addressing pressing environmental challenges. Key topics discussed included climate change mitigation, biodiversity conservation, waste management, and sustainable development. Notable speakers and panelists provided valuable insights and guidance, inspiring participants to become proactive agents of change in their communities. The event concluded with a renewed sense of commitment and determination among attendees to drive meaningful progress towards a more sustainable future.


Visit to Chainsa village by students to celebrate World Environment Day

Students from Manav Rachna University marked World Environment Day with a transformative visit to Chainsa Village, where they engaged in tree planting, waste management workshops, and community clean-up drives. Guided by faculty mentors, the visit fostered meaningful interactions with villagers, promoting mutual learning and understanding. Through dialogue sessions with local elders and environmental experts, students exchanged ideas and forged collaborative initiatives to address environmental challenges at the grassroots level. The visit not only deepened their appreciation for nature but also instilled a sense of responsibility towards environmental stewardship, embodying the theme of “ecosystem restoration” and inspiring positive change for a sustainable future.

FRESHER’S PARTY 2023 at Manav Rachna University on 28th November 2023

Manav Rachna University hosted an unforgettable Fresher’s Party, curated by students from various societies, showcasing an evening brimming with excitement and camaraderie. The event featured captivating performances by the Fashion Society, Moksh Society, and Drama Society, offering a delightful glimpse into college life through vibrant dances and entertaining acts. With a mix of electrifying performances and heartfelt interactions, the event exemplified the vibrant and inclusive culture cherished at MRU. From exuberant celebrations to nostalgic portrayals, the Fresher’s Party epitomized the spirit of youthful energy and unity, leaving lasting memories for both seniors and juniors alike.

REPUBLIC DAY celebrations on 26th January 2024

75th Republic Day celebrated with an unparalleled spirit of patriotism and enthusiasm, showcasing a vibrant array of events that reverberated with the ideals enshrined in the Indian Constitution. The celebration, attended by esteemed dignitaries, underscored the importance of citizenship and national pride. The festivities commenced with a spirited march past by students, symbolizing their steadfast commitment to upholding democratic principles and values. The celebration served as a poignant reminder of our collective responsibility to uphold the democratic ethos and contribute to the progress and prosperity of our nation.






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