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Scholarship policy of University encourages a good number of students every year and kindles the spirit of consistent performance. In the last three years a substantial sum of more than five crores was awarded in the form of various scholarship policies of the universities.

A) Schemes ‘Utkarsh’ and ‘Uttam’ for the candidates on the basis of MRNAT-2023 Score for UG & PG programmes:

MRNAT 2023Score

  ‘Utkarsh’ *



‘Uttam’ **



90.00% & above 100% Tuition Fee Waiver 100% Tuition Fee Waiver
80.00% & above but below 90.00% 50% Tuition Fee Waiver 25% Tuition Fee Waiver
70.00% & above but below 80.00% 25% Tuition Fee Waiver 10% Tuition Fee Waiver

* Scheme ‘Utkarsh’ is for candidates taking Admission within a period from 25th January 2023 to 30th April 2023)

** Scheme ‘Uttam’ is for candidates taking Admission within a period from 1st May 2023 to 30th June 2023)

B) Free ship/Scholarships to students on the basis of marks/CGPA in the qualifying examination as per following criteria:


UG level programmes (Except B.Ed&B.Ed Special Education)

Marks / CGPA in Qualifying Examination Tuition Fee Waiver
98% and above 100%
95% to 97.99% 50%
90% to 94.99% 25%
85% to 89.99% 10%


PG level Programme (Other Than LLM programme)

Marks / CGPA in Qualifying Examination Tuition Fee Waiver
85% and above 100%
80% to 84.99% 50%
75% to 79.99% 25%
70% to 74.99% 10%


LLM Programme

Marks/Score in the Qualifying Examination Tuition Fee Waiver
75% & above 100%
70 % to 74.99% 50%
65% to 69.99% 25%
60% to 64.99% 10%

Scholarship criteria for B.Ed. Programme&BEd. Special Education would be similar to PG Programmes other than LLM

C) Free ship /Scholarships to students seeking admission for B.Tech-Engineering programmes on the basis their JEE Mains -2023 Overall All India Rank as per following criteria

JEE Mains-2023 Overall All India Rank Tuition Fee Waiver
Upto 50000 100%
50001 – 100000 50%
100001-150000 25%

D) Free ship /Scholarships to students seeking admission for integrated LawProgrammes on the basis their CLAT-2023 Score/Marks as per following criteria

CLAT -2023 Marks/Score Tuition Fee Waiver
101 & above 100%
91 to 100 50%
80 to 90 25%

E) Free ship /Scholarships to students seeking admission for any UG programmes on the basis their SAT-2023 Marks/Scoreas per following criteria


SAT-2023 Marks/Score Tuition Fee Waiver
1301 & above 100%
1201 to 1300 50%
1101 to 1200 25%

F) Free ship /Scholarships to students seeking admission for MBA programmes on the basis their CAT/MAT/CMAT/ATMA-2023 Score/Marksas per the following criteria


On the basis of CAT-2023

CAT-2023 Score / Marks Tuition Fee Waiver
80% and above 100%
75% to 79.99% 50%
70% to 74.99% 25%

On the basis of MAT/CMAT/ATMA-2023

MAT/CMAT/ATMA-2023 Score / Marks Tuition Fee Waiver
95% and above 100%
90% to 94.99% 50%
85% to 89.99% 25%

Candidates in PG programmes can be associated with faculty members for proper grooming, mentorship and providing assistance to the faculty for students of UG programmes as and when required.

G) Scholarship for outstanding achievers in sports category

A provision of scholarship for outstanding achievers in sports is available for admission seekers at Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) as per the following categories

Event/Level Participation Medal Win
Olympics 100% of Tuition Fee 100% of Tuition Fee
Asian Games / Asian Championship 75% of Tuition Fee 100% of Tuition Fee
Common Wealth Games 50% of Tuition Fee 75% of Tuition Fee
World Cup 50% of Tuition Fee 75% of Tuition Fee
National 25% of Tuition Fee 50% of Tuition Fee
State (with compulsory participation in National) 25% of Tuition Fee

The candidate seeking admission under any of the above categories of sports shall be required to produce the relevant documents of proof of his/her participation and Medal Won. Sports Committee under Director-Sports will take the final decision regarding the Scholarship.

The scholarship under this category shall be given in the first semester and its continuation shall be decided by a committee constituted by the Competent Authority of the Institution / University.

There is a Provision of Teaching Assistantship for the candidate enrolled for M.Techand LLMProgrammes, as detailed below:

The selected candidates having more than 70% overall marks or 7.00 CGPA in the qualifying examination shall be provided teaching assistantship on the recommendations of the committee constituted by the Vice-Chancellor of the University. Under this provision, such candidates shall be required to engage with Professors/Associate Professors of the University for Practical and Tutorial Classes with total assignments of 8-10 periods per week and they shall be paid a stipend of Rs. 10000/- per month with a maximum limit of payment for 12 months during the complete duration of the M.Tech and MPT programme.


The candidate of M.Tech and LLMP programmes can either avail the above free ship policy for PG programme or Teaching Assistantship.

Note: Total Free ship /Scholarships to students under all categories stated above (from B to F) put to together shall be limited to a maximum 20% (5% for 100% of Tuition Fee waiver cases, 5% for 50% of Tuition Fee waiver cases, 5% for 25% of Tuition Fee waiver cases and 5% for 10% of Tuition Fee waiver cases) of the sanctioned intake for the programme of admission.

H) Free ship /Scholarships to the Wards of MREI Employee: 25% Tuition fee Waiver (limiting up to a maximum of Rs. 12500/- one time at the time of Admission) to First Child only, however, if the first child is already getting a scholarship on the basis of Merit then this benefit would be passed to the second child, if applicable.


I) Free ship /Scholarships to the Siblings of ManavRachna Student in any of the HEIs of ManavRachna: 10% Tuition fee Waiver (limiting up to a maximum of Rs. 5000/- only one time at the time of admission) to the Sibling (brother/sister) of Student already enrolled in any of the Programme at HEI of MREI. Only the elder one of the siblings would get the said benefit.

J) Free ship /Scholarships to the Alumni of ManavRachna Educational Institution: Students who are an Alumnus of any of the ManavRachna Educational Institutions (Schools or HEI), eligible for 10% Tuition fee waiver (limiting up to a maximum of Rs. 5000/- only one time at the time of admission) during admission to the programs offered by any of the HEI.

K) Free ship /Scholarships to Only Girl Child candidates: 10% Tuition fee Waiver (limiting up to a maximum of Rs. 5000/- only one time at the time of admission) shall be available to the only girl child candidates in all the UG & PG Programmes provided candidate has scored 60% aggregate marks in the qualifying exam.


  • Proof of relationship is to be provided wherever applicable
  • For continuity, the University Scholarship policy would be applicable from 2nd semester
  • The candidate can avail of scholarship/freeship under one scheme only, whichever is higher, out of the above-listed schemes subject to the availability of scholarship seats.


Manav Rachna offers Scholarships based on merit cum means, to the candidates admitted under reservation for Haryana Candidates. The scheme shall be applicable to all Undergraduate and Post Graduate Programs. The Scheme is applicable to all students whose parents have an annual income of up to Rs.2.80 Lac from all sources. Under the scheme, the students shall be given a fee waiver limited to the tuition fee as per the following scale. Candidates are required to pay another fee as applicable to the programme concerned.

  • One-fifth of the 25% shall be granted 100% tuition fee concession,
  • Two fifths of the 25% shall be granted 50% tuition fee concession,
  • The balance of two-fifth of the 25% shall be granted 25% tuition fee concession.


M) Suitable free ship shall be available to high achievers in the field of sports, persons suffering with Thalassaemia Major, sons/daughters of Army Personnel who have been killed in war/ terrorist attack, physically handicapped students etc. on case to case basis.


Manav Rachna has persistently celebrated merit and holds Indian Army personnel in very high regard for their selfless service to our nation. 5% of the sanctioned intake of all UG & PG programmes will be reserved under the category and the exclusive scholarships granted to the wards of army personnel include:

  • 25% waiver on the 1st installment of the tuition fee
  • Reserved seat up to 45 days after the declaration of results
  • Reservation of hostel seat up to 30 days after the declaration of your result

(P) Dr O P Bhalla Special Scholarship:
Dr O P Bhalla Foundation has been continuously working towards the betterment of society with one of
its major objectives to provide Education for all. Dr O P Bhalla Foundation is also helping people who
are financially weak by giving special fees scholarships as and when needed and feasible.
Link to apply for the Dr O P Bhalla Special Scholarship:
8jRPY7QxFH1ZOBMc9aCMtLLNaimw/view form

Requisite Documents Needed to Avail Army Scholarship

For wards of current service holders

A bonafide letter of proof of current posting by the current service holder.

For wards of ex-service holders (Retired army personnel): 

A copy of the soldier’s book

Conditions for Continuation of Free ship / Scholarship in Subsequent semesters mentioned above:

Progress of students awarded scholarship in subsequent semesters shall be reviewed after end of every semester for continuation, based upon his/her performance in the previous semester. For continuation of scholarship student shall be required to:

  • Maintain a minimum SGPA of 7.5 in each semester without any backlog.
  • Have 85% attendance in all courses in each semester.
  • Applicant should not have been suspended for any grave act of indiscipline by the university.
  • No disciplinary action against the applicant is established or pending in case of ragging or eve teasing.
  • The applicant should not be receiving any other scholarship from any other source whatsoever, for which a certificate signed by student & parents is to be provided.


  • For purpose of Scholarship/tuition fee waiver, the marks will not be rounded off to the next higher figure and calculation of percentage of marks shall be made on the basis of eligibility subjects in the qualifying examination (same number of subjects).



In order to motivate the students for better and sustained academic performance, ManavRachna offers ‘Merit Scholarship to Semester/Branch Toppers’ enumerated below for students securing 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions in the Odd & Even semester exams (Based on the amalgamated SGPA/CGPA) every year for each programme being run at ManavRachna, as under:

  1. First Position: Rs.15000/-
  2. Second Position: Rs.10000/-
  3. Third Position: Rs. 7500/-

The following are the guidelines for granting these Merit Scholarships:

  1. Any programme having strength of 90 students or more in semester exam shall qualify for first, second and third position scholarship.
  2. Any programme having strength more than 50 students and less than 90 students in semester exam shall qualify for first and second position scholarship, otherwise only a solitary topper shall be given a first position scholarship.
  3. If the strength of a course is 10 or less no scholarship will be awarded for that course.


Scholarships Based on Innovation/Publication/Patent filing/International or National Level Competition:

There is a provision of scholarship for outstanding achievers in the area of research, innovation, prototype development and their outstanding achievements at national & international level competitions for students at Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) for the following categories as per policy of the University:

  • Startup Registration after generating grant from Govt. / Pvt. Funding organizations
  • Competition Winner for Innovative projects
  • Patent Granted
  • Patent Published
  • Patent Filed
  • Research Publications


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