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Helpline no. 0129-4259000

Helpline no. 0129-4259000


Centre of Excellence on Alternative Dispute Resolution

The Centre of Excellence on Alternative Dispute Resolution, namely “CADR” is a functional unit under the overall aegis of Faculty of Law, MRU. The Centre is established with a purpose of conducting and promoting research and generating and disseminating knowledge in the field of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. The CADR not only conducts training programs and workshops, but also runs simulation exercises to settle disputes through arbitration, mediation and other allied mechanisms. The training workshops are designed and curated to suit the requirements of the participants, interested in practicing ADR mechanism. The Centre of Excellence is committed to advance the objectives for which it is constituted, in the interest of the University and requirements of the legal system of the country.


Vision & Mission


To establish a research and clinical facility on various aspects of ADR that will undertake cutting edge in ADR research, skill building sessions, and provide professional services.


  • Research – Undertakes institutional research, consultancy and advisory projects.
  • Training – Training Programs, meticulously designed and developed by experts
  • Skill Development – Promotes ADR skill development among students of Manav Rachna University in general and law students in particular through short term courses.
  • Collaborations – Tie-ups and professional linkages with industry, professionals and government agencies, within and outside India.
  • Information Creation – building data base relating to ADR Law & Policy and Tools & techniques.
  • Exchange of Information – Effective forum for exchange of information and knowledge among various stakeholders through conferences, seminars and expert talks.


The Centre of Excellence namely “Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution” is established with following objectives–

  1. To pursue research and publications in the field of ADR;
  2. To undertake consultancy, advisory and advocacy projects;
  3. To train, develop and cultivate core group of ADR experts in India, capable of employing alternative resolution mechanisms, to the disputes of national and international nature;
  4. To provide an effective forum for exchange and analysis of ideas and information between industry, professionals, trade associations, government agencies and academia;
  5. To support the academic pursuits of the Faculty of Law, with research and practical training;

To explore and enter into collaborations and tie ups with national and international organizations and agencies, such as International Court of Arbitration as part of ICC, Paris, SIAC, SIMC KDLC, to name but few, in furtherance of the objectives of the Center.


The following functions may be performed by the Centre. The functions stated below are not exhaustive and are inclusive in nature.

  1. To conduct research in identified areas and publish papers
  2. To undertake institutional Research Projects
  3. To take up external consultancy and advisory projects
  4. To conduct outreach programmes for Awareness and Sensitization in the form of Workshops, seminars, Guest lectures, Roundtables, Conferences etc.
  5. To conduct Executive Development programs,Diploma and Certificate courses & other training sessions
  6. To enter into Tie ups and collaborations with domestic and international partners.
  7. To build functional and professional linkages with Industry, professionals, government agencies and other organizations within and outside India.
  8. To facilitate PG and UG students into ADR mechanisms, with the help of research and practical training through live proceedings and simulation exercises
  9. To create knowledge data base, focusing, inter alia, on Law and Policy, decided cases and case studies etc.

Executive Committee:

Constituted an executive committee having renowned arbitrators at national and International levels.

  • DR. KANU PRIYA, Dean , School of Law, MRU
  • MR. RATAN K. SINGH, Founder Chairman, Society of Construction Law, India
  • MS. VEENA RALLI, Mediator & Advocate, Delhi HC
  • MR. ASEEM CHATURVEDI, Partner, Khaitan & Co.
  • MR. OMAR AHMAD, Partner, Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas
  • MR. KUNAL VAJANI, Head of Chambers, BlackRobe Chambers & Court Member (India)
  • MR. SAMEER JAIN, Founder & Managing Partner, PSL Chambers
  • MR. MOAZZAM KHAN, Head of Global Litigation, Nishith Desai Associates
  • MR. ABHINAV BHUSHAN, Chief Executive for Asia, 39 Essex Chambers

Events Organized

Event Date

Event Type



04 Dec 18

Training Workshop

Arbitration and Mediation

–   The PACT – Peacekeeping And Conflict Resolution Team

01 Oct 19

Training Workshop


–   Adv. AVS Subramanyum

18 Feb 20

Guest Lecture

Career in Arbitration

–   Mr Abhinav Bhushan, South Asia Director, International Chamber of Commerce Arbitration & ADR

19 Feb 20


Visit to the Delhi International Arbitration Centre (DIAC)

–   Ms. Kaveri Baweja, DJHS

–   Mr. Pranjal Aneja

–   Mr. Nishant Garg

–   Ms. Priyadarshini

24 Apr 20


Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards: Recent Developments

–   Justice Prateek Jalan

–   Adv. Gourab Banerji

28 Apr 20


Support for Interference in the Arbitral Process

–   David Joseph QC

–   Ciccu Mukopadhyaya

29 Apr 20


Appointment of Arbitrators

–   Justice Sanjay K Kaul

–   Justice Rajiv Shakdher

02 May 20


Arbitration in India: The Good, Bad and the Ugly

–   Justice Ms. Indu Malhotra

–   Salim Moollan QC

–   Adv. Gourab Banerji

16 May 20


Investor State Dispute Settlement: Thesis, Anti-Thesis and Possible Synthesis

–   Dr Gabrielle Kauffman-Kohler, President, International Council for Commercial Arbitration

–   Marike Paulsson, Senior Advisor, Albright Stonebridge Group

–   Promod Nair, Advocate and Arbitrator, Arista Chambers

27 May 20


Mediation as a Tool for Conflict Management

–   Justice Madan Lokur, Judge, Supreme Court of Fiji

–   Dr Judith Kneiper, Legal Officer, UNCITRAL

–   Nathalie Morris-Sharma, Director, International Legal Division, Ministry of Law, Singapore

–   Dr Nadja Alexander, Professor of Law, Singapore Management University

06 June 20


Cross Border Insolvency: Should India adopt the UNCITRAL Model Law?

–   Judge Allan L Gropper, Former Bankruptcy Judge, Southern District Court, New York

–   Dr TK Viswanathan, Bankruptcy Law Reforms Committee

–   Kate Lannan, Senior Legal Officer, UNCITRAL

–   Sumant Batra, Partner, Kesar Dass B & Associates

17 July 20


Weathering the Storm: Energy Disputes, the Energy Transition and Impact of COVID-19’

–   Professor Raphael Heffron, Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy (CEPMLP) at the University of Dundee, Scotland

01 Aug 20


Mediation and Arbitration: Friends or Foes?

–   Sriram Panchu

–   Judge Srdan Simac

–   Justice Moushumi Bhattacharya

–   Professor Lawrence Boo

05 Dec 20


Managing Ground Condition Claims


–   Mr. Mohan Pillay, Partner, Pinsent Masons Mpillay

–   Mr. Ang Wee Jian, Partner, Pinsent Masons Mpillay

–   Mr. Naresh Thacker, Partner, Economic Laws Practice

–   Mr. Alok Jain, Associate Partner, Economic Laws Practice

–   Mr. Rohit Singhal, CEO Masin Projects

–   Mr. Parag Tripathi, Senior Advocate

–   Mr. Shashank Garg, Partner Advani & Co

–   Ms. Sagrika Wadhwa, Advocate

12 Dec 20


Soft Way of Doing Hard Things – Do Women Make Better Mediators

–   Ms. Veena Ralli, Advocate & Mediator

–   Ms. Chitra Narayan, Advocate & Mediator

–   Ms. Hazel Tang, Counsel, ICC International Court of Arbitration, Singapore

17 Dec 20


Hague Conference on Private International Law

–   Dr. Christophe Bernasconi, Secretary General, Hague Conference

23 Feb 21


23 March 21



–   N/A

20 Mar 21


Effective Management of Complex Construction Arbitrations

–   Justice A.K. Sikri, Former Supreme Court Judge

–   Mr. Nusrat Hassan, Co-Managing Partner, Link Legal

–   Mr. Anand Srivastava, Partner, Link Legal

–   Mr. Mohan R Pillay, Partner, Pinsent Masons Mpillay

–   Mr. Ang Wee Jian, Partner, Pinsent Masons Mpillay

–   Mr. Kevin Nash, Deputy Registrar & Centre Director, SIAC

–   Mr. Atul Sharma, Managing Partner, Link Legal

–   Mr. Shashank Garg, Partner, Advani & Co

–   Ms. Padmaja Kaul, Partner, IndusLaw

15 June 21


21 Aug 21

Ten-week Certificate Course

Practice of International Arbitration

–   Nakul Dewan, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India

–   Sharan Jagtiani, Senior Advocate, Bombay High Court            

–   Rajendra Barot, Senior Partner, Azb & Partners

–   Promod Nair, Founding Partner, Arista Chambers

–   Shreyas Jayasimha, Founding Partner, Aarna Law

–   Sheila Ahuja, Partner, Allen & Overy            

–   Shashank Garg, Partner, Advani and Co.        

–   Moazzam Khan, Partner, Nishith Desai Associate

–   Sonali Mathur, Partner, Azb & Partners          

23 Nov 21


Client Counselling Competition

–   Bharatendu Agarwal, Faculty-in-charge, CADR

05 April 22


Relevance of the New Mediation Bill

–   Ms. Sakshi Vijay, Associate Professor, Jindal Global Law School

Aug-Sept 22

Training Workshop

45 hrs Mediation Training Programme

–   Samadhan, Mediation Center of High Court of Delhi


Feb 23


Delhi International Arbitration Centre Delhi Arbitration Week

–   High Court of Delhi


Apr 23


National Conference on Mediation

–   Delhi High Court Mediation and Conciliation Centre

–   National Legal Services Authority

–   Mediation and Conciliation Project Committee


Aug 23

Expert Lecture

Interplay of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code with Arbitration

–   Mr. Swarnendu Chatterjee, Founder, Law Chambers of Swarnendu Chatterjee & Advocate-on-Record, Supreme Court of India

Sep 23


Bootcamp on Mediation

–   Mr. Jonathan Rodrigues, PACT


CADR Plenary Hall, Three CADR rooms, CADR library.


Internship Opportunity:

The Centre of Excellence in Alternative Dispute Resolution is looking to engage full/part time interns on a rolling basisto assist with the activities of the Centre at Faculty of Law, Manav Rachna University. Students of the 4th and 5th year, in a 5-year program, and students of the 2nd and 3rd year in a 3-year law program may apply for the internship.All Applicants are required to apply at-least two months prior to the proposed starting date of internship.

CADR Internship Guidelines


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