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Helpline no. 0129-4259000


IQAC Quality Initiatives 2023

Faculty orientation program_day-01 (3)

Manav Rachna University

Faculty Orientation Program’ 23

Report of Day – 1

IQAC Manav Rachna University launched the Faculty Orientation Programme for the faculty members who joined the university in August 2022 onwards on 5th August 2023 in room no. IG07. The comprehensive orientation programme, spanned over five weeks from 5th August to 7th September 2023, aims to equip the participants with the necessary knowledge and tools to excel in their roles. Day 1 of the programme included five sessions which began with a Faculty Diagnostic Assessment conducted by Prof. (Dr.) Geeta Thakur, Dean Students & Director – MRCPS with a purpose to analyze the rerequisite knowledge of faculty members, the need-analysis of the skill set required, and the problems faced so that the gaps can be identified and catered accordingly through well-defined programmes in the future. After the assessment, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Sir, Prof. (Dr.) I.K. Bhat conducted the Ice breaking session. The session with  positive vibes created a comfortable environment for the learning to begin. 

Prof. (Dr.) Sangita Banga, Pro-Vice Chancellor briefed the institutional and academic policies & regulations during the second session that would help the participants to make sound decisions in their respective regimes. Dr. Banga also emphasized the role of faculty as mentors in shaping the academic and personal growth of the students. In the third session, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Sir, Prof. (Dr.) I.K. Bhat discussed different roles that teachers play in building up a global responsible citizen. Prof. Bhat started the session with an emphasis on the importance & purpose of the vision and mission of the university. He explained the true essence of education as to build one’s character and create a responsible social being rather than a mere literate person. 

During the fourth session on “Student Centric Learning”, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Prof. I.K. Bhat, shared different ways to actively engage students to take ownership of their educational journey and become problem solvers and independent thinkers in a dynamic & evolving world of education. The last session of the day showcased a deep insight into “21st Century Skills, Learning Skills, and Bloom’s Taxonomy” by  Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Prof. I.K. Bhat. Dr. Bhat shared the role of 21st-century skills in teaching practices that would help educators prepare students to thrive in the complex and interconnected world. Various techniques of teaching-learning like Integrated Curriculum, Project-Based Learning, Technology Integration, Inquiry-Based Learning, Assessment Reform, and Community Engagement were discussed. He then presented to participants the various types of learners and learning styles. He highlighted the importance of incorporating a range of teaching techniques to accommodate diverse learning styles and foster a more comprehensive and impactful learning atmosphere.  Finally, Dr. Bhat shared the transition from Knowledge to Practice via Bloom’s Taxonomy. He discussed the importance of structured approach to design curriculum, assessments, and instructional strategies that foster critical thinking, learning, and problem-solving abilities through the implementation of the same.

The participants were overwhelmed & grateful to the abundance of wisdom and insights shared by the Hon’ble Vice – Chancellor sir and marked the beginning of a captivating learning journey for all the attendees.

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