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Helpline no. 0129-4259000


Coding Ninja

An online “Introduction session” was held on ‘20st Oct 2020’, 4-5pm by the CodeChef Campus Chapter of MRU. The speakers for the event were

  • Divyam Arora   Our former CodeChef lead
  • Yogesh Kakkar Our former CodeChef lead

The event’s main aim was to interact with the students and make them aware of Competitive Programming. We introduced the students to the respective team leaders and shared the benefits of joining the Chapter. We discussed about the CodeChef community, the challenges being posted and the complete national network of programmers.Further, tricks to attempt and solve a particular coding problem were also shared. All in all, it was a great session with the students having different mindsets.

Doubt Clearing Session

An online “ Doubt Clearing Session” was organized by MRU CodeChef Campus Chapter Team on 1 Dec, 2020, 4-5 PM. This doubt session was kept with the junior members of the Chapter who had been solving problems for some while now. They collected their doubts of previous competitions and asked them in this doubt session. Divyam Arora, Yogesh Kumar and Chandan Taneja (president) helped clear these doubts and discussed important concepts used in those questions. They also guided the participants about the online study material and the concepts they should focus on. The doubt session was a success as many of the juniors gave highly great feedback. The event was conducted by Chandan Taneja (President), Lakshya Mittal (Competitive Programming Lead), Umang Raj (Events Lead), Neha Lakhotia (Outreach and Media Lead).

CookOff discussion

An online discussion event of “Cook off” contest was organized on 28th Dec, 2020, 5-6 PM by MRU CodeChef Campus Chapter Team under the mentorship of Dr. Parneeta Dhaliwal. Many students from MRU participated in this contest,generating a good response in solving extensively tough coding problems. It was followed by a discussion for solving the doubts that the participants have faced in the challenge and various other issues that the students are dealing with in competitive programming. The participants also shared their experience while solving the coding problems. The event was conducted by Chandan Taneja (President), Lakshya Mittal (Competitive Programming Lead), Umang Raj (Events Lead), Neha Lakhotia (Outreach and Media Lead).


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