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Helpline no. 0129-4259000



Parent Testimonial




The contribution of Manav Rachna in shaping my career is undeniable. Getting an internship at Amazon with a stipend of 45k per month and getting placed at Linkedin with a package of 23 lakhs per annum is the beginning of my dreams coming true. I owe a lot to Manav Rachna and for that, I’ll forever be grateful. It will always have a special place in my life.



2023 Passout

My experience with the university is great. The faculty members helped me enhance my interpersonal skills apart from my technical knowledge. It is a good place to give a start for your career

Shivam Thakur


I am Aditi Singhal, B.Tech CSE, Specialization in Data Science and Machine Learning (2019 – 2023 batch), a student at MRU, Faridabad. Manav Rachna has always guided, supported, and encouraged me to do my best and achieve my dreams. The courses offered, regular industry expert talks, internship opportunities, and extracurricular activities ensured that I have a degree, skill set, and personality that would help me to excel in my field and life.
Also, I am thankful to all my faculty members, CDC & CRC department for investing so much time and effort in my hard and soft skills, which helped me a lot to face my placement exams and interviews with full confidence and knowledge.

Aditi Singhal


I have been amazingly fortunate to treasure an engineering program of such quality that is adaptable and flexible. These four years with MRU have added a few more precious feathers to my hat. These precious feathers abetted and enhanced my profile in many different ways. The staff and faculty have vindicated the innovative ideas to approach the real world problems in an ingenious way.

Kolla Teja


I deliver my heartfelt thanks to the CRC department for its warm wishes.
This is a combined effort of the CDC and CRC team , along with our teachers.
The placement team of the university is really dedicated and encouraging and has left no stone unturned to ensure that each student should get placed.

Jiya Bhatia



2022 Passout

During my 4 year stay at Manav Rachna University I met various people and gained tremendous knowledge from them.

I would also like to thank my faculty members and placement cell for helping me enhance my personality.

Anubhav Mishra


I am very thankful to the faculty of computer science and engineering and the placement cell for their tremendous support. They helped me in getting placed in very good organisations which will give a good start for my career ahead

Aditi Goel


I would like to extend my gratitude towards my university for supporting and providing us opportunities to learn and guide me for placements. The facilities were supportive and informed us with enough notice regarding every placement drive. I am grateful to have such a good CRC department.

Saksham Srivastava


My four years at Manav Rachna University have been amazing and wonderful. I have attained huge learning, tremendous opportunities and an environment full of fun and frolic.I am greatly thankful to my kind and caring teachers who have helped me at each step during my degree.

Sudheesh Arya


2021 Passout

As per my overall experience, this college gave their best to make you a good person and best engineer. MRU didn’t just work on my technical skills, they have worked on my overall skills also. I have learned German so well during my graduation. And not only in studies, MRU tried their best to make you a good sports person also. Through the MRU sports section, I have learned basketball and snooker so well. Thank You MRU for everything. You are the best.



The overall experience was excellent. Everything along the journey helped me ace this opportunity. The continuous support and motivation from the colleagues and the teaching staff was awesome. The thing that I would suggest as a change in the college is the focus the college keeps on extra curriculum because of that the core studies suffers a lot.



It has been a wonderful experience for me in this prestigious university. My mentor and teachers have always been there to guide, support and motivate me to give my best. I was a part of Leo club that gave me the opportunity to involve myself in social service which helped me grow as a person. It helped me enhance my personality and be more compassionate towards others.

Mahika Goyal

Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude towards the university for providing such a comprehensive and well-structured program. The course has enabled me to acquire a wide range of skills and knowledge in computer science and AI/ML domains. I appreciate the hard work and dedication of the faculty members who have been instrumental in shaping my learning experience.  I have found the curriculum to be highly relevant and industry-oriented, providing me with a strong foundation in the fundamentals of computer science along with specialized knowledge in AI and ML

Manya SInha: BTech AIML 4B


The semester started out great and we had a lot of fun learning about new topics. The teachers were very helpful and they taught a lot about their subjects. I was keen to take all the information they were giving me. This semester was also great in a way like never before. We had the experience of giving real life projects on the respective subjects. i will always be very grateful to my teachers

Chirag: B tech CDA 4th sem


I am incredibly grateful for the education and experiences I received at Manav Rachna University. The faculty are always supportive and the academic programs were top-notch. The resources and facilities available on campus makes it easy for me to pursue my passions and achieve my goals.Thanks to the education and support I received at Manav Rachna University, I feel confident and well-prepared for whatever comes next in my life. I can’t thank the university enough for everything it has done for me, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a quality education and a supportive community

Tisha Garg

B tech CSTI 6th sem


My college offers great opportunities for personal as well as professional growth. Whenever you step inside the campus, vibe dedicated to hardwork, perseverance, innovation strikes hard. We are expected to alter the conventional ways with constant support and guidance of professors. I would recommend my institute to anyone looking for a balance between enjoyment and studies.

Abhay Parashar

B tech CSTI 6th sem


Testimonial for Quick Heal course by students

First of all thanks to the Quick Heal Academy team for giving this most valuable opportunity to me. They have helped me gain skill sets in the field of cyber security, providing knowledge to explore this career path. Quick Heal has unique initiatives that directly engage the target audience, turning them into messengers for safe cyber practices.


Name of the candidate   :  Harshul Dudeja

Stream   : B.Tech CSE CSTI/3rd Year



I am doing my computer science with specialization in Artificial Intelligence. My computer system got attacked by a Ransomware in recent months due to which all the data got lost. I could not recover that valuable data again. At that point I realised that having knowledge of cyber security is very important part for using the technology, but I was very confused among different types of attacks performed by hackers, The cyber Shiksha course really helped me a lot in understanding the basics of hacking methods and tools. I strongly believe that to learn and understand the basics of Cyber Security, the course turns out to be the best starting point.

Name of the candidate:  Harsh

Stream/Year: B Tech CSE AIML(2nd year)


I would like to express my gratitude to the team at Quick Heal Academy for giving me an invaluable opportunity. The cyber Shiksha course offered by Quick Heal Academy equipped me with the necessary skills and knowledge to explore a career in this field. What sets Quick Heal Academy apart is their innovative initiatives that actively engage participants and encourage them to spread awareness about safe cyber practices.

Name of the candidate : Chirag Garg

Stream/Year: B.Tech CSE AIML (2nd year)


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