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Helpline no. 0129-4259000

Helpline no. 0129-4259000


Program Overview


The students in their tenure of entire course have to complete 14 credits allotted for mandatory completion. A scholar is expected to complete 11 credits with the help of mandatory courses. Broadly the program can be divided in 7 Phases with various milestones to be achieved at each phase


Post coursework examination, the scholar is required to take short synopsis seminar (1 credit). This is designed to give the scholar and his research work a direction. If and only if the scholar clears, He/she enters the next stage of literature review seminar stage(1 credit). This step helps in formation of the research design including objectives, hypotheses and outcomes.

In the meantime the scholar is advised to work on his/her publications which have to be essentially in a reputed journal  from UGC CARE LIST which are rich in information and have the highest level of credibility. Some popular academic search engines like IEEE, Scopus, J Gate, EBSCO, CiteSeer etc. A research scholar has to contribute a mandatory international paper publication, which helps them to share their work with others. It also helps them to frame, streamline and get a validation their research. Before the Thesis presentation for evaluation by DRC and DRB the scholar presents a Pre Ph.D Seminar(1 credit).  The Seminar essentially helps them to rectify/ improve in their final thesis.


The dissertation is a scholarly work and contribution to the field of their research. The draft thesis has to be approved by DRC & DRB. The scholar works meticulously on the plagiarism and presentation of the research work. As a mandatory guideline the thesis should not have more than 10% plagiarism. A close monitoring is done with the help of Turnitin  software-a high credibility software installed in the Central Library.

Salient Features-

  1. Experienced  and competent Supervisors
  2. Enhanced Classroom/Online Teaching conducted by Senior and experienced faculty.
  3. Dedicated Reading Room in Library
  4. Six monthly/Monthly progress report for monitoring
  5. Research Advisory Committee for Progress monitoring
  6. Departmental Research Committee for guidance
  7. Doctoral Research Board for Quality enhancement
  8. Well defined policy for Plagiarism and world class software- Turnitin is used
  9. Mandatory SPSS training for scholars. Licensed software available for use.
  10. Group/individual Projects during coursework.
  11. A dedicated PhD Lounge for scholars
  12. Training on open source research tools
  13. Provision of remote access to all the scholars for accessing library database
  14. Merit based stipend for research scholars from 18000-24000/pm.
  15. Training on open source research tools


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