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Helpline no. 0129-4259000

Helpline no. 0129-4259000


Support for Students with Learning Disability

Support for Students with Learning Disability

Students with learning disabilities may struggle to acquire knowledge through traditional teaching learning methodologies. MRIIRS understands their need of special attention and provides required support through counseling sessions in the Human lab, in terms of remedial classes, bridge courses, mentor-mentee counseling sessions, Yoga sessions etc.

Human Lab

Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences (FBSS) at MRIIRS is one of the first institutes to boast of a ‘Human Lab’. It is the first lab in the entire Haryana and Delhi-NCR. Human Lab undertakes Assessment & Psychometric profiling to support for Emotional Behavioral and Mental problems. It has more than 50 different standardized psychometric test & psychological instruments for the assessment of various physiological, psychological, behavioral, emotional and spiritual characteristics of children, adolescents, adult & the elderly. Career Counseling and Employability Skills Training is provided. The counseling and Psychotherapy services are available for the students of Manav Rachna Educational Institutions to deal with interpersonal problems, emotional distress, health and wellness, anxiety, depression, self esteem and adjustment. A psychometric profiling helps the students in self introspection and in enabling him/ her in identifying his core strengths and weaknesses. The student is made to regularly undergo psychometric tests to monitor his progress. Regular Health Awareness and Mental Health Programs are being organized and conducted by the Human lab.

Intensive and Experiential two day workshop on Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy (September 18,2018 to September 19, 2018)

School Assessment live project (October 1, 2018)

World Mental Health Month Celebration (October 10, 2018)

Awareness Walkathon (October 12, 2018)

Annual Mental Health Camps (March-April, 2019)


Mentor-mentee counseling sessions

Student Mentoring, counseling and guidance are important pillars of student support services. The students need this support to overcome their personal, social and academic problems which impede their studies. The students often face pressure after joining the professional courses. These may be of varied nature, which may be academic, personal, or career related. At times, due to these pressures they feel stressed and this interferes in their pursuit. There is cross cultural, neo ethnic convergence, increasing academic competition, peer pressure, unique teenage problems, mounting career demands etc among the students community. To prevent students from going through travails of such stress factors, an independent well-coordinated system for mentoring and counseling system is in
place in the university. Mentors regularly meet students to solve their problems, track their progress in academics, co curricular activities, personality development, communication skills, career counseling, holistic development, life skills and interpersonal relationships. Parents are kept in the loop and are periodically updated on their ward’s performance.

Remedial Classes

Students with learning disability are identified and are given special attention. Remedial classes are also organized to help and motivate students with learning disability. Remedial classes are arranged for them as per the need and one to one advisory inputs are provided both on academic and personal front. 

Bridge Courses

As per the guidelines of AICTE, for reinforcement of fundamental science concepts, department of Applied Sciences,Faculty of Engineering and Technology offers bridge courses in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for students of undergraduate degree engineering program. These bridge courses aim to bridge the gap between the knowledge level attained in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics at 10+2 and the knowledge level needed to understand their applications to engineering concepts. The modules are prepared keeping in mind that class discussions will bring all the students at the uniform level so that they can cope up with the courses at university level. At the end of each module class teacher takes a test to understand how much students have learned after the completion of module. These bridge courses are taught after the completion of three-week induction programme.

Yoga Sessions

Regular yoga sessions are practiced by the students for their holistic development. It encompasses psychological, social and emotional growth of an
individual.  A holistic methodology seeks to help individuals especially with learning disabilities develop all their skills and to build their strengths. Yoga is a way of life which inspires us to live a healthier life. It’s just not an exercise but helps in rejuvenating oneself and it’s a confluence of body, mind and soul. It helps individuals to deal with stress, anxiety and depression by bringing a balance and harmony in their lives.



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