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Helpline no. 0129-4259000

Helpline no. 0129-4259000


Academic Council

Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies (Deemed to be University), Faridabad
Dr. Sanjay Srivastava Vice – Chancellor Chairman
 Dr. Naresh Grover Pro-Vice Chancellor Member
Dr. Pardeep Kumar  Pro-Vice Chancellor Member
Dr. G L Khanna Pro-Vice Chancellor Member
Dean(s) of Faculties
 Dr. Moattar Raza Rizvi Dean-FAHS Member
Dr. Pardeep Kumar  Dean – FET Member
Dr. Arundeep Singh Dean-FDS Member
Dr. Maithali Ganjoo Dean-FMeH Member
Dr.Monika Goel Dean-FoC Member
Dr.Pardeep Kumar Dean-FAD Member
Dr. Naresh Grover  Dean – FBSS  Member
Dr. Usha Batra Dean – FCA Member
Lt.General R K Anand (Retd.) Dean-FMS Member
Lt.General R K Anand (Retd.) Dean-FHM Member
 All Heads of the Departments
Dr. Devender Vashisht Deptt. of Auto, FET Member
Dr. Vijay Kumar  Deptt. of Applied Sciences, FET Member
Dr. Sunita Bansal Deptt. of Civil, FET Member
Dr. Tapas Kumar Deptt. of CSE (IBM)., FET Member
Dr. Charu Virmani Deptt. of CSE, FET Member
Dr. Manoj Nayak Deptt. of ME, FET (Officiating) Member
Dr. Manu Solanki Deptt.of BT, FET Member
Dr. Devender Vashisht Deptt. of Aero, FET Member
Dr. Nitesh Malhotra Deptt. of Physiotherapy, FAHS Member
Dr. Divya Sanghi Deptt. of N & D, FAHS Member
Dr. Jayender Verma Deptt. of Commerce, FoC Member
Dr. Bhavesh Prakash Joshi Deptt. of UG Management Studies, FMS Member
Dr. Maithali Ganjoo Deptt. of Journalism & Mass Communication, FMeH Member
Dr. Shivani Vashist Deptt. of English, FMeH Member
Dr. Rashmi Agrawal Deptt. of Computer Appl., FCA Member
Dr. Deepti Dabas Hazarika Deptt. of Mgmt. Studies, FMS Member
Vacant Deptt. of HM, FHM Member
Vacant Deptt. of Culinary Arts, FHM Member
Dr. Priyanka Tiwari (Officiating HoD) Department of Psychology  Member
Dr. Anandajit Goswami Deptt. of Social & Political Studies, FBSS Member
Dr. Durairaj Kumarasamy Deptt. of Economics, FBSS Member
Ms. Shruti Jain Deptt.of Arch & Design, FAD Member
Dr. Arunangshu Mukherjee Deptt.of Earth Sciences & Env.,FET Member
Dr. Abhiruchi Passi Deptt. of ECE, FET Member
Dr. Leena G Deptt. of EEE, FET  Member
Ten Professors other than the Heads of the Departments:
Dr. Rakesh Kumar Arya Professor-Deptt. of UG Management Studies, FMS Member
Dr. Nandini Srivastava  Professor. & Director – CDP Member
Dr. Anupama Rajput Professor, Deptt. of Applied Sciences , FET Member
Dr. Deepak Kumar Professor, Deptt. of Applied Sciences  , FET Member
Dr. Anita Khosla Professor, Deptt. of EEE, FET Member
Dr. Surbhi Kapoor Professor, Deptt. of Management Studies, FMS Member
Dr. Pratibha Singh Professor, Deptt. of N&D, FAHS Member
Dr. Abhilasha Shourie Professor, Deptt. of BT, FET  Member
Dr. Rashima Mahajan Professor, Deptt. of CSE , FET & Director-IQAC Member
Dr.Anindita Chatterjee Rao Professor, PG Management Studies , FMS Member

Two Associate Professors from the Departments other than the Heads of the Departments:

Mr. Sachin Marwah Associate Professor, Deptt.of Aero, FET Member
Mr. Joydeep Chakraborty Associate Professor, Deptt. of ME,FET Member

Two Assistant Professors from the Departments:

Ms. Priyanka Rani Assistant Professor, Deptt. of CSE, FET Member
Dr. Shilpa Arora Assistant Professor, Deptt. of Mgt Studies, FMS Member

Three persons from amongst educationists of repute or persons from any other field related to the activities of the institution deemed to be University who are not in the service of the institution deemed to be University, nominated by the Vice Chancellor :

Prof. M S Turan Member
Dr. Prerna Gaur, Professor & Director, NSUT, New Delhi   Member
Dr. R K Singh, Professor Department of Commerce, Delhi School of Economics, Delhi University. Member

Three persons who are not members of the teaching staff, co-opted by the Academic Council for their specialized knowledge:

Dr. A. Murli M. Rao IGNOU, New Delhi Member
Dr. D S Kumar Former Professor,PEC & Director,CITM Member
Dr. Saranjit Singh Bhasin Prof.& HoD- FDS, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. Member

Permanent Invitee

Sh. N K Sharma Controller of Examinations


Secretary of the Academic Council

Sh. R.K.Arora, Registrar Secretary


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