Helpline no. 0129-4259000

Helpline no. 0129-4259000


Faculty of Engineering (Biotechnology)

Sr. No. Department Name Designation Field of Specialization Email Id
1 Biotechnology Dr. Abhilasha Shourie Professor Phytochemistry & Biotechnology
2 Biotechnology Dr. Joseph Alexanand Davis Professor Biochemistry
3 Biotechnology Dr. Kapila Kumar Assistant Professor Molecular Virology & Genomics
4 Biotechnology Dr. Manu Solanki Associate Professor Applied Microbiology
5 Biotechnology Dr. Nidhi Didwania Associate Professor Plant Pathology & Agricultural Biotechnology
6 Biotechnology Dr. Pushpa Tomar Associate Professor Plant Physiology & Biotechnology
7 Biotechnology Dr. Sabiha Imran Associate Professor Microbiology
8 Biotechnology Dr. Sarita Sachdeva Professor Environmetal Biotechnology
9 Biotechnology Dr. Shilpa S.Chapadgaonkar Associate Professor Fermentation Technology
10 Biotechnology Dr. Syama Adhikarla Assistant Professor Genomics


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