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Other Activities by Students

Glimpse of Summer Training at IOCL R&D

Four of M.Sc. (Chemistry), Manav Rachna University (MRU) have been selected for Summer Training program at Analytical Division of Indian Oil R&D Centre, Faridabad. Priyanka Arora worked on the characterization of polymers and additives by Proton NMR and Carbon-13 NMR Spectroscopy. Shweta Kataria worked on Ultra trace analysis of metals in Fuel Samples by Inductively Coupled Argon Plasma (ICAP) Technique.

Another student who has bagged training at the organization is Divya Chhabra. She worked on the characterization of Petroleum Products and Catalysts by UV-Visible and Infrared Spectroscopy. Shivangi Panwar worked on the determination of Molecular Weight and Molecular Weight Distribution of Polymers by High Pressure Liquid Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry.

Summer training at Shreya Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd

Three students of M.Sc. Chemistry, namely Shivangi Kataria, Barkha Kaushik and Saloni Goyal went for summer training at Quality Control Division of Shreya Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd., Roorkee. They are being guided by Dr. Deepak Panwar, Senior Manager, Quality Control and Mr. Vinay Prakash Tripathi, Senior Officer, Quality Control.

Two Days Trip to IIT Roorkee and a Multinational Pharmaceutical Company

Department of Chemistry, MRU organised its first Industrial Visit for M.Sc. Chemistry students to IIT-Roorkee along with a Multinational Pharmaceutical Manufacturing setup Shreya Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Priti Gupta, Training coordinator of department spearheaded the entire program to ensure that students take a leap outside text book arena and learn some practical concepts of Chemistry. The entire program was divided into two sections spread across two days. On first day, the class of M.Sc. First year comprising of 11 aspiring students along with two faculty members (Dr. Priti Gupta and Ms. Bindu Manchanda) visited the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee Campus. They were welcomed by Prof. M.R. Maurya, Head of Department, Chemistry, IIT Roorkee who courteously introduced the students with some modern chemistry equipment available in the laboratory and delivered a lecture on Gas Chromatography.

On second day, the students visited campus of Shreya Healthcare & Life sciences situated in close proximity of IIT, Roorkee. Mr. Dinesh Pal, General Manager of Shreya Healthcare welcomed the students and explained about Shreya Healthcare in his brief presentation. The trip was highly appreciated by students as such events widen up the carrier path of students.

Students develop Natural Clay Pot Filters to Purify water

A group of 3 students from M.Sc., Department of Chemistry, Manav Rachna University under the supervision of Dr. Prem Kishore Patnala, participated in INNOSKILL 2018 in the event SRIJAN- a project demonstration competition.

The project presented by the students was entitled as “Natural Clay Pot Filters using Natural Kitchen Waste as Adsorbents”. The team used natural adsorbents from kitchen waste such as vegetable and fruit peel, in different pots to purify waste water. The concept was well-admired by the visitors as it is an economical and simple way to produce cheap, potable and natural purified water; especially in rural areas. The concept is to purify bore water containing heavy metals and other impurities impacting health.

Chemistry students attended the session conducted by Mr Sonum Wangchuk

A group of 22 students from M.Sc., Department of Chemistry, Manav Rachna University under the supervision of Dr. Priti Gupta were invited to attend an interaction with Mr. Sonum Wangchuk, an Innovator and Engineer from Ladakh at National Institute of Plant Genome Research (NIPGR), JNU, New Delhi recently. Mr. Wangchuk spoke about his latest efforts regarding the

Water Crisis in Ladakh Valley and his work at the Himalayan Institute of Alternatives in the area of Social Development through Science and Technology, education and empowerment of women. The session was facilitated by NIPGR in collaboration with Living Science, the University of Cambridge, and DST – Centre of Policy Research.

M.Sc. Students of MRU at Zakir Hussain College, DU

A Two day National CONFERENCE ON ‘INNOVATIONS IN CHEMISTRY LABORATORY TEACHING’ was organized by ‘ZAKIR HUSSAIN COLLEGE, DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY’ DELHI UNIVERSITY. The Conference was attended by Dr. Megha Mittal, Head Chemistry Department and M.Sc. students Ms. Saloni, Sherry, Priyanka Arora, Shivangi and Aanchal.

The Conference started with a talk by Prof. M.K PANDIT who highlighted the concept of story-telling in science and technology which was followed by the lecture series. LS 1-This lecture was given by Prof. Uday Maitra who discussed about ‘Learning Chemistry in Computer Age With Fun.’ He discussed various points about how to make chemistry relevant, gathering information along with demonstration on polarization of light, ORD phenomenon, elephant toothpaste, solvatochromism, chemiluminiscence. LS2 –Prof. C.K.Seth provided an informative talk on Catalysing Chemistry Laboratory experimentation.

Demonstration given by him included use of very simple techniques like the non burning towel, use of a battery instead of starch as indicator, oscillatory chemical reactions. LS3- This series was given by Mrs. Savita Ladge who enlightens everyone on Role of Chemistry Laboratories in Chemistry. It was quite an enriching discussion for both faculty and students.

2nd day- Started by a talk by Chairperson Prof. Rita Kakkar followed by lecture series on Innovative Practices and Lab experiments for conceptual learning of science. LS2- This was given by Prof. Sunita Dhingra on the topic ‘Research efficient and cost effective qualitative organic analysis. This lecture provided alternative ways for performing various experiments.

LS3-‘INNOVATIONS IN CHEMISTRY LABORATORY TEACHING’ which enlightened the process of innovations and stimulants, various aspects of innovations etc. LS4-A invited lecture was given by Dr. INDU SIDHWANI on green chemistry. She explained the importance of green chemistry, its principles through various real life cases like the Bhopal Tragedy etc. LS5-Mr.

Sanjay Kasana presented his view on LAB SAFETY which is a crucial part of chemistry as chemistry deals with more practical aspects than theoretical aspects. All in all, it was an enriching experience.

Faculty of Applied Sciences, MRU Students visited TERI Retreat

A visit was organised for the students of B.Sc. (Hons.) Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics of Manav Rachna University to the TERI Gram Retreat. The Teri Gram campus, located away from crowded city, is completely reliant upon renewable resources for the energy and lighting requirements.

The entire building is making use of an underground system of cooling pipes for air conditioning purpose. The students visited the waste water management system, biomass gasifier facility, biotechnology centre and the forestry nursery. The climate-resilient campus making use of renewable energy sources serves as an ideal sustainable campus based on new and clean technologies. The visit was very interactive and students thoroughly enjoyed learning about the new concepts.

From puddles of water housing beautiful pug-marks marks of animals to termite mounds, Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary, New Delhi, has it all!

An Educational cum Environmental Awareness Visit was organised for the students of B.Sc. (Hons.) Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics of Manav Rachna University to the Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary, New Delhi. Approximately forty students and four faculty members visited the lush green sanctuary. Dr. Ahamad, Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary, organised the ‘Nature Trail’ and explained the medicinal importance of the plants and the ecological importance of insects like dragon flies.

M.Sc. Students and Prof. A.K. Gupta of Chemistry Department, MRU at Indo-UK Scoping Workshop

A one day Indo-UK Scoping Workshop on ‘Development of Rural Bio-refineries In India: From Waste to Wealth’ was organized by Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence, University of York, U.K., Green Chemistry Network Centre, University of Delhi and The Energy and Resources Institute, New Delhi in New Delhi. Dr. A. K. Gupta, Professor, Department of Chemistry, Manav Rachna University delivered a talk on ‘Bio-Fuels from Non-Edible Oils and Ligno-Cellulosic Waste’ and also chaired a Technical session.

Our M.Sc. students Ms. Kajol Rana and Ms. Aarushi Sharma shared their new ideas on the topic ‘Production of Biodiesel from Tea Waste‘ whereas Ms. Divya Chabbra, Ms. Shweta and Ms. Priyanka Tokas presented their poster on the topic of ‘Generating Electricity from Used Tea Leaves‘. Both the poster presentations were highly appreciated by all the judges and faculty members/ researchers.

The Workshop started with a welcome address by Prof. R. K. Sharma, Delhi University, who also highlighted the main objectives of the workshop i.e. to connect biotechnological and green chemical approaches that utilize agricultural and industrial waste to deliver high value chemicals, materials and bio-energy, which was followed by the keynote address by Dr. Avatar Mathura, Acting Director, Green Chemistry Centre Of Excellence, University of York, UK. He discussed about various techniques for converting Bio-waste into bio-fuels. Following this, Dr. Alok Adhoya of TERI and

Prof. R. K. Sharma gave their lecture on Bio-refinery and Reclamation. It was quite an enriching session for both faculty and students. The next session was started by a talk by Dr. Banwari Lal, Sr. Director, TERI on ‘Microbial production of second generation 2,3-butanediol from renewable biomass: A sustainable process for production of green platform chemical. The next lecture was given by Dr. Sanjukta Subudhi, TERI on ‘Microbial production of Second Generation Hydrogen through Dark Fermentation Route from Renewable Biomass: A Sustainable Process for Clean Energy Production’. Many other oral talks and ideas were also discussed.

Dr. Indu T. Sidhwani from Gargi College explained the importance of green chemistry, its principles through various real life cases like the Bhopal Tragedy etc.. She also explained some green chemistry experiments which are performed by students in Labs. The Workshop was very fruitful and enriched students’ knowledge on utilization of waste for conversion into useful products and energy.

Awareness camp on Gender Sensitization and Girl Education at Mohna Girls Government School by students

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