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Helpline no. 0129-4259000


Faculty of Law Publications

S.No Enrollment No. Name of Ph.D Candidate Batch Department Supervisor Co-Supervisor Broad Area No of Publication till Date
1 2K19-PFL-001 AKHTARUL HANIF 2018-19 LAW Dr Somdutt Dr Versha Vahini Motor Vehicle Law 2 Journal Publications, 2 Conference Papers
2 2K19-PFL-002 ADITI CHAUDHARY 2018-19 LAW Dr Versha Vahini Dr Seema Gupta International Law & Human rights 1 Conference Paper
3 2K19-PFL-003 NEHA SINGH 2018-19 LAW Dr Seema Gupta Dr Versha Vahini Reproductive Rights 1 Journal Publication
4 2K19-PFL-004 MOHINI SHARMA 2018-19 LAW Dr Versha Vahini Dr Somdutt Legal aspects of Child labour in India 1 Conference Paper
5 2K20-PFL-001 SAMPRITI PHUKAN MALIK 2019-20 Law Dr. Somdut Bharadwaj Dr. Tarundeep kaur Street Vendor/Social Sector 1 Seminar & 1 Conference Paper
6 2K20-PFL-002 ABHINAV VARDHAN SHARMA 2019-20 Law Dr. Somdut Bharadwaj   Forensics Genetics 1 Conference Paper
7 2K20-PFL-003 NIHARIKA CHAUHAN 2019-20 Law Dr. S.K Bose   Arbitration NIL
8 2K20-PFL-004 SONIA KINRA 2019-20 Law Dr. VershaVahini   Critical Analysis of POCSO Act. 1 Conference Paper
9 2K20-PFL-005 VANI KATARIA NEHRA 2019-20 Law Dr. Seema Gupta   Constitutional Law 1 Conference Paper
10 2K20-PFL-006 ADITYA TREHAN 2019-20 Law Dr. VershaVahini   Justice for Victims of Crime-A Comparative Study 2 National Seminars, 2 Journal Publications
11 2K21-PFL-001 CHAITALI WADHWA 2020-21 Law Dr. VershaVahini Dr. Tarundeep Kaur Women and Law Course Work in Progress
12 2K21-PFL-002 POOJA TREHAN 2020-21 Law Dr. Seema Gupta   Rights LGBTQ+ individuals Course Work in Progress
13 2K21-PFL-003 LINTO K B 2020-21 Law Dr. SK Bose Dr. Tarundeep Kaur Human Rights and Refugee Law and Refugee Protection Course Work in Progress
14 2K21-PFL-004 ALEX JOSEPH 2020-21 Law Dr. VershaVahini   Role of Technology and impact
of Covid – 19 on the judicial system in India
Role of Technology and impact
of Covid – 19 on the judicial system in India
Course Work in Progress
15 2K21-PFL-005 JASMIN KURIAN 2020-21 Law Dr. Somdutt Bhardwaj   Characteristics of Online International Arbitration In the Post – Covid Scenario of India Course Work in Progress
16 2K21-PFL-006 AKANKSHA TRIPATHI 2020-21 Law Dr. SK Bose   Non Traditional Trademark
and its Implicability.
Course Work in Progress


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