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Helpline no. 0129-4259000



School of Management & Commerce offers Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in specialized areas so as to make the graduates more competitive and employable in this VUCA world. The current industry demands that young managers should have skills like creativity, communication, collaboration, critical analysis, and commitment. To master these skills one needs to work out of the conventional courses and delve into the new areas of management education that explore recent trends and challenges. Industry 4.0  requires the students to be data literate and experts in tools like R, Python, Sas, Tableau, etc. Students are offered experiential learning, simulation & game-based exercises, and national and international industry internship opportunities that enhance their creativity and collaborative teamwork.

Duration 3 Years
Fees PA 209500/- ( For BBA Business Analytics is 224500/-)
Eligibility Criteria Candidates have Passed in 10+2 examination with at least 50% marks in aggregate in 5 subjects. Should have qualified English as a subject.
Merit Preparation for Admission Merit preparation/ short listing of candidates shall be on the basis of score in SAT/ MRNAT 2024/ 10+2 Qualifying Examination.


With this aim in mind, we offer specialization in the areas of Finance & Accounts, Entrepreneurship & Family Business, Health Care Management, Business Analytics, Global Operations, and Supply Chain Management. Apart from the development of their academic & technical skills, we also conduct training and workshops on personality development, teamwork, confidence building, soft skills, and leadership qualities.

Program Educational Objectives

  • Students should be able to acquire the intellectual and behavioral competencies required for professional and personal success. The learning goals and objectives for the program are :
  • Critical Thinking and Decision Making – Students will develop critical thinking, analytical, and problem solving skills.
  • Communication Skills: Students will learn to communicate professionally and effectively
  • Core Business Knowledge – Students will develop functional business knowledge.
  • Global Perspective: Students will acquire global awareness and appreciation for diverse perspectives.
  • Ethical behavior and Social responsibility: Students will learn to recognize and analyze ethical problems, and take appropriate decisions
  • Teamwork and Leadership: Students will develop effective teamwork and leadership skills.


Program Outcomes (PO’s)

  1. Domain Knowledge of Business Environment: Students shall apply knowledge of management theories, principles, practices & skills in emerging business environment.
  2. Integrity, Ethic & professional Conduct: Students shall demonstrate ethical behaviour and professional integrity in their conduct to stive for truth, fairness, humility and honesty in professional life.
  3. Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Ability: Students shall apply critical thinking skills to design problem solving strategies across management areas and implement innovative solutions.
  4. Analytical & Decision making ability: Students shall access business environment using techniques of data analytics and other decision support tools to analyse and evaluate possible alternatives to complex business situations.
  5. Research Aptitude & Inquiry: Students shall exhibit research acumen and research aptitude to provide innovative solutions in the different areas of management for the benefit of industry, academia and society at large.
  6. Multicultural Competence & Global Outlook: Students shall demonstrate competence in cross cultural environment, work in diverse groups in areas like health care ,supply chain, operations, finance etc and emerge as responsible global citizens.
  7. Leadership readiness & Behavioural Skills: Students shall demonstrate leadership skills and work effectively with diverse teams through collaborative learning to deal with VUCA world.
  8. Effective business communication & Social networking: Students shall be able to engage effectively, develop interpersonal relationship through their ability to listen, read, write ,interact, influence & negotiate in complex business situations.
  9. Social Networking Skills & emotional intelligence: Students shall be able to acquire social and emotional skills to work effectively with diverse groups in multicultural environment.
  10. Creativity, Empathy & community Engagement: Students shall demonstrate ability to identify with other or understand others perspectives, innovate or perform tasks in a better manner for the well being of the society
  11. Environment & Sustainability: Students shall analyse the implications of managerial decisions in the context of environmental, social and corporate governance(ESG) in creating sustainable businesses
  12. Information /Digital literacy: Students shall demonstrate ability to access, evaluate and use  ICT in a variety of work situations and access relevant information sources for analysis of data.


Program Specific Outcomes (PSO’s)

PSO1: Employability & Entrepreneurship:  Students shall define their career aspirations and work towards achieving the same by engaging in developing appropriate skills, mindset and competencies in their chosen profession/ fields of learning ( corporate career, startup, family business, higher education etc)

PSO2: Specialised knowledge & skills:  Students will be able to demonstrate the acquisition of comprehensive & procedural knowledge for carrying out professional work/tasks in the specialised field and generate solutions in challenging environments.


Key Features

BBA programme Highlights

a.Finance & Accounts in association with  the Institute  of Chartered Accountants of India(ICAI)

Our association with ICAI aims to stimulate and facilitate the development of collaborative and mutually beneficial programs, which will serve to enhance the intellectual life and cultural development in both ICAI and the School of Management & Commerce, Manav Rachna University in terms of curriculum/ content development, faculty development, interactive sessions, recorded lectures for professors and students etc. The collaboration will provide practical and market-ready curriculum with application based pedagogy for experiential learning for deep industry immersion. The association will help in continuous skilling and reskilling of students by providing direct integration of existing industry defined learning material. The students will harness the power of learning by doing and it provides students with the opportunity to pursue careers in the areas of finance, accounts, insurance, financial markets, banking etc. or pursue higher studies.

Diverse Curriculum – Covering core and electives courses like for e.g – Business Taxation, Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management, Financial Derivatives, Management of Banking and Financial Institution, Mergers and Acquisition, Financial Modeling, Financial Services, Behavioural Finance, Digital  Marketing, Business Analytics etc

Industry Aligned Courses through MOUs and participation of industry in program design & delivery, internships & placements

Faculty Experts– Courses are undertaken by faculty certified in various areas of Finance from industry and recognized universities/institutes.

Career Opportunities – Financial Analyst, Financial planning & consultancy

  • Financial Risk Manager
  • Corporate Finance (M&A, IPO, Equity and Debt)
  • Management & Cost Accountant
  • Investment Analyst
  • Auditor
  • Sales & Marketing of Financial Services
  • Relationship managers in Banking and NBFCs
  • Portfolio Manager


b.     Entrepreneurship & Family Business in association with National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC) and NEN

This specialization prepares the students to build on their start-up ideas, explore new innovative ways of handling their family businesses, and manage new ventures within established organizations.

An association with National entrepreneurship Network (NEN) and National Small Industries Corporation-a govt. of India enterprise under ministry of MSME NSIC-TSC (Technical Centers of NSIC) offers training programs (training curriculum) and training delivery plan with added certifications. During this programme, the students are imparted with the knowledge of fundamental management subjects and elective specialized entrepreneurship subjects such as new venture creation; entrepreneurship theory and practices; family business management; creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship etc.

Diverse Curriculum- Covering Core and electives  like for e.g New venture creation, Creativity & Innovation, Family Business Management, Family Business Governance, Social Entrepreneurship, Technological entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing , Business Analytics, Strategies & Practices  of family owned businesses.

Industry Aligned Programs- in association with National Entrepreneurship Network(NEN)  NIESBUD and various industry experts.

NEN Digital Platform     Opportunity to learn Foundational and Advanced Courses on NEN LearnWise digital Platform

MRU Entrepreneurship cell– A student driven cell that works to promote entrepreneurship awareness in campus and promote student Start -ups.

Faculty Expert–  Courses are undertaken by faculty certified in various areas of entrepreneurship from recognized organizations like NEN, NIESBUD, Ministry of Education- IIC cell.   

Career Opportunities 

  • Small Business Owners
  • Business Consultants
  • Fundraisers and Development Officers
  • New Venture Developers
  • Business Valuator
  • Government Institutions involved in entrepreneurial education and training
  • Venture Capital and Angel Investor firms
  • Franchise owners
  • Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Start-ups and Corporate


c.       Healthcare Management supported by leading hospitals of Delhi and NCR 

This specialization aims to  prepare the students to pursue career opportunities in the area of healthcare and allied industry. During this programme, the students are imparted with the knowledge of fundamental management subjects and elective specialized healthcare subjects. Our association with leading hospitals of Delhi NCR like Asian Hospitals, Sarvodya, Amrita Hospitals, Paras, B L Kapoor and many more brings a plethora of opportunities in the form of internships, academic delivery from subject experts and placement options in this industry.

Diverse Curriculum– Covering core and electives like  Health systems in India, Public health, Epidemiology, Global healthcare scenario, Health care insurance & management care, Quality assurance in health care, Legal & ethical issues in health care, digital Marketing etc

Industry aligned Programs– program design and delivery as per the NABH standards and guidelines and in association with experts from hospitals like  Asian Institute of Medical Sciences ,Sarvodaya Hospital , Paras hospitals etc

Faculty Experts– Courses are undertaken by faculty certified in various areas of Health Care from industry and recognized universities/institutes

Career Opportunities

  • Healthcare Quality Manager
  • Health Care Analyst
  • Hospital Administrator
  • Pharmaceutical project manager
  • Health Service manager
  • Healthcare finance manager
  • Inventory & Stores Manager (Medical, Technical, Capital Consumable Stores)
  • Records Management (Medical & Allied)
  • Patient Coordination & Innovative Care Management
  • Patient – Floor manager
  • TPA manager

d. Global Operations Management

Specialization offered by the department in this upcoming and promising field prepares the students to pursue a career in the areas of logistics, supply chain, operations management and such allied areas with a professional qualification. The students are imparted with the knowledge of fundamental management subjects and elective in Supply Chain Management Logistics & Projects Management.

BBA Global Operations Management also opens the doors for the students to pursue career in Logistics, ecommerce, Supply chain management, Operations management or pursue higher studies

Diverse Curriculum – Covering core and electives courses like –  Introduction To Shipping, Multimodal transportation, Transportation and distribution management, Service operations management, Purchasing and inventory management, Logistics and international supply chain management, Freight transport management.

Industry Aligned Courses through MOUs and participation of industry in program design & delivery, internships & placements

Faculty Experts– Courses are undertaken by faculty certified in areas of operations and supply chain from industry and recognized universities/institutes.

Career Opportunities 

  • Supply Chain Operations manager
  • Manager Purchase & Logistics (supply Chain Management)
  • Supply Chain Analyst
  • Logistics Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Manager
  • Warehouse Operations manager/ Inventory manager
  • Transport Operations manager/Logistics Manager
  • Retail Operations Manager
  • Operations Manager/Operations Executive/Assistant Manager Operations
  • Store Manager
  • Plant Manager


e.     Business Analytics  in association with The Institute of Analytics (IoA)

The specialization in the field of business Analytics is offered in association with The Institute of Analytics (IoA) designed to prepare the students with necessary skills and knowledge in the area of data analysis so that they can meet the challenges of a changing business environment. During this programme, the students are imparted with the knowledge of core courses  embedded with specialized courses like Business Analytics, Spreadsheet Modeling, Marketing  & HR Analytics, Supply-Chain Analytics, Data Visualization, R programming , Business Intelligence & Data Mining etc. Business Analytics is the practice of iterative, methodical exploration of an organization & data, with an emphasis on statistical analysis. It is used by companies committed to data-driven decision-making.

It focuses on conceptual knowledge in multiple disciplines of analytics. Students will be taught to apply analytic tools and techniques to solve business analytic problems. The Institute of Analytics (IoA) is a professional body for Analytics and Data. IoA is a not-for-profit organization that exists to promote greater awareness, understanding, and innovation in analytics. It provides members with the opportunity to network with other professionals in the industry, to learn about career development opportunities, to share knowledge and expertise, to access Continuous Professional Development programs, and to carry the official designation of membership. IoA is fully supported in its mission by leading organizations in the sector.

Diverse Curriculum – Covering core and electives courses like  for e.g-– Data Mining, Data Visualization, Big Data Analytics, Web Analytics, Marketing and Retail analytics, Operation and Supply Chain Analytics and HR analytics are core of the program.

Hands on training on latest Business intelligence software, tools and languages like R-Studio, Python & Tableau etc.

Industry Aligned Courses through MOUs and participation of industry in program design & delivery, internships & placements

Faculty Experts– Courses are undertaken by faculty certified in areas of data analytics from industry and recognized universities/institutes..

Career Opportunities 

  • Data Scientist
  • Quantitative Analyst/Modeller
  • Big Data Scientist
  • Data Business Analyst
  • Business Analyst Manager or Consultant
  • Big Data Engineer
  • Financial Analyst
  • Marketing Analytics Manager
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics Consultant
  • Analytics Associate Metrics
  • Analytics Specialist Database Administrator
  • Retail Sales Analyst
  • Big Data Analyst
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Business Analyst Specialist

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