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Helpline no. 0129-4259000


Renowned Biotechnology Companies in Placement Drives

Profile of some renowned Biotechnology Companies that came to the campus in recent past for Placements are as follows:

Agilent: It is a leader in life sciences, diagnostics and applied chemical markets. The company provides laboratories worldwide with instruments, services, consumables, applications and expertise, enabling customers to gain the insights they seek. Agilent was created when it spun off from Hewlett-Packard Company in 1999. Since then the company has won hundreds of awards for innovations and has earned even more patents for its inventions. Agilent focuses its expertise on six key markets such as food, environmental and forensics, pharmaceutical, diagnostics,chemical and energy and research.

Most life sciences and diagnostics research is done at universities and institutes, with funding from governments around the world. Agilent is helping these researchers learn more about cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, autism and other ailments.

Covidien/ Medtronic.: It is a global health care products company and manufacturer of medical devices and supplies. As of now it is taken over by Medtronic. It is a leading company that provides surgical solutions – from advanced surgical technologies to general surgical products, like Stapling, Mesh, Sutures etc. It also specializes in vascular therapies, arterial, venous to neurovascular solutions like Dialysis, Chronic Venous Insufficiency, Peripheral Stents etc. and respiratory & monitoring solutions like ventilation and airway management to patient monitoring and homecare.

Trauson India- A Stryker Group Company: It is a China based concern of Stryker, a orthopedic instrumentation company, which itself is the global leader in the medical technology industry

Nestle India Limited: NESTLÉ India is a subsidiary of NESTLÉ S.A. of Switzerland. It spread across India with eight factories and a large no. of co-packers. It is the India’s ‘Most Respected Companies’ and amongst the ‘Top Wealth Creators of India’, dealing in milk products and nutrition, beverages, chocolates and confectionery, and vending and food Services.

Raj Nakra Associates (RNA): It is a boutique marketing and consulting company serving primarily International organizations in Nutraceuticals, Cosmeceuticals, Pharmaceuticals and Medical devices It also offers Consulting Services to international companies and for Cross border alliances, merger & acquisitions, PE Funding and assisting international companies in entry into India.

PiVerse India Pvt. Ltd.: It works in IP Analytics And Commercialization, dealing with the issues that involve a combination of legal, technological, commercial, and financial elements. It encompasses patent filing and analysis, searching and corresponding assessments, provides services including patentability, clearance/FTO, and validity searches. It offers substantive technical support to operate as a technical resource for law firms and IP owners in any context relating to IP, such as with regard to drafting and prosecuting patent applications, IP licensing, IP events relating to funding and commercialization, and IP enforcement/litigation.

J. Mitra & Co. Pvt. Ltd.: It is mainly involved in the business of preserving Human life of critically unwell people and manufactures Diagnostic Kits for HIV, Dengue, Malaria, Chikungunya etc.

Crest Biotechnology Pvt. Ltd.: It is a well equipped laboratory for Fermentation, Distillation Microbiology, Biochemistry, Testing & Analytical work with Bench and Pilot Plant Facilities. It deals in Microbial stock culture collection and propagation facilities, installing protein separation and Recombinant DNA facilities, engineering development and design facilities with Auto CAD and Computer Software and fabrications and manufacturing of equipments.


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