Helpline no. 0129-4259000

Helpline no. 0129-4259000


Microbiology Lab

The Microbiology Laboratory is one of the many labs at Department of Biotechnology, FET, MRIIRS. The laboratory caters to the students of undergraduate and postgraduate students of the department. The experiments carried out in the laboratory involves isolation and identification of industrially important microorganisms, effect of various parameters on the growth curve of bacteria and yeast, application of replica plate and gradient plate technique on isolation of antibiotic resistant mutants, etc. The students are also taught how to determine microbiological quality of processed milk, dehydrated food and spoiled food. The lab also functions as fermentation lab teaching students about batch fermentation in shake flasks, alcohol production from fruits, enzyme immobilization techniques, etc.


The instruments available in the Microbiology Laboratory are Autoclave (Vertical),  Laminar Air Flow, Cell disruptor, Lyophilizer, Analytical Weighing Balance, BOD incubator, BOD shaker cum incubator, Microscopes, Polarimeter, Refractometer, Ultrafiltration Cell Unit.

Some of the ongoing projects are:

  1. Production and Purification of thermostable xylanase
  2. Zinc solubilizing bacteria as inoculants for fodder crops
  3. Isolation and screening of arsenic resistant bacteria from soil collected at industrial sites
  4. Isolation and Purification of bacteriocin from different sources


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