Helpline no. 0129-4259000

Helpline no. 0129-4259000


Bioinformatics Lab

The Bioinformatics Lab is one of the advance lab in Department of Biotechnology, FET, MRIIRS. The laboratory caters to the students of undergraduate, postgraduate, Ph.Ds and students of Dissertations and projects running in the department. Students can perform experiments of genomics as well as proteomics starting from sequence alignment to protein structure visualization.   


The lab is equipped with eighteen computers with high speed internet facilities along with UPS and projector. The experiments carried out in the laboratory involves Bioinformatics software which is provided by various open source server such as NCBI, Expasy, EMBL/EBI. These servers in turn equipped with many tools utilized in genomics and proteomics experiments. Students can also use BRAFF software provided by CDAC Pune. 

Some of the ongoing Ph.D and projects titles are:

  1. Design and Development of Protein Interactions Tool for Data Management in Systems Biology (Ph.D)
  2. Computational method to control Papaya leaf curl virus transmission (B.Tech project).
  3. ALU polymorphism in India. (B.Tech project).
  4. In Silico designing of cancer peptide vaccine for binding MHC class 1 & 2 : A molecular docking study (M.Sc Dissertation).


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