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Financial Grant Received

Manav Rachna International University
Financial Grant Received 
S.No.FacultyDept.Title of ProjectSponsoring AgencyPRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOROTHERSLetter Sanction No.Financial OutlayProjects undertaken under MRIU banner or not (Y/N)Month and Year of StartDate of Finish,  if not give present statusYear
1FETBTEstablishment of quality seed (spawn) production unit for diversification of mushroom cultivation in district Faridabad’DST, Faridabad (Under District Innovation Fund)Dr. Sarita SachdevaDr. Abhilasha Shourie Rs. 4.92YJan, 2014underway2014
2FETBTStandardization of Growth Conditions and Commercialization of Exotic Edible Mushroom (Pleurotus varieties)   Perfect Food Industries, FaridabadDr. Sarita SachdevaDr. Nidhi Didwania Rs 5 Lakhs Y20th Jan 2010Ongoing2010
3FETBTTreatment of Industrial Effluent by novel Techniques in  BiotechnologyIndustry Sponsored, L R Food Pvt.LtdDr. Sarita SachdevaDr Anupama GargCheque No:098525 dated 20.01.2010 drawn at PNB Bank , Sec !5 , FaridabadRs 5 Lakhs Y2010ongoing2010
4FETBTInnovative Process For Flavanoid Extraction From BiomaterialsPsychotropics India Ltd., Sector-11, FaridabadDr. Abhilasha Shourie Dr. Sarita Sachdeva Rs. 26,60,000Y2013Ongoing 
5FETBTLarge scaie production of secondary metabolites in economically valuable medicinal plantsPsychotropics India Ltd., Sector-11, FaridabadDr. Sarita SachdevaDr. Abhilasha Shourie  Rs. 5,70,000/-Y2009Completed2013
6FETBTTesting of Medicinal plant samples for estimation of Flavanoids and AminoacidsP. N. Pandita, Formerly, Scientist RRL (CSIR), Consultant- Herbal Resources, Culture & Breeding, Faridabad.Dr. Abhilasha Shourie  Rs. 3000/-Y2011Completed2011
7FETBTIsolation and characterization of pathogenic microorganisms from non-alcoholic beveragesSynergy Associates Limited Dr. Pratibha PrasharMs Deepika Narula Rs. 50000/-Y2010Completed2010
8CITMBTEffect of Cadmium and Chromium on metabolism of Freshwater fish Channa punctatusMs ShwetaDr. Sarita Sachdeva  Rs. 10,000/-YJuly, 2007Completed39326
9CITMBTPractical training of students of Aravali Institute of Aeronautical Engineering, Science & TechnologyAravali Institute of Aeronautical Engineering, Science & Technology, FaridabadDr. Sarita Sachdeva  Rs. 81,,000/-Y2007CompletedJanuary, 2007
10CITMBTM.Sc project of Biotech students of Choudary Devi Lal University, SirsaChoudhary Devi Lal University, SirsaDr. Sarita Sachdeva  Rs. 10,000/-YJuly, 2007CompletedJuly, 2007
11CITMBTConduct of experiments in the labs. for 4th Semester Bio-technology students of C.R. State College of Engg. MurthalC.R. State College of Engg. MurthalDr. Sarita Sachdeva  Rs. 44,000/-YApril-2006Completed38808
12CITMBTWater quality monitoring and Biotechnology potential of heavy metal contamination managementCh. Devi Lal University, SirsaDr. Sarita Sachdeva  Rs. 10,000/-YFeb. 2007Completed2007
13CITMBTConduct of experiments in the labs. for 3rd Semester Bio-technology students of C.R. State College of Engg. MurthalC.R. State College of Engg. MurthalDr. Sarita Sachdeva  Rs.24,000/-YOct, 2005CompletedOct, 2005
14CITMBTRaising of Saplings of seasonal  crops  under private consultancyMr. Ravi Shankar, GAeMAC, DelhiDr. Sarita Sachdeva  Approached but not initializedApril-2006 
15CITMBTUse of Microbiology Lab. For project work of Mr. Ayush SaxenaM/s. Mantra Ayurveda LimitedDr. Sarita Sachdeva  Approached but not initialized2005 
16FETBTAssessmeny of Biosorption Capacity of Azolla microphylla for removal of heavy metals freom Waste waterMRIUDr. Sarita Sachdeva  Rs. 30.000 YAug-12Completed2012
17FETBTIsolation and characterization of PGPR and biocontrol potential against fungal pathogens of vegetable crop cultivated in Faridabad zone.MRIUDr. Pratibha Prashar  Rs. 20.000 YAug-12Completed2012
18FETBTRole of cadaverine in Brassica juncea cultured  tissue under multiple stressMRIUDr. Pushpa C.Tomar  Rs. 20.000 YAug-12Completed2012
19FETBTEnhancement of secondary metabolites production in tissue cultures of medicinal plantsMRIUDr. Abhilasha Shourie  Rs. 20,000YAug-12Completed2012
20FETBTLaccase production from food wasteMRIUDr. Kuntal Kalra  Rs. 20,000YAug-12Completed2012
22FETBTAlcohol production from fruit and vegetable wasteMRIUDr. Shilpa S. Chapadgaonkar  Rs. 20,000YAug-12Completed2012


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