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1 An analysis of smart materials for auto parts manufacturing for reduced weight and cost of automobile Devendra Vashist, M Akhilesh, Abhijith Hari Kumar & Raj Dangwal International Journal of Advanced Production and Industrial Engineering September 2021  2455 – 8419 Others 0.71
2 RSM modelling and Investigation of Hybrid Metal Matrix Composite during EDM operation Gurpreet Singh Matharou, Basanta Kumar Bhuyan Wesleyan Journal of Research December 2020 0975-1386 UGC 6.7
3  Two Wheeler Turbocharger: A Review Gurpreet Singh Matharou, Nitin Waghmare International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews  May 2020 2348-1269 UGC 5.75
4 Influence of Processing Parameters on Material Removal Rate, Tool Wear Rate, and Surface Roughness in Electro Discharge Machining Gurpreet Singh Matharou, Ranvijay Singh ELK Asia Pacific Journal of Manufacturing Industrial and Production December 2019  2394-0425 others 1.9
5 A Vehicle Emission Tax Model: To Promote Adoption Of Zero Emission Vehicles For Indian Context Manu Bindra, Devendra Vashist Journal of Automobile Engineering and Applications October 2019 2455-3360  Other 1.57
6 A Review on the Mechanical Properties and Environmental Impact of Hollow Glass Microsphere Epoxy Composites Sunny Bhatia, Moin Khan, Himanshu Sengar, Vivek Bhatia Institute of Integrative Omics and Applied Biotechnology  October 2018 0976-3104 Web of Science 0.152
7 Technical Challenges for Using E-Rickshaw as a Mode of Transport on Indian Roads Devendra Vashist Journal of Automobile Engineering and Applications August  2018  2455-3360 Other NA
8 Eco Friendly Go Cart Hybrid Vehicle Using Solar Power Inderjeet Singh, Muhammad Tanzeel, Piyush Virmani,Nitin Waghmare Recent Trends in Automation and Automobile Engineering June 2018 2582-3159 other NA
9 Evaluation of Methanol Gasoline Fuel Blends on Performance of Single Cylinder SI Engine : A Mathematical Model Naveen Kumar, Devendra Vashist International Journal of Engineering Technology Science and Research January 2018 2394-3386 other 0.145
10 A Comparative Study and Analysis of Emission Norms Adopted by Developed and Developing Nations Pankaj Sharma, Mohit Yadav, Deepak  Yadav, Devendra  Vashist International Journal of Engineering Technology Science and Research January 2018 2394-3386 other 0.145
11 Review on Fabrication and Application of Biodegradable Materials Manmeet Singh , Nitin Waghmare International Journal for Science and Advance Research In Technology April 2018 2395-1052 other 4.284
12 Design And Development of A Jig With Multiple Drilling Ashwani, Nitin Waghmare International Journal for Science and Advance Research In Technology March 2018 2395-1052 other 4.284
13 Comparative Study of SAE 1141 Carbon Steel, T651-7075 Aluminum Alloy & 4340 Billet Steel Material for Connecting Rod using ANSYS 16 Gurpreet Singh Matharou, Sunny Bhatia, Mohd. Tanzeel, Piyush Virmani & Sangram Biswas International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering Research and Development February 2018 2249-8001 Scopus 9.6246
14 MAGNETIC DISC TYPE FEEDER Charanjeev Mehndiratta, Himank Ambashta1, Lakshay Sachdeva1 and Nitin Waghmare International Journal of Advanced Research (IJAR) November 2017 2320-5407 other 4.5888
15 Design of Braking System for Go-kart Himank Ambashta, Charanjeev Mehndiratta, Nitin Waghmare International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Engineering Research (IJETER) November 2017 2454-6410 other 4.225
16 A Review of active and passive automotive safety systems  Mr. Devendra Vashist, Mr. Naveen Kumar International journal of engineering sciences and management research June 2017 2349-6193 other 4.308
17 Design and Analysis of Impact Attenuator for Formula SAE Race car And Passenger Vehicle Gurpreet Singh Matharou Prateek Bist Awaishuddhin Sandeep kohli International Journal of Engineering Technology Science and Research December 2017 2394-3386 others 2.12
18 Techno Economic Analysis of Hybrid Solar PV and Biomass System for Rural Electrification Devendra Vashist International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology June 2016 2195-0072

UGC Care SJIF 4.45
19 RECENT TREND IN INDIAN TAXATION SYSTEM- “An overview of GST in rapid growth of Indian economy” Simran Kaur , Gurpreet Singh Matharou, Pramod Gupta International Journal of Modern Trends in Engineering & Research February 2016 2349-9745 others 5.278
20 An analysis and review on solar-biomass hybrid system Devendra Vashist Journal of advances in science and technology November 2015 2230-9659 UGC Care NA
21 A NOVEL APPROACH OF QUALITY CHAIN MGMT Pooja Sharma, Nitin kumar waghmare International Journal of Technical Research and Applications May 2015 2320-8163 other 4.79
22 A Study of Supply Chain Management Performs in Indian MRO Paper Mill Problem Pooja Sharma, Mr. Nitin Kumar Waghmare International Journal of Engineering and Technical Research May 2015 2321-0869 other 4.89
23 Logistics Optimization by using Rectilinear distance Amit Kumar, Gurpreet Singh Matharou International Journal of Innovative Science, Engineering and Technology May 2014 2348 – 7968 other 2.1
24 Lean Manufacturing Tool and Techniques in Process Industry Gurpreet Singh Matharou, Simran Kaur International Journal of Scientific Research and Reviews  March 2013 2279-0543 UGC Care 1.536


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