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National Conference – Department Of Automobile Engineering

S. No. Title of Paper Name of Author(s) Name of Conference Venue of Conference Proceeding Detail- Page Number, year of publication Year of Publication
1 Effect of parametric uncertainties on vibration behaviour of flexible structures for active vibration control with varying gains using ‘ansys’ Sunny Bhatia,  Sushma Rani,   Surjit Angra National Conference
on Recent Advances in
Mechanical Engineering
NIT Kurukshetra 69-73, 2017 2017
2 DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT OF TOTAL ROTATING VEHICLE Aditya Baghel,Jalaj Bhaskar,Vipin Tanwar, Nitin Waghmare National Conference on Emanations of Sustainable Technologies in Sciences,Engineering, Management and Education Manav Rachna University, Faridabad, (ESTESME 2017), April 01, 2017 NA 2017
3 Desiccant Wheel Technology for Solar Powered Air- Conditioning Sunny Bhatia, Paramjeet Singh, Piyush Mahendru & Harpinder Singh National Conference on ‘Emanations of Sustainable Technologies in Engineering, Science, Management and Education’ MRU Faridabad Page 24, 2017 2017
4 Effect of boron carbide addition on mechanical properties and wear of different matrix materials- a review Sunny Bhatia, Abhishek Gahlot, Moin Khan & Prajwal Arora Page 37, 2017 2017
5 Fuzzy Hybrid Multi-Attribute Decision-Making (HMADM) approach for selection of advanced manufacturing process Ram Pravesh, Mohit Yadav, Vedant Kochhar & Vikas Saini Page 39, 2017 2017
6 Electric Discharge Machining- Current advanced recent developments Gurpreet Matharou, Anurag Chauhan, Vaibhav Singh Yadav & Harpinder Singh Page 27, 2017 2017
7 Technical Challenges in shifting from BS IV to BS-VI Automotive Emissions Norms by 2020: A Review Pankaj Sharma, Mohit Yadav, Deepak Yadav, Dr. Devendra Vashist Page 27, 2017 2017
8 Use of mathematical model for optimum performance in SI Engine using methanol gasoline blends. Naveen Kumar& Dr. Devendra Vashist Page 26, 2017 2017
9 Selection of robot using Fuzzy MADM Ram Pravesh National Conference on Recent Trends in Mechanical Engineering (NCRTME-2015) Rawal Institution, Faridabad Page 129-133, 2015 2015
10 Design of Injection Mould for Connecting Link Pankaj Shakkarwaland Nitin Waghmare National Conference on Paradigms in Mechanical Engineering (PME-2014) on 20th December 2014 Paradigms in Mechanical Engineering (PME-2014) on 20th December 2014 222-226,2014 2014
11 Selection of Robot using Graph Theory approach Ram Pravesh National Conference Futuristic Trends & Mechanical Engineering (NCFTME 2013) Rawal Institution, Faridabad Page 52-54, 2013 2013
12 A review of advanced technologies used in Automobiles Devendra Vashist and Paramjeet Singh National Conference on advancement in Mechanical Engineering Al-Falah School of Engineering and Technology Page No 330-338, 2013 2013
13 Fault Diagnosis of Bearing using Acoustic and Vibrational Signal Sunny Bhatia & Sushma Rani National Conference On Alternate Fuels and Controls for Automobile  NCAFCA-2013 Manav Rachna International University Page No. 47-52, 2013 2013
14 Micro Algae Biodiesel: A Review as a renewable source for India Devendra Vashist & Jitendra Dhaiya National Conference On Alternate Fuels and Controls for Automobile  NCAFCA-2013 Manav Rachna International University Page No. 96-112, 2013 2013
15 Design of light weight solar operated vehicle Devendra Vashist Mohit Bansal & Lalit Kumar National Conference on Advances in solar energy and material research (ASEMR) MRIU Faridabad NA 2012
16 Green Technology: A priority for future Sunny Bhatia NCETEIT-2012 Applied Institute of Management and Technology, Palwal. NA 2012
17 Energy Ratios estimation for life cycle of neem bio-diesel S.C Narula National Seminar on “Sustainable development UTHAN-2012 BMCTM, Gurgaon NA 2012
18 Potentials and limitations of alternative fuels for diesel engine Devendra Vashist,  Sunny Bhatia National Conference on Recent Trends in Engineering & Mathematical Sciences-2011 NCRTEMS-2011 ACME Palwal NA 2011
19 Pedestrian safety through vehicle design Devendra Vashist & Manish Sharma National conference on Trends and advances in mechanical engineering (TAME-11) Shriram college of engineering Palwal NA 2011
20 MADM Techniques and its Applications Ram Pravesh National Conference on Recent Developments in Mechanical engineering (NCRDME 2010) . on 29th and 30th Oct. 2010 at LIET, Alwar (Rajasthan) NA 2010
21 Design And Development Of Biodiesel Production Equipment For Utilization At The Rural Level Devendra Vashist National Conference on “Recent Developments in Mechanical Engineering Lakshmi Devi Institute of Engineering and Technology Alwar Rajasthan Page no 10-14, 2010 2010
22 Analysis of some economic issues related to biodiesel production and utilization Devendra Vashist National Conference on Trends in Mechanical Engineering (TIME -2008) Chandigarh Engineering College Landran Mohali Page 30-37, 2008 2008
23 A preliminary assessment of the availability of feedstock and technology available for producing biodiesel from different oils Devendra Vashist Application of Mechanical Engineering for 21st century Apeejay College of Engineering Sohna Gurgoan Haryana 2008 2008
24 Biodiesel obtained from micro-Algae as a Renewable Source for Liquid Fuel Devendra Vashist National Conference on “Mechanism Science and Technology: from Theory to Application National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur Page no 424-437, 2008 2008
25 Non Edible Biodiesel Source To Be Used For Rural Electrification In India Devendra Vashist National Conference on Recent Developments in Mechanical Engineering Thapar University, Patiala Punjab Page no 345-366, 2008 2008



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