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Helpline no. 0129-4259000



Nidhi Kukreja (Alumni)

My journey with Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies (formerly MRIU) started six years back, when I joined here as an engineering student in 2009. Apart from the regular academic curriculum, the four years of my college life were full of experimental learning and acquisition of new skills. Be it sports, cultural activities or technical projects, I enjoyed engaging myself with all such diversified events. The zeal and enthusiasm for occupying myself with these many endeavours came from the fact my teachers and seniors were always very supportive and ready to put their step forward to let all students cope with academics and extracurricular activities parallely. Post completing my graduation, I joined the department of students welfare in our college with Prof. I.K. Kilam as Dean Students Welfare. During this tenure we worked as a team with a bunch of really talented and fabulous students to organize different genres of activities and events for students, providing them a platform for nurturing their hidden abilities and pursue their hobbies. Some of our events were huge success and eventually we managed to create a positive atmosphere in the university. After an year of working with the department of Students Welfare , I moved to another job to chase my future dreams, but I feel proud to still be associated with this institution as an alumna.

Rajat Saxena (Alumni)

It has been an amazing experience to be associated with DSW for the past 4 years. It is refreshing to be able to get away from academics for a while and doing activities that interested me. DSW has given me an opportunity to witness the inception of MRIIRS MUN way back in 2012. From a participant in 2012, I went on to become Secretary General at MRIIRS MUN 2014. The legacy continues and it gives me great joy. I would like to reserve special praise for Prof. I. K. Kilam. I have been interacting with him since the time he used to sit in Language Lab and I was a timid youngster. He has been rock solid with his support each and every time. The best thing is that he is very approachable and does not mind communicating over telephone or email if it is not possible to meet. He is encouraging, motivating and a great advisor. I look up to him in the way he interacts with students, gives them ideas and nurtures them. His focus has always been on development of students, and what they would learn from events in DSW. I could not have grown so much as an individual had I not known about DSW. The opportunities provided here are like no other in the campus. It has been an honour to be a part of DSW.

Vinay Tolambia (Alumni)
Department of Students’ Welfare (DSW) which moulds the students into truly well educated citizens of India by acting for them as a pure source of their personality grooming and giving a suitable direction not only to their curricular education but also to their bunch of extra and multiple talents. I have experienced this as a student of MRIIRS and an immortal part of DSW where I got a right platform to enhance my skills and groom my personality and also to earn my name and make my positive and reputed image at a global level. The best part is that I’d got the best mentors and friends who are always ready to help me and guide me in case at anytime. I am deeply thankful to my lifetime guide Prof. I K Killam (Dean DSW), Ms. Nidhi Kukreja, Ms. Ayushi Singh Chaudhary, Mr. Praveen Rai, my friends Yogesh Kumar and Nakshatra (student coordinators DSW) and all the faculties and members of MREI who have gone out of the way to help me and to guide me. I assure that being a part of DSW is a matter of pride for all of us and now being alumni, I would like to get associated with DSW in future to guide my junior students and would take a pride to contribute in their personality and talent grooming.

Sonali Singh (Alumni)
It has been a great experience to be a part of various activities held in MRIIRS. It has helped me in all the ways a person needs to develop and polish his/her personality and skills. Being a part of Manav Rachna Literary Forum, I have got the opportunity to share my views, interact with different people and learn something new from every activity. Every event that I have participated in has helped me discover, learn, improve and develop. I would really suggest the students to be a part of any of the Manav Rachna Societies and get the experience to flourish and come out with flying colors and great confidence.

Akansha Singh
As I was a fresher so was very nervous in getting into the events and working under Team DSW. But with the help of my seniors and students coordinator Ms. Nidhi Kukreja I got into the events and seriously it was a very great experience for me. The platform they provide helps you to understand what you are best at and makes one develop the leadership qualities in self, helps you in your future life and during your interviews. And my sincere thanks to all who supported me, encouraged me and helped to raise my confidence level to work under Team DSW.

Ranjeet Singh (Alumni)
Describing the journey of these 3 years in Manav Rachna is a bit tough.
But being a part of Team DSW and contributing in it I have learnt a lot of things which has not only enhanced my skills but gave me access to such great leaders who always guided me to do something that makes a difference. I am a member of Manav Rachna Dance Troop in which I have coordinated and participated in many events which gave an opportunity to meet and interact with students of different faculties. Being with Team DSW I have grown better in organizing events and crowd management skills.

Adith Joseph
Dance is the art of movement of body, usually rhythmically. Everyone has heartbeat inside them. It’s a kind of rhythm….. Boom Boom…!!   So without beating around the bushes I can say Dance can be one’s heartbeat. All the hardship, frustration and all other negative feelings can be moved out from the body through dance. After all, we do say “Ek break toh banta hai” . The sole reason for me joining the Manav Rachna Dance Troop is the above mentioned fact and I can proudly say that I can feel the change in me. This troop is not only a very good exercise but also a redemption. As part of this society, from being a participant of dance competition to organizing a dance event was just awesome. I think everyone is born from a BOOMBOX and everyone has dance inside them. You just have to find it and to do so Manav Rachna Dance Troop is always ready to help.

Anjali Mehta
Words are not sufficient to describe my experience of being a part of various events in MRIIRS & a member of Manav Rachna Dance Troop. I have participated and coordinated in many events of MRIIRS and it has given me ample chances to improve my confidence and dancing skills. I have learnt a lot of things after joining this dance club. Dance club is the Best way for students to exhibit and improve their talent. I would like everyone to join it. Being a member of any club gives you the OPPORTUNITY to meet and interact with other people with similar interest.

Rajarshi Mukherjee
Its hard to describe in words what I have gained from DSW or my experiences with the same. Its like an amazing dream that I wished to live. Though I am pursuing engineering, I am in Manav Rachna Audio-Visual Cluster. Photographing and volunteering in events, I think I have learnt a lot, starting from team work; it has given me a huge confidence. It has taught me public speaking skills, management skills, professionalism and most importantly it made me believe on myself. I encourage freshers to join such societies and play around with their skills as they make you an absolute professional in this professional world. Cheers!

Sameeya Zargar
Being a part of DSW has by far been the best part of my college life. The amazing experiences of participating and organizing various wonderful events, working with great minds in a team and the most important of all, getting the most apt exposure. At DSW it has always been about ‘how’ rather than why: People working hard without asking anything in return. In all my endeavors, there wasn’t an event without hurdles but each time we would come out of them learning the most unexpected things.
People work with passion here, and that’s what is required for any kind of success. And I say with utmost pride, that I have worked, and will be working with all the great minds at DSW! Cheers to the team!

Shivam Puri (Alumni)
My experience with the DSW office has been amazingly fun. What started of as just a stress buster from the academics turned out to become a routine. Each event that I have organized or participated in has been a new learning experience, be it robotics, be it arts, be it extempore, be it theatre. With every event there has been a lesson learnt and new friends made. The main (and the favorite) aspect about the working of this department is how the students from different faculties are brought together to work as a team. It is a great platform to boost up your confidence and showcase your talents both academic as well as cultural.

Department of Students Welfare, Manav Rachna is the place where we learn skills apart from the academics. I have learnt how to lead, how to work in group, how to organize an event, how to talk to people etc. It has basically boosted my confidence. I have learnt many valuable lessons of teamwork & management.  I being a student of Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication, love to write and talk. Manav Rachna Literary Forum is the best platform for young writers in MRIIRS to exhibit their talents.


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