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Helpline no. 0129-4259000


Medals & Awards

  • Awards-President-Medal-2018-Nilanjan-Bidhuri
  • Awards-President-Medal-2018-Ms.-Yashika-Hasija
  • Awards-President-Medal-2018-Ms.-Priyanka-Tewatia
  • Awards-President-Medal-2018-Ms.-Nishu-Goel
  • Awards-President-Medal-2018-Mr.-Divesh-Popli
  • Awards-President-Medal-2018-Divyanshu-Goyal
  • Awards-President-Medal-2018-Akanksha-Ahuja
  • Awards-President-Medal-2019-Mr.-Ayush-Sharma
  • Awards-President-Medal-2019-Ms.-Varnita-Jain
  • Awards-President-Medal-2019-Ms.-Anjali-Dagar
  • Awards-President-Medal-2019-Ms.-Himani-Rawat
  • Awards-President-Medal-2019-Mr.-Karan-Sehgal
  • Awards-President-Medal-2019Mr.-Chaitanya-Singh-Rana
  • Awards-President-Medal-2019-Mr.-Daksh-Sharma

MRU aims to make a difference in the accomplishments and success of its students. Through Awards &Medals to deserving students, Manav Rachna provides an opportunity to be the catalyst that sets its students on an upward path. By motivating, rewarding, and honoring them, we encourage students to set high goals and meet the challenges with stretched limits. Teach them the value of persistence. And perhaps, inspire a lifelong passion for learning.      


i) President Medal: This medal will honor a student who has evidenced significant achievement at the International level in the following areas:

  • Research
  • Sports
  • Creative arts
  • Community involvement
  • Professional

ii) Vice President Medal: This medal will honor a student who has evidenced significant achievement at the National level in the following areas:

  • Research
  • Sports
  • Creative Arts
  • Community involvement
  • Professional

iii) Patron Medal: Awarded to a female student who best exemplifies the attributes of engaged leadership; inexhaustible optimistic attitude about challenges and opportunities, integrity, courage, and honesty.

iv) Vice Chancellor Medal: This medal will honor a student who has successfully passed out and has the best academic record (highest CGPA) in the University examinations across all UG Programmes offered by the University.

v) Academic Proficiency Medal: Awarded to highest scorer student who has successfully completed the program. This is applicable to each program.

vi) Student Leadership Medal(s): Awarded to student(s) who has/ have evidenced ability to motivate other students and has/have successfully led terms for specific organizational goals.

vii) Outstanding Achievers Awards in the Area of:

  • Research
  • Sports
  • Creative Arts
  • Community Involvement 
  • Best Internship/ Placement.

viii) Law Student of the Year Medal – Freedom Fighter Shri Ratan Lal Lahoti Gold Medal shall be awarded to a Law Student of the year, for his/her overall academic performance and excellence in during the 5 years at Law Faculty.



MRU has constituted the different Medals & Awards to be bestowed to the eligible candidates during the convocation ceremony every year. The standard operating procedure followed by the university to select the deserving candidate is:

  1. From the deputy registrar (Academic) office, mail containing details of all the medals and awards is sent to all the eligible candidates only along with the nomination form link 8 weeks before the day of convocation. (Annex. 1 &2)
  2. Candidate can self-nominate for category I, ii, iii, vi &vii only, and for categories iv & v nomination is solely based on academic performance.
  3. Candidates are asked to nominate themselves within 4 weeks’ time for a medal/award.
  4. Candidate may apply for one or more categories of medals/awards.
  5. The candidate is asked to upload all the supporting documents/ proofs of his or her achievement either by directly uploading on the online link shared with them or by sharing the same through mail with their respective Head. Any nomination received without supporting documents is not accepted.
  6. A committee comprising of all Deans, Directors, Proctors & Registrar under the chairmanship of the Pro-Vice Chancellor screens the nominations under each category
  7. In case, the committee doesn’t find a suitable candidate for any specific category, that medal or award is not recommended for that specific year.
  8. Pro Vice-Chancellor submits the list of nominees for university medals and awards to the Vice Chancellor & Chancellor of the university for their approval.
  9. A list of approved awardees is received by the ViceChancellor’s office at least 3 weeks before the convocation.
  10. Students are notified of their award/medal in advance and are invited along with their parents to attend the convocation ceremony.
  11. The Registrar of the university arranges for the Medal/ citation and certificates for the awardees.


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