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Research Publications FMeH


  1.  Gera R, Mittal, S and Batra, D.K.,(2017) “Evaluating the effects of Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Service Value on Behavioral Intentions with Life Insurance customers in India”, International Journal of Service Science, Management, Engineering, and Technology (IJSSMET), Volume 8, Issue 3 (accepted for publication)
  2. Singhvi, S, Gera R, (2017), “Candy Confectioneries Pvt Limited (CCL)”, Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies, Vol 7, Issue 1 (accepted for publication)
  3. Five Abstracts accepted for International Conference on Family Business and Entrepreneurship 2017 in Bali (President University Indonesia and Department of Management and Commerce, Manav Rachna University)
  4.  Srivastava, P and Agrawal, B “Innovative strategies for the development of Rural India through Village Cottage and Agribusiness enterprises (VCAe)” , Global Business and Economic Review , Special Issue on Business Model By Inder science Journal (Scopus Index , SSCI Journal ), (accepted for publication)


  1. Prasad, Birendra; Rai, Anand Kumar “Current Developments in Money and Debt Markets in India” published in International Journal of Management Dynamics (ISSN: 2277-9965), Volume 4, No. 1 (Jan- July, 2016)  (It is a Bi-annual International Refereed Journal, July 2016)


  1. Singh, L. Bindu, Agrawal (2015). “Study of Student’ s Attitude towards Skills Development from the Professional Courses at Faridabad, Haryana”, Gurukul Business Review, March 2015. (National, March 2015)
  2. Vancheswar, V, Batra, D.K., and Gera R (2015) “Corporate reputation: A study of practitioners in the Indian context,” Corporate Reputation Review, Vol. 18 (4), pp: 261-276 (Palgrave Macmillan publication).-(International)
  3. Mittal, S.,Gera, R. and Batra, D.K.,(2015), “Evaluating the validity of Student Evaluation of Teaching Effectiveness (SET) in India,” Education + Training, Vol. 57 (6), pp: 623-638 (Emerald publication).-(International)
  4. Mittal, S., Gera, R and Batra, D.K., (2015) “An evaluation of an integrated perspective of perceived service quality for retail banking services in India,” International Journal of Bank marketing, Vol. 33 (3), pp: 330-350 (Emerald publication)-(International)

Conference Presentation


  1. Bindu Agrawal. Presented a Research Paper at National Seminar at DVA Centenary College ,Faridabad,  on “Agriculture in the Age of Globalization on 27th Feb 2016. The title of paper was” Case Analysis of Successful Agribusiness in India for Sustainable Rural Development”.(National conference, February 2016)
  2. Bindu Agrawal. Presented a research paper at National Conference on, “Entrepreneurship Global Economy and Sustainable  Development for Developing Nations” on 16th Jan 2016, at DAV College , Ajmer, Rajasthan. (National conference, January 2016))
  3. Gera, R and  Taneja, R  (2016), “Modelling the consumer consequences of Website Quality of e- travel  sites in India,:  International   Conference on Innovative Brand Building through Digital Marketing on 30th – 31st January,  (International conference ,January 2016)


  1. Sachdeva, S.; (2014) “Consumer Perception Regarding Eco-Friendly Fast Moving Consumer Goods in India” in International Journal of Engineering, Business and Enterprise Applications (ISSN: Print: 2279-0020; Online: 2279-0039) Issue 9, volume 1, pp.40-43.
  2. Sachdeva, S.; (2014) “Environmental friendly products: Role of Eco Awareness on Purchase Behaviour of Indian Consumers” in Zenith International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research (ISSN: 2231-5780) Volume 4, Issue 4.
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  6. Srivastava, P, Pandey, M.; (2014)“Social Innovation through Social Media: Changing Trends and Emerging Challenges” in International Conference on Social Media organized by IIM- Raipur.


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