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Publications Year 2013-Department Of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

  • Leena G., Bharathi Thakur,Vinod Kumar, Aasha Chauhan, ‘Fuzzy controller based current harmonic suppression using shunt active filter’, International Journal of Electrical Engineering and Technology(IJEET), vol.4,1,Jan-Feb 2013.
  • Anita Khosla, Leena G., M.K. Soni, ‘Introduction to design of fuzzy controller’, Excel International Journal of Multi disciplinary Management Studies, vol.3(4), April 2013, pp.236-253.
  • Manju Mam, N S Saxena, Leena G, ‘GIS in Power Distribution Network Reconfiguration Review, International Conference on Information Computing and Telecommunication (ICICT) 20th January 2013 Chennai, pp. 49-52.
  • Dipali Bansal, Computer Based model to filter real time acquired Human Carotid Pulse, ‘Signal Processing an International Journal’, SPIJ vol.7 issue 1: 2013.
  • Richa Adhlakha, P.R Sharma, ‘Space vector modulation for two level and three level VSI    and   comparison with wavelet modulation’, International Conference on Electrical, Electronics and Data Communication, (ICEEDC ) IT Research,  24 Feb 2013
  • Anita Khosla, Leena G., M. K. Soni “Performance Evaluation of various control techniques for Inverted Pendulum” International Journal of Engg. Research and Applications (IJERA) , Vol 3, Issue 4, pp 1096-1102, July – Aug, 2013
  • Anita Khosla, Leena G., M. K. Soni “Comparison of ABC and Ant Colony algorithm based fuzzy controller for an Inverted Pendulum” International Journal of Innovative Technology & Exploring Engg.(IJITEE) , Vol 3, Issue-3, PP 133-139, Aug 2013
  • Anita Khosla, Leena G., M. K. Soni “ABC based fuzzy controller for an inverted pendulum” European Journal of Scientific Research, Vol 110, No.4, PP-493-500. August 2013.
  • Sudesh Pahal, Brahmjit Singh, Ashok Arora “QoS and Velocity based Vertical Handover Decision Algorithm using Fuzzy Logic for Mobile Wireless Networks”, International Congress On “Innovative Trends in Information Technologies and Computing Sciences for Competitive World Order” (ITITCSCWO – 2013), 2-3rd March,2013, JNU, New Delhi.
  • Rajiv Dahiya, A.K. Arora, and V.R. Singh “R.F. energy harvesting for hybrid applications”, “International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering (IJITEE)”, Volume – 2(Issue-5) April 2013
  • Pradeep Kumar, P R Sharma and Ashok Kumar, “Simulation & Design of Power Factor Correction Prototype For BLDC Motor Control” in European Scientific Journal in April 2013 edition Vol.9, No. 12, Page No. 141 to 153
  • Ashok Arora, Ashish Grover, Suman Karwa, Bharti Thakur, Automatic generation control of two area power system with SMES. National conference on recent developments in Control, Automation & Power engineering, Amity university, Noida, pp: 219 – 225April 2013.
  • Pratima Manhas, Shaveta Thakral and Dr. Ashok Arora, “OFDM Technique for Wireless Communication”, National Conference on OFDM, Subcarriers (SCs), Multicarriers (MCs), Orthogonal at GNDU, Amritsar in October, 2013.
  • Meenakshi Chahar, Nisha Dhaiya “A Review of Inter-Carrier Interference Combating Schemes for OFDM Mobile Communication System.” International Journal of Computer Science & Management Studies( IJCSMS) , Vol. 13., Issue 10.12.2013, ISSN (Online), 2231-5268,Dec 2013
  • Deepshikha Singla, P.R.Sharma “Power Quality Improvement Using Multilevel Inverters- A Review” , IRD India ,Jan 2013


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