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Helpline no. 0129-4259000


Publications Year 2012-Department Of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

  1. Sudesh pahal, Brahmajit Singh, Ashok Arora, ‘An approach towards seamless handover with maximum resource utilization in Mobile wireless networks’ Journal of Communication Engineering & Systems, Volume 2, issue 3, Dec 2012, pp 1-10.
  2. Leena G.,Ray G., Design of a set of decentralized PID controllers for an n – link robot manipulator, Sadhana Journal of Academy of Engineering Sciences, vol. 37, part 3,  pp.403- 423 , June 2012.
  3.  G.. Datta K. B., Ray G., Design of a set of decentralized PID controllers for an n – link robot manipulator, International Journal of Control Automation (InderScience), vol.6, no. 3/4 2012, pp.277-290.   DOI10.1504/IJAAC.2012.051885
  4. Dipali Bansal, Potential of Piezo-electric sensors in Bio-Signal acquisition, International Sensors & Transducers Journal, ISSN 1726-5479, Vol. 136, Issue 1, Jan 2012, pp. 147-157.
  5. Seema Nayak, M.K.Soni, Dr.Dipali Bansal, Filtering techniques for ECG signal processing, International Journal of Research in Engineering and Applied Sciences, (ISSN: 2249-3905), Volume 2, Issue 2 (February 2012), pp: 671-679
  6. Sudesh pahal, Brahmajit Singh, Ashok Arora, A novel approach for handover trigger time selection in WiMAX networks, Int J of Advanced Electronics & Communication Systems. Issue 2, Volume 2, Sept-Oct 2012, paper ID 10816.
  7. Vini Malik, Sujata Arora, Leena G. Jeevan, “Design and comparison of PID and Fuzzy logic controller for higher order system” International Conference on Electrical Electronics and Computer Science (ICEECS), 9th June’12.
  8. Leena G, Dipali Bansal, Abhishek, Akash Dahiya, Bharat Sindhu ‘Analytical Approach to Electrical Hazards’ presented in NSSI-2012- Safety in Industry organized by Institute of Engineers, Faridabad Circle on 24th March 2012.
  9. Indu Maheshwari, Leena G, N C Saxena , ‘Ancillary Services in Indian Power System – A Review Paper’  NPSC Conference in IT  BH U in December 2012.
  10. Neha Karnik, Deepshikha Singla, P.R.Sharma, Comparative Analysis of Harmonic Reduction in Multilevel Inverter, 2012 IEEE 5th Power India Conference, DCRUST, Murthal, 6-8th Dec, 2012.
  11. Deepshikha Singla, P.R.Sharma, Placement of STATCOM and Series Capacitor Based on CCT Assessment for Transient Stability Enhancement, 5th India International Conference on Power Electronics, DTU, Delhi, 19-22Dec, 2012.
  12. Ashok Arora, Ashish Grover, Suman Karwa, Automatic Generation Control of Two Area System with SMES, National Power System Conference,Amity University,2012.
  13. Dipali Bansal, Design and Analysis of Digital Filters for real time noisy signals using LabVIEW, IEEE explore- CISP2012, 2nd National Conference on Computational Intelligence and Signal Processing, Assam Don Bosco University, Guwahati. India, 2012.


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