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Helpline no. 0129-4259000


Publications Year 2011-Department Of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

  1. Dr. Ashok Arora, Power factor correction for low power supplies, 5th Int. Conf. on intelligent systems, sustainable , new & renewable energy tech and nanotech (IISN 2011), Inst of Sc & Tech, Klawad, Feb 18-20, 2011.
  2. Dr. Leena G., Vini Malik,, Wavelet based multi resolution controller Journal of Emerging Trends in Computer and Information Series, vol.2, special issue, pp.17-21, Feb 2011.
  3. Dr. Dipali Bansal, Online acquisition and wireless transmission of carotid pulse wave to study push-pull maneuver, 82nd international conference of aerospace medical association , Anchorage, USA. May 8-12, 2011
  4. Dr Dipali Bansal, Digital signal controller DM 330011 based real time system for detection of ECG signal, 2nd International conference on computational & mathematical Biomedical Engg. CMBE, 30th Mar -01st Apr 2011
  5. Leena G., Datta K. B., Ray G., ‘A set of stabilizing PID controllers for a single link robot’ International Journal of Control and Automation, vol.4, no.3, pp127-141, September 2011.
  6. Dr. Dipali Bansal, Role of DSP in Mobile Communication -An Overview’, IEEE sponsored National conference on ‘Future mobile radio systems’, FET, MRIU, Faridabad, Sept 2011.
  7. Deepshikha Singhla,Dr P R Sharma, Comparative Analysis of Various Locations of Compensation devices for Power duty improvement, Vol3, No 2, Jul-11
  8. Dr. Ashok Arora , Evaluation of barriers affecting the RMS with graph theory & matrix approach, International J of material & manufacturing processes, Taylor & Francis,vol.1, 2011.
  9. Anita Khosla, Dr. Leena G. Recent Advances of fuzzy logic in Communication Systems, IEEE sponsored National conference on ‘Future mobile radio systems’, FET, MRIU, Faridabad Sept 2011.
  10. Dr. Dipali Bansal, Understanding multipath fading wireless channels using MATLAB, IEEE sponsored National conference on ‘Future mobile radio systems’, FET, MRIU, Faridabad, Sept 2011.
  11. Richa Adhlakha, Dr P.R Sharma, Space vector modulation for 2 level and 3 level VSI, World congress on Engineering and Technology, CET 2011, Shanghai, China, Oct 2011.
  12. Goshaidas Ray, Leena G and Amol Khalate, “An Adaptive Fuzzy Controller for Trajectory Tracking of Robot Manipulator,” Intelligent Control and Automation (ICA) Vol. 2 No. 4, pp.364-370, November, 2011.
  13. Dr. Ashok Arora, An excellent approach of reconfigurable machine tool in manufacturing system, Int. J of enterprise and innovation management studies, vol.2 (1) ,2011.
  14. Deepshikha Singhla, Dr. PR Sharma, SNTC Based Shunt Active Harmonic filter for Power Quality Enhancement, International Conference on Energy Automation IEEE Sponsored , Dec2011.


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