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Helpline no. 0129-4259000


Investigation For Rainwater Harvesting

A reconnaissance survey for water prospects in 10 adopted villages by Maruti-Suzuki Foundation (MSF) in Manesar, Haryana was carried out by Centre of Advance Water Technology & Management (CAWTM) in September 2018.  Encouraged with the findings, a detailed investigation on possible Rainwater Harvesting in the Village Khoh was entrusted to CAWTM by the Maruti-Suzuki Foundation. 

work plan has been formulated for detailed investigation on the following scope:

  • Data collection- Meteorological, Geological, Hydrological, Hydrogeological,
  • Remote Sensing-GIS investigations      
  • Groundwater inventory & water budgeting of the village     
  • Water & Soil quality analysis- testing     
  • Geophysical Investigations for locating community water well site & Artificial Recharge sites               
  • Pond hydrological studies for revival      
  • Plantation along hill slope – Survey, tests and recommendations
  • Over all Investigation report of project

The population of the village increased tremendously after 2006 and groundwater at present is the only source of water in the area. All the wells and tube wells (TW) in the range of 250 to 270 feet have gone dry. The concentrations of dry wells are more along the foot hill zone where hard rock aquifer is being tapped. Discharge & sustainability of wells tapping water from 280 to 350 feet depth range is also reducing at an alarming rate. 

Earlier, each house had their own TW but due to well failures & rapid increase in requirement, the dependency on supply water augmented. Groundwater quality of alluvial aquifer is also poor at patches within the village. Due to sudden & abnormal increase in population of the village, land use pattern has totally altered. This has reduced natural recharge substantially and has caused an increase in flash food, resulting in water logging of streets during monsoon.

Expected Out Comes

  • Filling of dry ponds through alternative source
  • Partial rejuvenation of dry drilled wells 
  • Enhance sustainability of functional wells
  • Improvement in water quality of brackish groundwater
  • Improvement in green cover and soil moisture


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