Helpline no. 0129-4259000

Helpline no. 0129-4259000


In-Situ De-Salinition using ISP System Installation in Saline Aquifer

Large part of National Capital Region (NCR) is occupied with inland salinity and thus became unsuitable for irrigation and agriculture. In these areas, industrial activity has grown up prolifically due to easy availability of land. However, water crisisis there even for industrial purpose. With invent of ISP system, which is being used for In-situ de-salinition from brackish to saline aquifer have given an alternative source of in-situ water to these areas.

Installation of ISP system in the campus of Maharani Innovative Paints, Prithla (Palwal) Haryana for high quality product water by CAWTM for immediate solution is being taken up after obtaining NOC from CGWA.

The project is of 150 days and is costing about 25 lakhs funded by Maharani Innovative Paints, Faridabad.

Key Features:

  • Installation of packer to isolate aquifer systems and check seepage
  • Cement sealing to check backflow of saline water
  • In-Situ RO system fabricated of high quality steel



  • The system is installed in the housing assembly of tube well
  • Cost-effective and environment friendly
  • No additional space required
  • Distributed processed water near point of use
  • RO based treatment system in tube well
  • Reduces TDS by 90-95 percent (TDS 9810 ppmm reduced to 800 ppmm in Dighal)


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