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New Initiative

Self Adjustable Staircase Climber– a project by Mechanical Engineering Students 

Students of Manav Rachna have developed a mechanism for easy transportation of heavy loads over stairs. The project attempts to design a stair climber which can carry heavy objects up the stairs with less effort as compared to carrying them manually. The transporter enables to carry load without falling on the ground by self-balancing its platform while climbing the stairs.


Mechanical Engineering Students attempted a project on ‘Electricity Generation’

The project ‘Design & Fabrication of Electricity Generation by Using Epicyclic Gear Train’ produces electric energy by using very low mechanical energy. It increases the output by 200% of its input and thus, can be used for automobiles in future. By using centripetal force, it converts mechanical energy into electric energy by using dynamo.

Design of Angle Checking Fixture for Fan Blade (Orient Fans)- Project by Mechanical Engineering Students

The project- Design of Angle Checking Fixture for Fan Blade (Orient Fans) aims at eliminating inaccuracy in measurement and reducing the time consumed in the inspection of a fan blade. The 3D modeling of angle measuring fixture and the assembly has been designed in Solid Edge ST8 software, and the 2D drawings have been drafted in CAD 2016 software. The Inclinometer works on the concept of accelerometer, calculates the required angles lift, bend and twist by setting the different planes regarding the required angle and measures it and automatically displays its output digitally.


HVAC Design System of Auditorium by Mechanical Engineering Students

The project- HVAC Design System for the A-Block Auditorium at MRIIRS campus included studying the heating ventilation and air conditioning system. Keeping the architectural details in mind, the entire heat load of the auditorium was calculated.


Air Driven Engine- A project by Mechanical Engineering Students: MRIIRS

Fossil fuels are depleting and in order to save environment and fuels, some steps should be taken. The students of Manav Rachna are working to develop an Air Driven Engine which can make use of Compressed Air technology for its operation. Compressed air as the energy source has shown promising results in the field of automobile. It is going to reduce the usage of fossil fuels and its share in the environment.


Design and Development of Progressive Die for Sheet Metal Component: MRIIRS

The project gives a brief introduction about the work accomplished including the explored application in CREO-4 software. The project deals with the progressive die design, calculation, process planning and cost estimation etc. The aim is to reduce the cost of the progressive dies without compromising on the quality. The main advantage of computer-aided progressive die design and machining is ability to build precision tooling in less time and at a lower cost.


Treadmill Bicycle Project- A Project by Mechanical Engineering Students: MRIIRS

“Treadmill Bicycle” is a way to save our precious environment which is being destroyed and disturbed due to the increase in pollution, emitted by vehicles. This bicycle has electronic parts and runs perfectly on human momentum. As the rider walks on the treadmill, the belt indirectly rotates the rear wheel propelling the bike forward. It is believed that treadmill bicycle will also be the ideal device for healthy runners. It delivers an exercise experience that is closer to running than anything else available today.


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