Helpline no. 0129-4259000

Helpline no. 0129-4259000


Facilities – Department Of Mechanical Engineering

Enhancement of engineering education using the experiment appropriately as a scientific tool or best formats in the field of Mechanical Engineering cannot be realistic without the proper knowledge on the principles of science on which the technology deals implicitly. To maintain high level of interest of students, the labs are designed keeping in mind the student accessibility, latest equipment with high resolution and quality colored posters for every equipment and engineering photographs.

The workshop has a state of art facilities with Lathes, Milling m/c, shapers, drilling m/c, power hacksaw, surface grinder, slotter, wood turning lathe, and wood planar. Fixtures, Vernier calipers, vernier height gauge, micrometer,etc.

Deep Drawing Machine, CNC Lathe Trainer, CNC Milling Trainer, EDM, DRO Lathes. Profile Projector, Floating Carriage, Surface Roughness measuring Machine, Surface Plate, Electric Arc Welding sets and booths, MIG welding machine and Foundry shop, Sheet Metal shop.


The Thermal Engineering Lab expose the students to Two Stroke Diesel Engine Model Two Stroke Petrol Engine test rig Four Stroke Four cylinder Petrol Engine test rig Four Stroke Single cylinder Diesel Engine test rig.


The Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Lab is equipped with Air-condition test rig capacity 1.5 tons, Refrigeration test rig capacity 1/3 ton, Mechanical Heat pump capacity1/3TR, Ice plant tuter circuit.


The Heat Transfer Lab is equipped with Stefan Boltzman Apparatus, Thermal conductivity of Metal rod Apparatus, Heat Transfer Through pin Fin Apparatus, Emmisivity Measurement Apparatus, Parallel flow and Counter Flow heat Exchangers, Natural convection Apparatus, Forced Flow apparatus, Lagged pipe apparatus


The Strength of Material Lab has the state of art facilities like Universal testing Machine, Extensometer with Two Dial gauge, Impact testing machine, Hardness testing machine, Beam Testing Machine Inclined metallurgical microscope, Metallurgical polishing Machine.


The CAD/CAM Lab is equipped with PLC Trainer with modules, Scientific dual power Supply, Scientific Function generator X-Y Table, H Simulation, P-Simulation Robox, PLC – Simulation Software Use: Autocad & Pro-E.


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