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Patents Applied / Filed by faculty members

List of the Patents Applied / Filed by faculty members and students of the University
(Duration: From starting of career of individual faculty member to Jan. 2017 )
S.No.FacultyDeptt.Patent TitleApplicant(s) NameType of Patent (Utility/ Design / Innovation/ Process etc.)Country NameDate and Year of SubmissionYearPublication under MRIU banner or not (Y/N)Brief Summary of the Patent
1FETMATHSMedical Decision Support Machine for Common DiseasesVIJAY KUMAR,               SURESH KUMARPROCESSINDIA 2016Ywe develop a device for the purpose of initial and correct diagnosis of specific common diseases even when a trained doctor is not available. This device will help the semi-trained doctor to diagnose the diseases and if required in some cases, patients can be referred to the senior doctors. Thus, it makes optimal use of the senior doctor and also provides hand held support to the semi-trained doctor for the purpose of diagnosis. 
2FETMATHSA Device for the Retrieval of Medical History of a Person VIJAY KUMAR,               SURESH KUMAR,              ARTI SAXENAPROCESSINDIA 2016YThis device gives the medical information of a person by just entering the Aadhaar Number of respective person. It is the foremost information for the company to offer a kind of policy to the individual on the basis of their health. This will reduce the work load of the employees of the company and they may offer their product to the deserving aspirant. Also, the company can use the same device for the settlement of the claim.
3FETMATHSDiabetes test kit for infants through urineDEEPAK KUMAR,             SANDHYAPROCESSINDIA 2016YDiabetes mellitus is the fastest growing disease now a day. It is not limited to adults only but spreading widely in new born babies as well. The daily sugar glucose blood test of new born babies is painful and not convenient for children. A kit is available for this test through blood. But urine test can also be done for this diagnosis. Although blood test is most reliable in this diagnosis. But on daily basis urine test can also be done to check the ketone level in blood for children as well as for adults as increase in ketone level is indication for sugar level in blood. A kit is available but for Adults only. A new kit for urine test to check ketone level for diabetes detection .This kit will be useful and environment friendly. 


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