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Ph.D Awarded-Department Of Computer Science Engineering

S. No. Name and Designation of Faculty Member as Supervisor Detail of Student Guided/ Supervised Name of Co-Supervisor, Designation and Institution Address (if any) Topic of Ph.D. Thesis Date of Notification
1 Dr. M.K. Soni, Dean, FET, MRIU Sh. Prem Chand NA Performance Improvement of Routing Protocal in Mobile Adhoc Network 1st-May-2014
2 Dr. Babu Ram Ms. Neha Gupta Dr. Saba Hilal,
GNIT, MCA Institute,
Greater Noida
Design and Development of New Algorithm for Web Content Mining Suitable for Mobile Systems 13th-Aug-2014
3 Dr. Suresh Kumar Pooja Dr. R K Rathy
Professor, CSE,
Design of Multilevel Secure Database System Enabled with Efficient Concurrency Control Mechanism 4th-Aug-2015
4 Dr. M.K. Soni Sherin Zafar Dr. M M Sufyan Beg, Prof. CSE, JMI, New Delhi Optimized Secure Protocol for Manet Through Biometric Approach 20th-Aug-2015
5 Dr. Babu Ram Shaveta Bhatia Dr. Saba Hilal,
GNIT, MCA Institute,
Greater Noida
Micro Address Recorder for Location Tracking of Mobile 20th-Oct-2015
6 Dr. S.S. Tyagi, Prof.(CS), FET, MRIU Kuldeep Tomar Dr. R. Biswas
Professor, IT Department, FET, MRIU
An Improvised Mechanism To Enhance Computer Network Security 30th-Dec-2015
7 Dr. S.S. Tyagi, Prof.(CSE), FET, MRIU Khaled Mahmood Sulaiman Aladhal NA Fast Handover Technique Using Mobile IPV6 14th-Mar-2017
8 Dr. M.K. Soni, Dean, FET, MRIU Kaebeh Yaeghoobi Shanbeh Barari Dr. S. S. Tyagi, Professor, CSE, FET, MRIU Energy Efficient Routing Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks 30th-Mar-2017
9 Dr. S.S. Handa, FET, MRIIRS Shashi Dahiya Dr. Netra Pal Singh, Professor & Dean (Research & Accrediation), Management Development Institute, Gurgaon A Hybrid Intelligent Data Mining Approach for Credit Risk Management 27th-Dec-2017
10 Dr. S.S. Tyagi, Prof. MRIIRS Vasudha NA Efficient Multikeyword Searchable Symmetric Encryption Scheme for Secure Data Outsourcing 30th-Dec2017
11 Dr. Suresh Kumar, Prof., CSE, MRIIRS Meenakshi Khashu NA Study and Analysis of Techniques for Improving the Quality of Service In Networks 18th-Jan-2018
12 Dr. Suresh Kumar, Prof., CSE, MRIIRS Anupama Chadha NA Design and Development of Efficient Clustering Techniques in Data Mining 23rd-Jan-2018
13 Dr. Indu Kashyap, Associate Prof. , FET, MRIIRS Jyoti Madaan NA Development of Optimized Handoff Decision Algorithm for Wireless Networks 14th-Mar-2018



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