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Manav Rachna International Institute Of Research And Studies(FORMERLY MANAV RACHNA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY)
Research Publications of Faculty Members in National Journals
(Duration: From starting of career of individual faculty member to September 2014 )
S. No. Title of Paper Name of All Author(s) as per publication                                           (Sequence First Name, Middle Name and Last Name) Name of Journal Volume/Issue, Page Number(s) and Year of publication             (In sequence only) Publication Year Impact factor of Journal
1 Coupled Line Band Pass Filter with Defected Ground Structure for Wide Band Application Abhiruchi Nagpal, P. K. Singhal International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications-IJERA Volume 4 Issue 7(Version 2), 2014 1.69
2  Evaluation of Track Etch Membrane as a Surrogate for Ex-vivo Drug Permeation Studies,. Ravish Garg,Priti Girotra, Shailendra Kumar Singh, Dinesh Kumar, S. K. Chakarvarti International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Drug Research 6(3): 189-192,2014 2014 0.489
3 Speaker Recognition using MFCC Support Vector Machine Geeta Nijhawan, Dr. M.K. Soni International Journal on Recent Trends in Engineering and Technology Vol. 11, No.1 ,July 2014 2014 NA
4 Various Techniques for Image Denoising Taruna Grover, Gagandeep Kaur  International Journal of Electronics & Communication Technology (IJECT) Volume 5.2, April to June 2014 2014 1.5
5 A Novel Approachto Recognitionof English Characters Using Artificial Neural Network Prerna Kakkar,Umesh Dutta International journal of Advanced Research in Electrical ,Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering Vol.3, Issue 6 2014 1.586
6 Intersymbol Interference Reduction and Bit Error Rate Reduction in Wireless Channels Using Zero Forcing Equalizer Savita Rangi , Dheeraj Rathee, IOSR Journal of Electronics and Communication Engineering (IOSR-JECE) e-ISSN: 2278-2834, p-ISSN: 2278-8735. Volume 9, Issue 3,  pp. 82-85. 2014 1.586
7 Optimization of Rectangular Patch Antenna Anjuli Singh and Shruti Vashist International Journal of Multidisciplinary Consortium Volume 1  Issue 1 2014 NIL
8 Direction of Arrival Estimation on the Performance of WCMSR Technique Niharika Mehta, Romika Choudhary International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering(IJITEE) Volume-4 Issue-2 2014 1.27
9 Study of QOS Parameters Using OFDM Based PHY Bakul Choudhary, Meenakshi Moza, Romika Choudhary International Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research(IJSER)  Volume 5, Issue 6, June-2014 2014 3.2
10 Clock Gating: Acomprehensive Power Optimization Technique for Sequential Circuits Priya Singh, Ravi Goel International Journal  of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Technology vol. 2, issue-2,ver.2 2014  
11 Synchronization Issues in Wireless OFDM Systems: A Review Pratima & Shaveta International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT) 1 2014 1.76
12 Power Optimized Reversible Sequence Generator Shaveta & pratima International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology 2014 1.76
13 A behavioral comparison of LAR with AODV and DSR routing protocols Noor Fatima,Romisha Arora International Journal of Innovative Research in Computer and Communication Engineering Vol2,issue1 ,2014 2014 1.386
14 Rotman lens performance analysis Shruti  Vashist,M.K.Soni ACEEE International journal on Signal and Image Processing 2 2014  
15     Modified Switching Characteristics of Carbon Nanotubes Blended with Type II CdTe  A Watts, M Green, A Waheed, S.K. Chakarvarti and M Farmer India january 2014  
16 Design of Uhf Band Microstrip-Fed Antenna for Rfid  Applications Leeza Bansal,  Davinder Parkash, Arun Kumar IOSR Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IOSR-JEEE) Vol 8,isssue 5 ,2013 2013 nil
17 God of Small Blossoms-Nanotechnology S.K.Chakarvarti      Knowledge, Oct 2013 2013 2013  
18 Performance Review of Routing Protocols in Mobile Ad-hoc Network M.K.Soni     IJERT  No.6, Volume & Issue 6, , pp 99-102.Aug 2013 2013 1.76
19 Isolated Speech Recognition Using MFCC and DTW Geeta Nijhawan,Poonam Pandit International journal of Advanced research in Electrical, Electronics  and Instrumentation Engineering (IJAREEIE) Aug-13 2013  
20 Q-Arc Micro strip Fractal Antenna Vimlesh verma,P.K.Singhal IJCEA Vol 02, Issue 01 2013 2.8
21 Electronic Band Gap Substrate Micro strip Dual band Fractal Antenna Vimlesh Singh IJECT ISSN: 2230- 9543. 2013 1.5
22 Study of wireless Sensor Network using LEACH protocol Himanshi,Shruti Vashist,M.K.Soni   International Journal of Innovative Technology and exploring Engineering(IJITEE) Vol 3 issue 2 2013 1.27
23 Genetic Approach in Patch antenna Design Shruti Vashist,M.K.Soni,P.K.SINGHAL  International Journal of Emerging Science and Engineering (IJESE) ISSN: 2319–6378, Volume-1, Issue-9, July 2013 Vol 1 ,issue 9 2013 1.19
24 Image Edge Detection: A Review Sunanda,Charu Gupta,S.K.Chakarvarti  International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Engineering & Technology (IJARCET July 2013 Volume 2, Issue 7,pp.2246-51 2013 1.4
25 A Review: Face Recognition Techniques Vimlesh Singh IJECT ISSN: 2229- 4343 2013 1.5
26 Radon-thoron and their progeny dosimetry in the environment of LPG bottling plant using plastic track detectors S.K.Chakarvarti  J.Ind.J.Phy Accepted 2013  
27 Image Encryption using AES,MAES,CHAOS Vikas,Pratima International Journal of Emerging trends in Electrical and Electronics 5th July 2013 2013 0.401
28 ANALYSIS OF TOTAL VOLTAGE SOURCE POWER DISSIPATION IN 6T CNTFET SRAM   AND FORCE STACKING CNTFET SRAM AT LOW SUPPLY VOLTAGE Bipin Pokharel, Dr. S K Chakarvati   International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications(IJERA) Vol. 3, Issue 4, Jul-Aug 2013, pp.2025-2035 2013 1.69
29 Dosimetric and Quantitative Analysis of Kinwetic Properties of Millennium 80 MLC System for Dynamic IMRT Treatmentss S.K.Chakarvarti J.Cancer Res.and Therapeutics Accepted 2013  
30 Fractal Antenna for Multiple Applications Vimlesh Singh IJECT ISSN: 2230- 9543. 2013 1.5
31 Content Based image retrieval Garima Singh, Priyanka Bansal,Minu Vohra International journal of innovative Research and studies Vol. 2, Issue 7, ISSN-2319-9275 2013 0.401
32 A DTW-Svd based watermarking techniques for digital images Pooja Malhotra,Meenakshi Moza,Jyoti Verma, International journal of computational Engineering Research 6/1/2013,Vol 3,issue 6 2013 1.145
33 Design of hexagonal double dumbbell shaped LPF with high sharpness and wide rejection bandwidth by using array of DGS Abhiruchi, Abha aggarwal IJECT vol 4,issue 2,April June 2013 2013 0.45
34 The Comparative Study of Adaptive Channel Equalizer Based on Fixed and Variable Step-Size LMS Algorithm & its Variants for Non Stationery Wireless Channel Darshna Kundu,M.K. Jain International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology (IJETT)  ISSN: 2231-5381 , Page 2447,Vol 4 issue 6 2013 0.573
35   Image Compression Using DCT, HAAR and Biorthogonal Wavelets, LWT: A Comparative Analysis Savita,RENU,SUNITA VIRMANI International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology (IJETT)  Volume 4 ,Issue6 2013 1.76
36 From tracks to technology S.K.Chakarvarti Nano Digest Vol.4(8),32-37 2013  
37 Preparation and field emission study of low dimensional ZnS   arrays and tubules, S.K.Chakarvarti, Monika , R.kumar,R.P.Chauhan,Rajesh Kumar Journal of Experimental Nanoscience Submitted 2013 1.01
38 Novel Design of Fractal Shape Antenna Vimlesh Singh, Mayur Narang IJECT Vol 4,ISSUE -2, VER.3 2013 0.413
39 Preparation and Characterization of  Ag2Se   nanowalled tubules by electrochemical method S.K.Chakarvarti Chalcogenide Letters Vol. 10, No. 3,  p. 99 – 104 2013 0.306
40 Design of Ultra Wide Band Band Pass Filter Using DGS Abhiruchi Passi, P.K.Singhal International Journal for Research in Antennas and Microwave Engineering (IJRAWE) Vol 02, Issue 01, Jan Feb, 2013 2013 0.75
41 DESIGN OF SWITCHED CAPACITOR LOW PASS FILTER Amana International Journals of Electronics and Communiation Technology Vol 4, pp122-127, 2013 2013 0.413
42 Filtering techniques for ECG signal processing Dr.Dipali Bansal, seema nayak, Dr.M.K soni IJREAS Accepted,vol2 issue 2 2012 5.088
43 Efficient Microstrip Fed Rectangular Patch Antenna with DGS for WLAN & WiMAX Applications Sakshi , Davinder Prakash INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING AND APPLICATIONS VOL 2 ISSUE 6 PAGE NO 46-47 2012 2012 1.69
44 Analysis of Microstrip Antenna Array Shruti Vashist, M.K Soni,P.K.Singhal International Journal of Modern Engineering Research (IJMER) Vol.2, Issue.6, Nov-Dec. 2012 pp-4754-4756 ISSN: 2249-6645 2012 1.227
45 Design of low voltage and low power D-Flip Flop Naresh Kumar, Umesh Dutta and Dileep Kumar International Journal of Scientific Engineering and Technology Vol. 1,issue 3,Pg 184-186, 2012 2012 0.805
46 DYNAMIC POWER REDUCTION IN SRAM GYAN PRAKASH,Umesh Dutta, Mohd. Tauheed Khan International Journal of Engineering and Research Applications (IJERA) ISSN 2248-9622 VOL 2, ISSUE 5 SEP-OCT 2012,1781-1784 2012 1.69
47 SPECKLE NOISE REDUCTION TECHNIQUES Gagandeep International Journals of Electronics and Communiation Technology Vol 3, pp30-34, 2012 2012 0.413
48 Design and Performance Analysis of Rotman Lens Shruti Vashisht, Umesh Dutta and M.K.Soni,  ‘International Journal of Engineering Research and
Application”. Vol.2.Issue 4, July-August 2012,pp 1792-1795.
 ‘International Journal of Engineering Research and
Application”. Vol.2.Issue 4, July-August 2012,pp 1792-1795.
2012 1.69
49 DESPECKLING OF ULTRA SONOGRAPHIC IMAGES USING DTCWT Gagandeep International Journals of Electronics and Communiation Technology Vol 3, pp70-73, 2012 2012 0.413
50 Noise Robust Techniques for speaker recognition :A review Geeta Nijhawan ,M.K.Soni International Journal of Graphics & Image Processing Vol 2,issue 2 2012 0.306
51 Power optimization in a four bit magnitude comparator circuit using BDD and pre computional based strategy preeti singh,Chetan Gupta,manu bansal International journal of applied engineering research Vol 7 no.11  pp.1482-1485 2012 1.4
52 A Comparative Study of Two Different Neural Models For Speaker Recognition Systems Geeta Nijhawan, M.K.Soni International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering (IJITEE), ISSN: 2278-3075 Volume-1, Issue-1, 2012 2012 1.27
53 Design of a Square Microstrip Patch Antenna Shruti Vashist, M.K.Soni, Pramod Singal International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering (IJITEE)ISSN: 2278-3075, Volume-1, Issue-1 Volume-1, Issue-1,  2012 2012 1.27
54 Noise Tolerance Enhancement with Leakage Current Reduction in Dynamic Logic Circuit  Umesh Dutta , Pankaj Kumar International Journal Of Scientific Engineering & Technology ( IJSET)  ISSN: 2277-1581 Volume1, Issue-3, p-137-142, June 2012 2012 0.805
55 Designing of a Dual-Band Circular Polarized Microstrip Antenna On Defected Ground Sunita Virmani,P.K.Singhal International Journal for Research in Antennas and Microwave Engineering (IJRAWE) Vol 02, Issue 01, Jan Feb, 2013 2012 0.75
56 DESIGN OF TWO STAGE CMOS OP-AMP AND ANALYZE THE EFFECT OF SCALING Amana International Journal of Engineering Research and Application Vol 2, Issue 5, pp 647-654, 2012 2012 1.69
57 A REVIEW PAPER ON DESIGN AND SYNTHESIS OF TWO STAGE CMOS OP-AMP Amana International Journal of Advances in Engineering and Technology Vol 2, Issue 1, pp677-688, 2012 2012 1.56
58 Cloud computing-The emerging technology of computing Pratima Manhas & Shaveta Thakral International Journals of Computer Science and Technology, Vol2,issue 1 (2011) pp: 153-154 Vol2,issue 1 (2011) pp: 153-154 2011 0.478
59 Variable speed AC drives :The Past and the current status M.K.Soni MR International journal of Engineering and Technology Vol3,No.2,Dec 2011 2011 Nil
60 Stable Path Routing Protocol bases on Power Awareness Dr. P. K. Suri, Dr. M.K. Soni
Parul Tomar
International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research,  vol 2, Issue 7, ISSN 2229-5518, 2011 2011 3.2
61 Selection of Antenna for Wireless Communication Systems Shruti Vashist , M.K.Soni Manav Rachna International Journal(ISSN 0975-4997) Manav Rachna International Journal(ISSN 0975-4997) 2011 nil
62 Performance Evaluation of MANET Routing Protocols under CBR and FTP traffic classes Noor Fatima Rizvi International Journal of Computer Technology and Applications Vol 2 (3), 392-400 ,2011 2011 2.8
63 Routing in Mobile Ad hoc Network : A Review P. K. Suri, M. K. Soni, and Parul Tomar International Journal of Advances in Computing and Information Technology vol 1, Issue 1, 2011 2011 nil
64 Fiber Optic Sensors technology and their applications Shaveta Thakral & Pratima Manhas International Journals of Computer Science and Technology, Vol2,issue 2 (2011) pp: 126-128 Vol2,issue 2 (2011) pp: 126-128 2011 0.478
65 A comparative study of public key cryptography system based on ECC and RSA Arun kumar,Dr. S.S. Tyagi,Manisha Rana,Neha Aggarwal,Pawan Bhadana International journal for Computer Science and Engineering(ISSN:0975-3397) Vol.3  No.5  ,pg 1904-1909 ,May2011 2011 NIL
66 A real time computer based interface system to capture human eye and analyse biometric IRIS data Dr.Dipali International journal of computer science and engineering Vol 5,No.1,Jan 2011 2011 nil
67 Comparison of various features of Dynamic routing algorithms M.K.Soni MR International journal of Engineering and Technology Vol 2,No.2,Dec 2010 2010 nil
68 High Gain Microstrip Antenna Capacitive Coupled To a Square Ring with Surface Mounted Conical Horn Pramod Kumar, Deepak Batra, Dr. A.K.Shrivastav International Journal of Electronics & Communication Technology (IJECT) Vol 1, Issue 1, pp.7-9 ,2010 2010 0.413
69 Performance analysis of GPRS/EDGE Pratima Manhas, Shaveta Thakral, Chakresh Kumar International Journal of Electronic Engineering Research ISSN 0975-6450, Vol. 2, No.5 PP 655-658, 2010 2010  
70 Labview based virtual instrument to acquire real time signals for implementing advanced communication techniques Dipali Bansal MR International Journal of Engineering and Technology, , ISSN 0975-4997. Vol 2, No.2, Dec 2010 2010 nil
71 Estimation of radioactivity in tobacco S.K.Chakarvarti Ind.J.Pure & Appl Phys .,48,820-22, Nov.2010 2010  
72 Qos Enabled Power Aware Routing Protocol (QEPAR) PROF. P.K. SURI, Dr. M. K. Soni,  TOMAR PARUL International Journal of Computer Science Engg and Technology Vol 2, Issue 9,  pp 4880-4885.ISSN:0975-5462( Singapore) ,2010 2010 nil
73 Virtual Reality and M-Learning Shaveta Thakral, Pratima Manhas and Chakresh Kumar International Journal of Electronic Engineering Research(RIP) ISSN 0975 – 6450 Volume 2, Number 5 , pp. 659–661,2010 2010 NIL
74 Global Trends & Opportunities for Students S.K.Chakarvarti Nano Digest ,Vol II,May 2010,pp.40-41 2010  
75 Radon activity and exhalation rates in Indian Flyash samples S.K.Chakarvarti  Ind.J.Pure & Appl.Phys,  7,July 2010,457-462. 2010  
76 Testing permeability of building materials for radon diffusion S.K.Chakarvarti ibid   2010  
77 Synthesis of conducting polymers and their characterization S.K.Chakarvarti    -ibid-, pp.524-526 2010  
78 Performance Comparison of Single path & multipath adaptive Routing algorithm in core network Y Singh,M.K.Soni,A swarup Journal of Institution of Engineers, Computer Engg Vol 91 pp 24-28, 2010 NIL
79 Radon, thoron and their progeny levels in some dwellings of northern Haryana, India using SSNTDs R. S. Saini, Mahabir Nain, R. P. Chauhan, Nawal Kishore, S. K. Chakarvarti  Indian Journal of Physics 83(8) 1197-1200 (2009)  83(8); ISSN 0019-5480,pp1197-1200 2009 1.785
80 Track-etch membranes as templates enabled nano/micro technology: a review S.K.Chakarvarti  Ind. J. Phys.  83(6),pp.737-749, 2009 2009 2.785
81 Calculation of radon diffusion coefficient and diffusion length for different building construction Materials S.K.Chakarvarti   Ind. J. Phys.  83(8)2009,pp.1171-1175. 2009  
82 Indoor radiation levels enhanced by underground radon diffusion S.K.Chakarvarti Asian Journal of Chemistry Volume 21, Issue 10, 2009, Pages S275-S278 2009  
83 Modifications induced in polycarbonate Makrofol KG polymer by Li (50 MeV) ion irradiation. S.K.Chakarvarti Pramana Vol.72 No.4  pp. 759-764] 2009  
84 Axis Controlled Movement of Robot using Brushless DC Motor Drive Deepak Batra Indian Journal of Science & Technology Vol 2 No 4, pp. 36-39. 2009  
85 Radon-thoron and their progeny dosimetry in the environment of LPG bottling plant using plastic
track detectors,
Upadhyay, S B
Kant, K
Joshi, Rekha
Sonkawade, R G
Chakarvarti, S K
Sharma, G S
 Ind J.Pure and Appl.Phy . vol.45(11),880-83, 2007 2007 nil
86                         Environmental monitoring of radon, thoron and their progeny in some dwellings of northern
S.K.Chakarvarti    Ind.J.Pure and Appl. Phys ,48(4)261-266, 2006 2006  
87 Radium concentration and radon exhalation rates from some soil  samples using solid state track
S.K.Chakarvarti J..Environmental Geochemistry 9(1),30-34, 2006 2006  
88 How safe is flyash as building construction material in dwellings? S.K.Chakarvarti J.Environmental Geochemistry 9 (1),35-40 2006  
89 Environmental radioactive studies in slate mines in Aravali range S.K.Chakarvarti J.Environmental Geochemistry, 9(1),50-55(2006)April 2006  
90 Environmental radon monitoring in gas turbine power station in Haryana S.K.Chakarvarti J.Environmental Geochemistry 9(1),67-70(2006)April 2006  
91 Radon diffusion studies through building construction materials using solid state nuclear track detecxtors S.K.Chakarvarti J.Environmental Geochemistry 9(1),97-99(2006)April 2006  
92 Indoor radon remediation :Effect of ventilation S.K.Chakarvarti   J.Environmental Geochemistry 9(1),100-104(2006)April 2006  
93 Measurement of alpha radioactive Air pollutants in and around refinery at Panipat,Haryana S.K.Chakarvarti Environmental Geochemistry 9(1),120-122(2006)April 2006  
94 Implementation of TCP Westwood Algonithm for Congestion Control with faster  recovery M.K.Soni Masthnath Journal of Science &Tech  Vol.1, No. 1, pp. 55-70. 2006  
95 Comparison of distance vector and link state routing algorithms M.K.Soni Journal of Multidisciplinary Engg & Technologies, Bhartiya Vidya Peeth, New Delhi vol 1 no 2 Jan- July, 2006  
96  A time domain analysis of two channel QMF bank M.K.Soni IETE Journal of research vol 51, no.1 pp 469-475 2005  
97  Friction Compensation of Robotic Manipulator using H infinity Roburt Controller M.K.Soni Journal of System Sciences and Engineering Vol 12, 2005  
98                        Alpha radioactive air pollutants in different types of dwellings using solid state nuclear track
S.K.Chakarvarti Ind.J.Pure and Appl. Phys  44,423-425, 2006 2005  
99 On the design of two channel Quadrature mirror filter bank O.P Sahu,M.K.Soni, I.M talwar PARITANTRA, journal of system science and engineering vol 11 no. 1, pp16-23 2005 Nil
100 An algorithm to design linear phase for quadrature mirror filter banks M.K.Soni Paritantra, a Journal of system society of India,  by O P Sahu, M.K. Soni and I M Talwar Vol 9 no1 pp 36- 42 2004  
101 An algorithm to design linear phase FIR filter banks M.K.Soni  Paritantra – a Journal of system Science and Engineering systems, system society of India. , Vol 9, No.1, pp 36-42 2004  
102 Radiological impact of airborne radon and its progeny in    dwellings. S.K.Chakarvarti     Ind. J. Pure and Appl. Phys.  42,157-161,2004 2004  
103 Electrochemical Synthesis of metallic microstructures using etched ion-   tracks in Nuclear Track Filters, S.K.Chakarvarti Current Sci.  87(5)642-645(2004) 2004  
104 Radium concentration measurements in coal, fly ash and cement samples using LR- 115 Plastic Track Detectors, S.K.Chakarvarti Indian J. Env. Prot., 23(10). 1146-1150 (2003). 2003  
105 Environmental impact of coal utilisation in thermal power plant. K Kant, S K Cakarvarti J. Forensic Med. &  Toxicology  3, 15-18 ,2003 2003 nil
106 Radon activity and exhalation rates in coal fired thermal power plants, S.K.Chakarvarti  Ind. J. of Pure & Applied Physics  40, 242-245: 2002. 2002  
107 Radon Exhalation  rates from soils and stones as Building Materials S.K.Chakarvarti   Ind.J.Pure and Appl.Physics . 40,670-673, 2002 2002  
108 Occurrence of Lung Cancer:A Possibility of Radiation Hormesis K Kant, R.P Chauhan, S K Cakarvarti Journal of Punjab Academy of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology  2,38-42(2002). 2002 Nil
109 Radon monitoring in coal ,fly ash,soil, water and environment of some thermal power plants in North India. S.K.Chakarvarti  Rad.Protection and Environment   24(1,2) 371-374,2001 2001  
110 Radium Concentration and Radon Exhalation Measurements in the Water around Thermal Power Plants of North India. S.K.Chakarvarti  Ind. J. of Pure & Applied Physics 39: 491-495: 2001. 2001  
111 Radon induced radiological impact of coal, fly ash and cement samples. S.K.Chakarvarti Ind. J. of Pure & Applied Physics  39, 679-682: 2001. 2001  
112  Solid   State   Nuclear  Track  Detectors   and   their  Applications in Science and Technology S.K.Chakarvarti NTSI News Letter   2(2),7-18(May 1997). 1997  
113 On  the design of a simple pressure cell  using  optical  fibre sensor, S.K.Chakarvarti  IETE Tech. Rev.  9(2)184(1992). 1992 Nil
114 Ultrasound  effects  on  the  electrolytically  controlled etching of nuclear track filters(NTFs), S.K.Chakarvarti Ind. J.Phys . 64A(3),229(1990) 1990  
115 Non-invasive measurement of temperature in biological media  under ultrasonic irradiation S.K.Chakarvarti     J.Accous.Soc.India Vol.XVIII(3&4),273-278(1990) 1990  
116 On  the pore size distribution and uniformity  improvement in nuclear track filters, S.K.Chakarvarti Ind. J.Phys .64A(5),367(1990). 1990  
117 Thermal  annealing  studies of  58Ni  irradiated  Lexa (Polycarbonate) nuclear track filters S.K.Chakarvarti Ind. J.Phys   ,64A(5),361(1990). 1990  
118 Makrofol nuclear track filters: Effect of surfactants  on electrolytically controlled etching S.K.Chakarvarti Ind. J.Phys 64A(5),371(1990). 1990  
119  Shunting effect of a voltmeter S.K.Chakarvarti Bull.Ind.Phys. Teacher  4(4),123(1987). 1987  
120 A class room demonstration -cum-experiment on  vibrating strings using a laser S.K.Chakarvarti Bull. Ind.Phys. Teacher 4(8),224(1987). 1987  
121 The law of Malus: A laboratory experiment S.K.Chakarvarti Bull. Ind. Phys. Teacher 4(9)260(1987). 1987  
122 Use  of non-invasive ultrasonic  techniques  in  process instrumentation and measurements S.K.Chakarvarti  J. Instt. of Electronics & Telecommunication   Engineers(Tech.Review) (3),81,1986. 1986  
123 Microprocessor based power meter M.K.Soni “Institution of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineers” (India), Vol-29, June 1983 1983  
124  ‘Microprocessor for traffic control at road crossing’ M.K.Soni Journal of Institution of Engineers (India) in Hindi   1982  
125 Determination  of uranium trace  in  some  semiconducting materials by nuclear track detectors, S.K.Chakarvarti Current Science, India 47,10 (1978). 1978  


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