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Books published by the faculty-Department Of Computer Science Engineering

Manav Rachna International University
Books Authored by Faculty Members
(Duration: From starting of career of individual faculty member till date)
S. No. TITLE AUTHOR(s) PUBLISHERS Book Published from                  (Country Name) Online link Publication under MRIU banner or not (Y/N) YEAR OF FIRST EDITION YEAR OF LATEST EDITION
1 Comparative Analysis of Different Load Balancing Algorithm Using Cloud Analyst Meeta Singh, Poonam Nandal, Deepa Bura Springer India Y 2018 NA
2 A Tour Toward the Development of Various Techniques for Paralysis Detection Using Image Processing ( Book Chapter in Biologically Rationalized Computing Techniques For Image Processing Applications) Dr. Poonam Tanwar, Ms. Banita Springer India Y 2018 NA
3 Analysis and Design of Algorithms – A Beginner’s Hope Shefali Singhal,Neha Garg BPB Publications,New Delhi India Y 2018 2018
4 Comparative Analysis of Different Load Balancing Algorithm Using Cloud Analyst Meeta Singh, Poonam Nandal, Deepa Bura Springer Singapore Y 2018 2018
5 Kernel-Based Machine Learning Techniques: An Innovative Way of Designing Healthcare Systems and Services Dr. Suresh Kumar, Mr. Vijay Kumar, Ms. Arti Saxena IGI Global India Chapter 15 of book titled”  Big Data Management and Y 2018 2018
6 Big Data & Deep Data: Minding the Challenges Madhulika Bhatia, Mamta Mittal, Madhurima IOS Press Netherlands Netherlands Chapter in Deep Learning for Image Processing Applications, Advances in Parallel Computing Y 2018 2018
7 Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets in Medical Decision making Process Vijay Kumar, Arti Saxena, Suresh Kumar LAP Lambert Academic Publishing Germany Y 2017 NA
8 Innovations in Computational Intelligence” (SPRINGER Book Series) Shefali Singhal,Neha Garg Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd. Singapore Y 2017 NA
Multi-Deterministic Prioritization of Regression-Test-Suite Compared: ACO and BCO Supriya Panda  ,Shivangi Gupta Advanced Computing and Communication Technologies pp 187-194 : Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 452) June 2016 Springer N 2016 NA
9 Principles of Operating Systems Suresh Kumar,  R. K Rathi MR Publishers INDIA NIL Y 2012 NA
10 Facial Expression Recognition System Madhulika Lamport Publisher, germany Germany N 2012 NA
11 Software Engineering Deepa Bura,Bindiya Ahuja Manav Rachna Publication House INDIA NIL Y 2011 NA
12 Microprocessor Based Agri Instrumentation K Kant PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd NA NA N 2010 NA
13 An Introduction to Microprocessor and Applications K Kant Macmillan Publishers India Ltd. NA NA N 2009 NA
14 Computer Networks Madhulika, Madhurima Laxmi Publications India N 2008 NA
15 Microprocessor and Microcontrollers Architecture, Programming and System Design K Kant Prentice Hall of India NA NA N 2007 NA
16 Digital Control Systems K Kant Indian Society for Technical Education NA NA N 2001 NA
17 Computer Based Industrial Control K Kant Prentice Hall of India NA NA N 1997 NA
18 Microprocessor Applications for Productivity Improvement K Kant Tata McGraw Hill NA NA N 1988 NA
19 Microprocessor based Data Acquisition System Design K Kant Tata McGraw Hill NA NA N 1987 NA


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