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Research Publications in National Journals

    • Vijay Kumar, Jyoti Chawla, Rajeev Kumar,Assessing risks of heavy metal contaminated water using intuitionistic fuzzy sets, 2017, Emerging Technological Insights, INDIA, GGNIMT, pp 162-165, October.
    • Somya Divewedi, Kalpna Varshney, 2017.Electronic Waste Management: Sustainable Solutions. International Journal of Advance Research in Science and Engineering, , AR research Publication  , Vol No6, Issue No 08, September, 2017.
    • Sandeep Srivastava and Pradeep K. Varshney, 2017. A structural study of mixed ion pva based composite polymer electrolyte using X-ray diffraction studies   International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, INDIA, RIP, 12(11)  pp. 2926-2928.
    • Experimental Studies on Corrosion Inhibitive Effect of Surfactants. Mukta Sharma.2017.International Journal of Chemistry and Applications.9(1),23-36
    • Synthesis of New drugs sulphathiazole & Dinitrotoluamide from old drug ibuprofen & their Bactericidal activities. Anupama Rajput, Dinesh Chouhan 2017.7(2), ISSN 2231-5829.Bricks Journal of educational research.
    • Eco-friendly adsorbents for water purification. Rajeev Kumar, Jyoti Chawla.2017.7(2), ISSN 2231-5829.Bricks Journal of educational research.
    • Impacts of e-waste on ground water quality. Rajeev Kumar, Jyoti Chawla.2017.7(2), ISSN 2231-5829.Bricks Journal of educational research.
    • Current Status Of Solar Distillation: A Review .Richa Pandey, Rajesh Tripathi & Pradeep K. Varshney. International Journal of Research in Applied, Natural and Social Sciences (IJRANSS) 2016.4(2), 37-48, 2016.
    • Richa Pandey, Rajesh Tripathi & Pradeep K. Varshney,2015 Current Status Of Solar Distillation: A Review, 4(2), 37-48, International Journal of Research in Applied, Natural and Social Sciences.
    • Shveta Malhotra, Pradeep K. Varshney , 2015. Future Prospects of Polymer Electrolytes, 6(10), 43-45,  International Journal of Scientific Research.
    • Suman Saini, Jyoti Chawla,  Rajeev Kumar, 2015. Removal of malachite green dye from waste water by using natural and synthetic adsorbents: A review, 3(1),304-309, International Journal of Advanced Technology in Engineering and Science.
    • Experimental Analysis of Solar Stills using Nano Condensing Glass, 2015, Richa Pandey, Rajesh Tripathi and Pradeep K.Varshney, 10(23),27483-27494, International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER).
    • Biodiesel Purification Using Organic Adsorbents: A Preliminary Study, Sangita Banga, Pradeep K. Varshney and Naveen Kumar, J. of Biofuels,Vol.2,Issue-3,2013, pp-112-118,published.
    • Effect of impurities on performance of biodiesel: A Review, Sangita Banga and Pradeep K. Varshney, Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research (JSIR), Vol 69, 575-579, 2010.
    • Shelf Life Studies of pheromone of Helicoverpa armigera (Hubner) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) in Different temperature conditions and at different time interval, Varshney, K. and Kanaujia, S, Annals of plant protection sciences, Vol 14.27-29, 2006.
    • Effect of replacement of septa on trapping efficiency of pheromone traps Helicoverpa armigera (Hübner) in chick pea, Bhullar, Navdeep; Kalpna varshney and Kanaujia, S, Annals of plant protection sciences, Vol 13 issue (2).482-483, 2005.
    • Efficacy of pheromone traps and effect of trap position on monitoring of Helicoverpa armigera in Chick pea, Bhullar, N; Varshney, K and Kanaujia, S.  Pantnagar Journal of Research, Vol: 2(2) 5-7,2005.
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    • Sol-gel Deposition of EC-WO3 Films using a Precursor with Enhanced Stability, R. Ramachandran, Nidhi, P.K. Varshney,  S.A. Agnihotry, Ind J Pure & Applied Physics, Vol.37, p-253, 1999.
    • Sorption of ammonia on crystalline polyelectrolyte Tantalum tungstate, A.P. Gupta, N.K. Sandle  & Pradeep K. Varshney, Indian J. of Chemistry, Vol.34 A, p- 296, 1995.
    • Kinetic & Microbial study of Tri – o – methoxy phenyl phosphoro tri amidate  in perchloric acid medium, Anupama Rajput, A.K.S. Bhadoria, K. Bhatt, Ultra Scientist of Phyl-Sciences, 6(2)184-188,1994.
  • Ion Exchanger behaviour of Tin (IV) molybdophosphate towards alkaline earth metal ions, A.P. Gupta, S. N. A. Rizvi & Pradeep K. Varshney, Asian J. of Chemistry, Vol. 5, p-1001, 1993.


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