Helpline no. 0129-4259000

Helpline no. 0129-4259000


Research Thesis MPT 2015-2017

S.No. Roll No. Name of Student Topic Guide  Co-Guide
1 15/FAS/MPT/S/001 HEENA SOLANKI Relationship of handgrip strength,handgrip endurance and shoulder power with performance in badminton players Dr. Shishir Nigam Dr. Pooja Anand
2 15/FAS/MPT/S/002 GEOMON T.P effect of core stability training on bowling speed in cricket bowlers Dr. Pooja Anand Dr. Shishir Nigam
3 15/FAS/MPT/N/001 NIDHI CHHIBER Effect of shift on sleep quality, quality of life, fatigue level and balance in corporate security guards Dr. Deepti Sharma Dr. Varsha Chorsiya
4 15/FAS/MPT/N/002 MOHD. AHMAD Association of executive attention with fine motor performance and risk of fall in older adults Dr. Manish Kumar Dr. Varsha Chorsiya
5 15/FAS/MPT/M/001 SHACHI SINGH To compare the immediate effect of low dye taping and medial arch support on lower limb alignment in flat foot Dr. Poonam Gupta Dr. Shalini Grover
6 15/FAS/MPT/M/006 DIVYA DIXIT Association of body composition with anaerobic power and functional movement screening in young badminton players Dr. Shalini Grover Dr. Shobhit Saxena
7 15/FAS/MPT/S/007 NIDHI RAWAT Immediate effect of sciatic slider in slump position and static hamstring stretching on multi-joint flexibility in young adults with non specific low back pain Dr. Shobhit Saxena Dr. Pooja Sharma


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