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Helpline no. 0129-4259000


Research Thesis MPT 2010-2012

S.No. Roll No. Name of Student Topic Guide Co-Guide
1 10/FAS/MPT/001 ANUPAM KUMAR Effect of gleno humeral posterior glide in end range and posterior glide with movement with mobilization on external rotation range of motion in idiopathic adhesive capsulitis Dr. Shalini Grover
2 10/FAS/MPT/002 KARISHMA KHANDUJA Effect Of Training With Stability Trainer Vs Wobble Board Training On Proprioception, Balance And Function In Patients With Knee Osteoarthritis Dr Shobhit Saxena
3 10/FAS/MPT/003 SATISH ARORA Comparative Analysis Of Foot Posture In Knee Osteoarthritis Patients With Respect To Body Mass Index Dr. Shalini Grover
4 10/FAS/MPT/005 RICHA GOSWAMI Cross Cultural Adaptation And Psychometric Analysis Of Knee Injury And Osteoarthritis Outcome Score (KOOS) In Indian Population With Knee Osteoarthritis Dr Shobhit Saxena
5 10/FAS/MPT/006 JIGNYA PARIDA Effect Of Global Postural Re-Education In Female Dentists With Upper Quarter Muscle Imbalance. Dr. Shalini Grover
6 10/FAS/MPT/007 SANIA DODA The association between central obesity measures with osteoarthritis knee in female subjects a cross sectional study Dr Unaise Hameed
7 10/FAS/MPT/009 DEVENDER RATHEE Effect Of Coracohumeral Ligament Stretching On Active External Range     Of Motion In Adhesive Capsulitis Dr. Shalini Grover
8 10/FAS/MPT/012 GARIMA THAKUR The Efficacy of Cervical Mobilization with Movement on Grip strength, Pain and Function in patients with Lateral Epicondylalgia Dr. Shalini Grover
9 10/FAS/MPT/014 TANVI AGARWAL Effect Of Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Programe On Muscle Endurance, Strength, Pain, And Functional Performance In Women With  Postpartum Lumbopelvic Pain. Dr. Shalini Grover
10 10/FAS/MPT/018 IPSHA Effect Of Different Neurodynamic Techniques On Hamstring Flexibility and Lumbar Flexion In Asymptomatic Adults. Dr. Shalini Grover
11 10/FAS/MPT/004 PRIYANKA BHATIA Correlation Of Executive Functions And Physical Performance In Elderly Dr. Deepti Parashar Dr. Deepti Sharma
12 10/FAS/MPT/008 PREETIKA KALRA Random and blocked practice in learning of a motor skill- A comparative gender analysis Dr. Deepti Sharma Dr. Deepti Parashar
13 10/FAS/MPT/011 GARIMA Effect Of Core Stability Exercises Using Swiss Ball On Balance Performance And Quality Of Life In Elderly Dr. Deepti Parashar Dr. Deepti Sharma
14 10/FAS/MPT/013 JYOTI ARYA Effect Of Stability Trainer On Improving Balance In Idiopathic Parkinson’s Diseases Dr. Deepti Sharma Dr. Monika Chaudhary
15 10/FAS/MPT/016 RAKESH Effect of playing position on performance variable of state junior hockey player: a comparative analysis Dr. Pooja Anand Dr. Shishir Nigam
16 10/FAS/MPT/017 MAMTA Comparison Between Effects Of Preload 4 Repetition Maximum And Active Dynamic Stretching Warm-Up On 100-M Sprint Time On Paramilitary Athletes. Dr. Shishir Nigam Dr. Pooja Anand


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