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Helpline no. 0129-4259000



Advisory for Campus Placement

Part 1- Research the company

Research the company: Visit the company’s website. Visit its social pages and Google the company.

Part 2- Dressing up for an interview

     Female  Formal – Westen

  • Formal trousers in grey, black, brown and blue are the most common.
  • Trousers should cover your foot and a bit of your shoe heels.
  • A closed shoe in single colour with heels (upto3 inches) is formal. No high heels.
  • Shoes should be polished at all times.
  • Flip-flops, open sandals and extremely high heels and fashion shoes are not allowed.
  • Business suit (jacket and trouser/ pencil skirt (should be below the knees) in dark shades. Top under the jacket could be white or any other light colour. 
  • Shirts should be half sleeves or full sleeves.


Female Formal – Indian

  • Light colour Salwar kameez with dupatta in small print with simple sandals look good.
  • Cotton wear should be ironed and dupattas neatly pinned up.
  • Black, brown and white footwear can be co-ordinated with most colours of clothes.


Make up, Accessories and grooming

  • Long hair should be tied or braided. Should not fall over your face.
  • Wear minimum make up. Nails must be trimmed regularly, One can wear light colour nail paints.
  • A simple watch is a good accessory to have. 
  • Apply light perfume or deodorant.


Dressing for Male Candidate

  • Candidate should wear dark colour business suit with plain tie & light colour shirt) .
  • Suggested colors for business suit : black, navy blue, dark grey or dark brown . Shirt should be white or any light colour .
  • Wear polished, leather shoes and calf-length socks that match shoe color (suggested colors: black, dark blue, dark grey)






Quick Tips


  • Bring your complete portfolio in a folder
  • Avoid exposed tattoos, excessive jewelry, piercings, or unnatural hair color/styles
  • Have clean/fresh breath; never chew gum in an interview.
  • The hair should be properly trimmed and gelled (no hair spikes) and not oiled. 

Documents to be carried for interview

Carry a black folder which would have the following documents:

  • 3 copies of resume
  • Original Educational certificates likes SSC (10th), HSC (12th) and mark sheets of all semesters. The certificates should be arranged in reverse chronological order .
  • Certificates of any trainings/ workshops
  • 4 photographs
  • Skill certificates
  • Extra A4 sized white sheets along with sharpened pencil & a rubber.


Rakhi Arora Pruthi

General Manager – Corporate Relations



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