Helpline no. 0129-4259000

Helpline no. 0129-4259000


K12 Initiatives


After the amusing success of GDPro Junior in its maiden seasons, every edition expands its canvas of optimism by adding new territories and schools. An educational feat amongst top of the line educational institutions, this exclusive event for scholars of grade IX-XII has covered more than 150 elite educational institutions with Pan India presence and about 20000+ beneficiaries in its preceding seasons. The 4th edition will raise the bar further as we will go LIVE in April 2018!! Click Here

L.E.A.D (Leadership Exploration and Development)

An initiative under the aegis of Corporate Relations & Career Management Centre, the students are encouraged to foster their innate skill sets further. Scholars come together to understand how to improve their existing skills to bring a positive change to their personality. The initiative caters to students of different age groups with varied topics. Leadership workshop being purely student centered; instills confidence, and helps children solve problems creatively, work in a team, and work collaboratively with others. The program aims at teaching children leadership skills that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives, and understand their own strength and weaknesses so that children can approach their goals in a way that it is easy to achieve them.


It’s no surprise that students are perpetually blossoming with ideas and inspiration irrespective of their age, but their cognitive activities take a giant leap in the senior secondary years. During this time, when they are pondering over myriad possibilities about their career, we feel that they should be given every opportunity and insight which makes their self-discovery easier. Under this endeavor, the students get to come to the campus and visit a skill hub that relates to their area of interest where they experience hands on activities and understand the aesthetics to make correct choices for future endeavors.


With Manav Rachna being a center of learning offering a wide array of courses, CRCMC offers battery of Career and Psychometric Assessments. This test uses a blend of artificial intelligence and machine learning with strategic human intervention. Assessed under the group of PhDs, Career Experts, Strategists, Entrepreneurs and Technology whiz-kids with a collective experience of over 100 years who are engaged in helping students make career decisions. The assessment framework and tool gives a detailed report, development plan for each evaluated dimension. This win – win association for students helps them explore and experience a rich basket of self-information.


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