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Helpline no. 0129-4259000


Employability (Training & Placement)

Training: “Result orientation and focus are the basic ingredients to astounding victories across the industry.”
Manav Rachna Educational Instutions (MREI) is committed to providing the students with one of the most desired tools for success… “Employability”.
Conceptually, employability goes way beyond just getting a job for oneself.
It is an attitude which empowers a candidate by triggering their Knowledge Enhancement, Skills development and personality transformation. The end result is long term and sustainable employability irrespective of the magnitude.
Needless to say, that the job market has gone through massive transformation leaving university graduates anxious to fulfill greater expectations and rightly so because of the ever growing competition and need for excellence. This has resulted in the largely talked about “industry – academia gap. MREI recognizes this concern and to ensure skill enhancement of student’s viz., has a dedicated training unit – an industrious team of vibrant professionals who work ardently to build on those aspects of a student which are left untouched by classroom teaching in the usual course. The learning training arm remains an integral part of a student’s journey at Manav Rachna right from the beginning of the course until the graduation.

“Espousing New Knowledge in the New Age Era”

The dedicated learning – training arm at MREI imparts training on various aspects like Personality, Aptitude, Life skills Communication and Verbal Ability through a robust mechanism spread across semesters as part of the curriculum of every program. With this being the primary function, it goes the extra mile in enhancing the employability of students through a basket of other offerings available exclusively at Manav Rachna. We as a dedicated entity perpetually think about adding value to the students so that they take the world head-on and shoulder responsibilities that they fittingly deserve.

“Beyond the Curriculum: Personality Enhancement”

Keeping true to its principal motto of out of the box thinking, impeccable execution and continuous effort to improve, we at Manav Rachna Educational Institutions (MREI) are constantly inspired by the greater good to undertake avant-garde initiatives for students. There is no denial to the fact that personality plays a critical role in shaping our future. Keeping this in mind, the overall grooming of our youth capital is our cynosure. Personality development is an exhaustive and profound process and hence, at Manav Rachna mentoring of students starts from the very first semester itself, encompassing but not limited to enhancing professional and business communication skills; shaping up and further refining the notions, opinions, perceptions and attitude of an individual. We undertake all of this through a comprehensive & a robust training program devised for young minds. The lean team consists of some well accomplished members with illustrious backgrounds who act as Career Advisors for different faculties at Manav Rachna.

“Aligning the right aptitude: Aptitude Development”

Aptitude development is a token of exclusivity at MREI. The statistics reveal that 70 percent of world’s recruitment companies use aptitude test as a part of their recruitment procedure. Thus, developing the right aptitude is paramount for securing better jobs. We at MREI help students in exploring and honing this
Natural talent by giving them a better understanding of their own aptitude. Students are subjected to numerous aptitude problems of Numerical ability,Logical reasoning and Verbal Ability from as early as third semester. Mega events inclusive of fun games and exercises are conducted from time to time that provides our students the necessary edge which would help them to stand out from the crowd. By solving plenty of such problems, the confidence of the studentsis boosted while sitting through the placements in the final year.

“Employability Augmentation”

Listen to wise Longinus when he proclaimed “when you learn something of the outside, you realize something from the inside”. Giving shape to that something, we at MREI aspire to hone that inner zeal of students which would mobilize him/ her to continue doing better.

Employability has many definitions but they break down into two broad groups. The first is the ability of a student to get, retain, and evolve in his/her profession after graduation. The other is the enhancement of the student’s attributes, skills, knowledge and attitude ultimately empowering the student for his life.

In this ever shrinking world, the employers are desirous of employing the human capital which is diverse. At that moment, it becomes essential to know your place and position in the industry/ market. To help the students know this, MREI has tie ups with some of India’s largest employability assessment networks which provides employability prospects to students over and above in-house opportunities. These assessments are multi-dimensional adaptive instruments that measure the knowledge, skills, and personality required for multiple job roles and provides accurate assessment of a candidate’s ability. A student undergoes a battery of tests & the best result is shared with the companies. We also have a comprehensive feedback mechanism in place for the students.
CRCMC at MREI with its holistic approach orchestrates and trains students on the interactive attributes such as:

  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Risk Taking
  • Self Improvement Skills
  • Linguistic Abilities

The Corporate Consociate

The learning – training unit has also spread out its wings outside the physical boundaries of Manav Rachna where it extends its services to Corporate Houses. The proficient army of this unit is well equipped to customize modules as per the requirement of the companies. This ensures that a well devised personality enhancement program can be directed to elevate the employees to the level desired by the company.

Communication Gym

Communication is the lifeblood of any transaction that takes place in the world and hence communication ability is the most sought after non-academic skill by employers all over the world – irrespective of the industry or the job profile. Whether it is about being able to grasp what is being taught in the class, or appearing for an interview during recruitment or amalgamating well in a workplace, a person with appreciable communication skills is often seen surpassing his counterparts with lesser degree of interaction capabilities.
Manav Rachna in collaboration with Vision Net devised an integrated, one of its kind language lab for providing its students state of the art facilities to make communication enhancement engaging and fun filled. This language lab called the “Communication Gym” is equipped with interactive software that helps in providing individualized teaching to students, depending on their abilities. The Communication Gym uses a unique blend of Trainer-led and Self-Led learning. This methodology exposes the learner to both real-life scenarios and situational
learning using simulation techniques, coupled with cutting-edge technology and
multimedia rich content. Manav Rachna is proud to bring this feature to its students & is certain that it will help them gain the much required edge in this competitive world.


MREI graduates forge new frontiers in their chosen fields, we’re proud of them and the ways they influence their chosen industries. This is where the placement team plays an important role in shaping the careers of students from their induction and orientation, summer internships, mid-term projects, right to their final placements and even beyond. The placement team brings the industry and academia closer and provides need based exposure and organization support. It is entrusted to organize in-campus interviews for student placement and also organize corporate guest lectures and industry interaction. MREI also undertakes various academic and non-academic initiatives so that students are well equipped to meet varied industry requirements and provides support, to bring about continuous improvement in student activities. This is the result of the team of dedicated members who constantly interacts with the corporate world and helps prepare students for their careers. Students get guidance on creating a clear career plan, a list of appropriate employers, setting realistic career goals and a planned time table on professional development for their future. Students get guidance on creating a clear career plan, a list of appropriate employers, setting realistic career goals and a planned time table on professional development for your future.


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