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Helpline no. 0129-4259000


Reasons To Learn

German: Language With A Wide Reach

  • Most widely spoken language in Europe.
  • Business opportunities.
  • Job prospects.
  • Academic research.
  • Germany is the world’s third biggest producer of books.
  • Music!
  • Tourism and Travel.

French: For Art and Aesthetics

  • A world language.
  • Job opportunities.
  • Literature
  • Improves your English
  • Higher education
  • Travel.
  • Culture
  • Language Of Love

Spanish: A Transformative Experience

  • Learning Spanish is necessary to keep pace with popular culture.
  • Learning Spanish is actually a medical device.
  • For many, learning Spanish is rapidly becoming a business necessity.
  • Learning Spanish will (truly) expand your universe.
  • Proficiency in Spanish will completely transform your travel experience.
  • Ability to speak Spanish will enable you to help others.
  • Learning Spanish will allow you to better appreciate Hispanic cultural contributions.
  • Learning Spanish is fun.

Japanese: Makes Sound Business Sense

  • Japan is the second largest economy in the world.
  • Proficiency in Japanese brings business opportunities.
  • Japanese is a gateway to other Asian languages & cultures.
  • Japanese-speakers are the Internet’s third largest language group.
  • Japanese people are innovators.
  • Japanese cultural exports are exploding.
  • Proficiency in Japanese will set you apart from the crowd.
  • Japanese people are among the top international tourists.
  • Japanese is a stepping stone to learning other Asian languages.

Chinese (Mandarin): Great for Employability and Empowerment

  • Learning Chinese is a growing trend.
  • Learning Chinese will improve your job prospects.
  • Being able to communicate with 1.3 billion people.
  • Very empowering.
  • Learn Chinese – it’s good for your brain.

Arabic: Growing demand

  • Arabic is the fifth most commonly spoken language in the world.
  • Liturgical language of Islam.
  • High demand and low supply of Arabic-speakers in the world.
  • There are financial incentives for learning Arabic.
  • Arabic-speaking nations are a rapid growing market for trade.
  • Arabic-speaking peoples have made significant contributions to world civilization.
  • Arabic-speaking world has a rich cultural heritage.
  • Arabic can promote intercultural understanding.


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