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Helpline no. 0129-4259000

Helpline no. 0129-4259000


Virtual One-on-One Interview with Experts

Mastering interviews is a coachable skill. Know what it takes to ace interviews and build the confidence that institutes look for! Manav Rachna Educational Institutions offer a unique platform for Admission Seekers for UG & PG Programmes to prepare, practice and get firsthand experience of a real-life interview.
  • Know Your Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Boost Your Confidence
  • Reduce Anxiety & Stress
  • Get Personalised Tips from the Experts
  • Get Performance Score Card of Your Interview Style

Our Panel of Experts

  • Dr. Priyanka Singh

    Dr. Priyanka Singh

    Chairperson- Marketing Area, FMS
  • Dr. Meghna Chhabra

    Dr. Meghna Chhabra

    Chairperson- Entrepreneurship Area, FMS
  • Dr. Farhat Mohsin

    Dr. Farhat Mohsin

    Chairperson- International Business and Economics Area, FMS
  • Prof. (Dr.) Bhavesh Prakash Joshi

    Prof. (Dr.) Bhavesh Prakash Joshi

    Chairperson- Finance Area, FMS
  • Dr. Amandeep Dhaliwal

    Dr. Amandeep Dhaliwal

    Chairperson- Decision Sciences Area, FMS
  • Prof. (Dr.) Anindita Chatterjee Rao

    Prof. (Dr.) Anindita Chatterjee Rao

    Chairperson- HR Area, FMS
  • Ms. Ritika Singh

    Ms. Ritika Singh

    Director – Faculty of Hotel Management MRIIRS
  • Dr. Shivani Vashist

    Dr. Shivani Vashist

    Head – Department of English MRIIRS
  • Dr. Aman Vats

    Dr. Aman Vats

    Head – Department of Journalism & Mass Communication MRIIRS
  • Dr. Shruti Vashist

    Dr. Shruti Vashist

    Head – Electronics & Communication Engineering Dean – Department of Student Wellfare MRU
  • Dr. Rashee Gehlaut

    Dr. Rashee Gehlaut

    Head – Faculty of Education and Humanities MRU
  • Ms. Aanchal Chaudhary

    Ms. Aanchal Chaudhary

    Assistant Manager – Student Facilitation Centre
  • Dr. Manish Bhargava

    Dr. Manish Bhargava

    Professor – Faculty of Dental Sciences (MRIIRS)
  • Mr. Gagan Wadhwa

    Mr. Gagan Wadhwa

    Assistant General Manager – Student Facilitation Centre
  • Dr. Hanu Bhardwaj

    Dr. Hanu Bhardwaj

    Head – Computer Science & Technology MRU
  • Ms. Kanupriya Shekhar

    Ms. Kanupriya Shekhar

    Deputy Director – Admissions & Student Facilitation Centre
  • Ms. Aditi Chaudhary 

    Ms. Aditi Chaudhary 

    Assistant Professor – Faculty of Law Manav Rachna University
  • Ms. Richa Sharma

    Ms. Richa Sharma

    Assistant General Manager – Outreach
  • Prof. Gautam Srivastava

    Prof. Gautam Srivastava

    Head- Career Development Centre
  • Dr. Stuti Sahni

    Dr. Stuti Sahni

    Area Expert- Marketing

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