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green technology in civil

Why is Green Technology used in Civil Engineering?

Civil engineers carry a larger responsibility of building the infrastructure of a nation. The past couple of decades have been witnessing a frequent occurrence of disasters both natural and man-made. This call for developing disaster resilient communities….adoption of green and clean technologies is the need of the hour to achieve the objective of Millennium Development goals. Green Technology deals with studies and researches to reduce the impact of construction on the environment considering human health and safety of the planet Earth. Simply put, Green Technology involves constructing new buildings by incorporating a few environment-friendly aspects.

A conscious effort is to be made in resorting to clean energy production, usage of alternative fuels which are less harmful to the environment etc. Though the market is in a nascent stage, awareness creation and inclusion of the same in producing green and sustainable design has to be resorted to, with an aim to leave behind a legacy for the generations to come. Inclusion of the green building norms has to be integrated with contemporary approaches.

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Adoption of Green Technology in Civil Engineering can help develop Sustainable Green Design

Environmental protection has to be at the forefront of the infrastructure design, this can be achieved by promotion of reuse and recycling of waste. Promotion of green technologies not only in water reuse and recycling and increasing availability of clean drinking water for everyone is to be enforced but application of the same in all realms of Civil Engineering is to be incorporated in producing sustainable green design.

The concept of green walls having enough soil to support the growth of plants supported with  monitoring and self-irrigation facility not only improves its survival but also improves the aesthetics and air purification potential. 

Many other facets of Civil engineering require integrated planning and design in a transition from contemporary practices to state-of-art green and clean constructions. A meticulous planning, creativity, adaptability and problem solving skills helps in achieving these objectives.

The journey from creating living spaces to transforming them into mega structures, tall buildings, resilient communities, smart cities, creating smart buildings, using smart materials etc to name a few will be possible only with a degree in Civil engineering. Students interested to make a career in the same can pursue a course in B.Tech or M.Tech Civil Engineering wherein Green Technology & Sustainability Engineering specializations are offered.

Written By:- Dr. Sadiqa Abbas Professor Department of Civil Engineering FET, MRIIRS

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