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In contemporary times, OTT platforms have an important place in our lives, not only we are learning to cook by watching videos, watching our favorite daily soaps and movies on them, but we are developing new habits of binge-watching the best of shows. Not only are the millennial in love with these platforms, but people across age groups are getting hooked to the television in its new ‘avatar.’ “We are competing with sleep,” said Reed Hastings, the CEO of Netflix, while describing who the channel’s competitor is. Netflix is one of the leading and most popular OTT platforms worldwide.

‘OTT’ stands for “over-the-top” and these media platforms stream video content for the viewers directly over the web. Now the reason for all the hype around these platforms is because they give the viewers the freedom to watch whatever they want, whenever they want and wherever they want. There are unlimited options for diverse content; one can easily watch it on any smart device by just having an internet connection. The amount of flexibility and choice that it offers to the viewers is appealing and that is why the craze is increasing so much that many of us are looking at it as the future of entertainment. It’s like a buffet of content that is available to us 24×7.

We often criticize media (and these platforms) for spoiling our viewing habits but let us view this in a larger context. If we look at the bigger picture, we find that OTT not only provides entertainments at a touch of the device, but provides content that is informative, educational, and it works as a stress buster for us; visual media debates, and makes us think on significant issues in a captivating way, gives us a different perspective, broadens our vision and most importantly, creates a plethora of opportunities for us. It gives us the opportunity to not just watch it but be a part of it. Yes, we can be a part of this modern media streaming landscape by writing for it, producing it, editing, acting in it and in many more ways. Interesting, isn’t it?

How can we become a part of Visual Media world?

OTT Platforms offer an opportunity to work and enjoy the world of Visual media, by joining a degree course in Mass Media, communication and Journalism. These courses provide expertise in fields like Media Communication, Editing, Filmmaking, Acting, Audio-visual Production or Writing skills to acquire the right knowledge and expertise for the job.

These are some of the opportunities that these platforms provide:

Social Media Executive- Most of the platforms have a Social Media account and they need people who can handle and manage these accounts on sites like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
Content Creator or Content Writer- These platforms need professionals who can write and generate content for them, whether it’s for short films, web series or the original shows that they produce.

YouTuber and Influencer- Today, many youngsters are following their passion by creating videos in areas of their interest and by doing what really makes them happy. If you have the zeal, knowledge and the right skills, you can experiment a bit and become a YouTuber. If one’s hard work and unique content pay off, they can even become an influencer. Some YouTubers write, produce and manage their content on their own and some hire people to do that.

Actors and performers- The entertainment world of Digital Media has given the common people a chance to showcase their talent to the world. Actors are not just limited to the world of cinema anymore. We see new faces on OTT platforms every day that have great acting skills or other talents and they become our favorites in no time. There brilliant performers are like hidden gems who were unknown but have become extremely famous because of the OTT space today. You can try your luck by exploring the opportunities in this area too.

Video Editors- We do not even upload our photographs on social media without editing. When it comes to editing, it is an inevitable part of post-production that requires professionals who can do fine editing for videos. It is one of the most important aspects of OTT space and is something the producers don’t mind spending money on. So, if you have the interest and skills for the same, you can go a long way.

Platforms to look for these opportunities

Some of the popular platforms where you can look for these opportunities are Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, Zee5, Sony liv, Voot, Arre, The Viral Fever, ALT Balaji, BigFlix, YouTube, various channels on YouTube and many more.


It will not be wrong to say that the OTT space is opening many exciting doors for internships and jobs, especially for the younger generation. It may be the future of employment for many. This is a creative space where you can make a career by actually following your heart. It is unconventional and still new for many of us and it is unfolding beautifully with time.

So after you ‘Netflix and chill’ the next time, do think about being a part of this space!

Written by :- Ms. Somya Sharma, Assistant Professor, J&MC (FMeH), MRIIRS

Image Source :- Free pik

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